What role do well-written bylaws play in association governance? Can you see how strong an association is by its bylaws?

Those are just some of the questions Canadian genealogy association members are asking as they go through processes to update their bylaws. In some cases, the associations are mandated to update their bylaws by the federal government or the province in which they are located. Sometimes they also must include specific clauses in their new bylaws.

To help in this process, we’ve collected links to the new NFP Corporations Legislation at and the overall transition process at:

We’ve also collected current bylaws from various associations across North America.

Canadian versions include:


The OGS at:

La Société généalogique canadienne-française at:

Various branches of the OGS have them too, including Halton Peel at:

The Genealogy Association of Nova Scotia at:

Alberta Genealogy Society:

Victoria Genealogy Society:

In the United States, there are several, including:

The Association of Professional Genealogists at:

The National Genealogy Society at:

The Federation of Genealogy Societies at:

Fayette County:

Cumberland County:

Fairfax Genealogy Society:

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