W. Stanford Reid, An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy

ReidMy copy of this 401 page-tome by A. Donald MacLeod has a few coffee stains and a few highlighted portions but overall it’s still in good shape.

Rev. W. Stanford Reid was a leading Presbyterian Minister in Montreal after World War 2 – He was a Professor at McGill University – He was associated with the Presbyterian College at McGill University.

He was the son of another Presbyterian Minister, he was the grandson of another Presbyterian Minister, the latter born in Scotland who settled with his family  in Compton County and opened a large Church of Scotland for the Hebridean Scots of the region.

He was a Pastor at some of the leading Presbyterian Churches in Montreal and Westmount after WWII.

At one point in time at the Presbyterian College in Montreal, he was influenced by the teachings on Calvinism by Rev. Donald Harvey MacVicar,  at the time, a leading Presbyterian Minister in Montreal and also a distinguished professor at the Presbyterian College at McGill University.

Pastor W. Stanford Reid as indicated above and for the rest of his life embraced the teachings of John Calvin (Huguenots) which was taught and promoted by Rev. Donald Harvey MacVicar and others in Québec and other parts of Canada, especially Ontario at the time.

Pastor W. Stanford Reid eventually opened one of the largest Presbyterian Churches in Montréal in the Town of Mount-Royal. It’s now a United Church of Canada parish.

This book is not for your average reader but if one wants to understand fully why there were so many variations to the Church of Scotland and later the Presbyterian Church in Québec and in the rest of Canada, this explains it.

A copy of the book is available for purchase at


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