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Marian Bulford and Claire Lindell in Hudson, Quebec last November, 2018


Bringing People Together

Through the Common Ground of Family Stories.


On February 19,  2019 Barb Angus and Lucy Anglin led a How to Write Your Family Stories presentation at the Beaconsfield United Church in Beaconsfield, Quebec.

Between 40 and 50 people showed up, so you can say the presentation was a shining success!

A luncheon was served before the presentation, something new for our presentations.

Five copies of Beads in a Necklace were sold and several in the audience signed up for our Writing Tips.

Dayle Cushen, a member of the audience was so inspired she ‘quit procrastinating and began working of a story about her parents’ shipboard romance of 8 years.’

That, in a nutshell, is our goal at Genealogy Ensemble: to inspire people to write their own family stories.

If you would like a copy of Beads in a Necklace: Family Stories from Genealogy Ensemble, it is available here on Amazon Kindle.



2018 Presentations: What a Year!


This past autumn 2018 has been a busy time with members of  Genealogy Ensemble giving their Writing Your Family Stories presentation at Arundel, the Mile End (Mordecai Richler) Library (in French) and at the Atwater Library.

Barb Angus presented at Arundel; Sandra McHugh, Janice Hamilton and Tracey Arial presented at Mile End and Janice Hamilton and Lucy Anglin were at the Atwater Library.

Some participants bought our book Beads in a Necklace and many others signed up for our writing tips and/or newsletter.





Wales Home Presentation

Just recently, on November 8, Claire Lindell and Barb Angus gave a presentation at the Wales Home in Richmond, Quebec.  Marian Bulford accompanied them and read out Dorothy Nixon’s brand new story, Biology and Ambition, written especially for the residents. Everyone was impressed by the WWI artifacts on display at the residence.



WWI Artifacts


The Beads in a Necklace writing and publishing journey is certainly proving of great interest to wannabe and experienced author/ genealogists across Quebec.




Claire Lindell  (back) talks family stories with a Wales Resident


Atwater Library Presentation


The audience at the How to Write your Family Stories Presentation at the Atwater Library.  The session proved a great ice-breaker for library patrons, who got to know each other better through the common ground of family stories.

Working together to help genealogists discover their ancestors

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