Settlements in New France During the 17th Century

Settlement of New France during the 17th century /

Peuplement de la Nouvelle-France au 17e siècle

            The content of previous dossiers that addressed the origins of French Canadians, Acadians, and Franco Americans in Genealogy Ensemble has been expanded. A large portion of the content may now be accessed online.

The list below indicates the many sources including new repositories of books, dossiers, documents, essays, etc. :

  • BnF Gallica (Bibliothèque nationale de France) in Paris (Online dossiers (free))
  • BnF Catalogue général (Bibliothèque nationale de France) at the two main libraries in Paris
  • BAnQ Catalogue at the 12 repositories throughout  the province.
  • BAnQ Numérique (Online dossiers (free)
  • BAnQ Collections (Online dossiers in many cases of fonds (collections) addressing New France & Québec and the people who made a difference.
  • MemHOuest – Université de Rennes – Theses described as Maîtrise, DEA et Master by students at various universities of France who researched the origin in North West France of immigrants bound for the North American French Colonies from 1598 onward
  • La Revue d’histoire d’Outre-Mer, later changed to Revue d’histoire – Outre-Mers – Essays, dissertations, papers by college and university professors of France who published texts addressing the immigrants from mostly North West France with the destination to the French Colonies of North America including Nouvelle-France, Acadie, Louisiane of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Les Cahiers des Dix – A regrouping of the best and most influential historians and authors of the French language in Québec province from the 1920s onward to the present.
  • Les Sept aux Archives nationales du Canada in Ottawa. The greatest historians associated with Library Archives Canada and Université d’Ottawa of the French language over the last 60+ years .

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