Discovery Channel airs new series about Yukon gold rush

On Monday, January 20 at 9 PM (ET and PT), the Discovery Channel in Canada will broadcast a new three-part series, Klondike, about the Yukon gold rush in the late 1890s. Parts two and three will air on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 21 and 22. The series is based on Charlotte Gray’s book, Gold Diggers: Striking It Rich in the Klondike.  This is a rare opportunity to see part of Canada’s history on the small screen.

As genealogists, we often try to picture how our ancestors lived. While admittedly, TV and movies may not provide the most accurate portrayal of the time, they can still provide a sense of how people dressed and acted. As far as I know, none of my Canadian ancestors ventured to the wilds of the Yukon Territory. During the Klondike period, most of them were living in Montreal and Toronto. Nevertheless, I expect my ancestors were aware of the gold rush and perhaps some of them even dreamt of taking part.

Klondike Street Scene

2 thoughts on “Discovery Channel airs new series about Yukon gold rush”

  1. I spent four years in the Yukon (1973-1977) so I’m looking forward to this show also. Dawson City is a wonderful place to visit.


  2. My grandfather left the Gaspe to go to the Klondike. I can hardly wait it see this series. Thanks for posting this information, Gail.


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