Christmas at Aunt Eva’s

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One of my fondest memories of Christmas in Gaspé  are the Christmas Eve family gatherings at Aunt Eva’s .  Each Christmas Eve the Boyle Family members (Dorothy, Emily, Eva, Ernest, Eileen, Greta, Alice and Arthur)  who happened to be in Gaspé would   meet at Eva’s home for this  annual   Christmas Eve celebration .  It was truly a family gathering because those celebrating would extend beyond the immediate family.  All nephews, nieces, cousins, girl and boy friends would be welcome as well.

As long as I can  remember this tradition was guaranteed to take place each year, come blizzard or any other natural disaster.  The only break in the tradition was when Aunt Eva passed on.  Though I believe efforts took place to revive this tradition, things were not the same.   An important ingredient was missing.  This being Eva’s love of Christmas and love for her family.   The tradition hinged around Eva.  No one could think of it taking place any where else.

 As memories go, this is one to cherish as the years pass and I am sure it gives a warm feeling to those who remember these Gaspé Christmas’s.

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 This story, Christmas at Aunt Eva’s was written and contributed by Jim Caputo

Many thanks Jim for allowing us to share in your fond memories of Christmas in the Gaspe. Perhaps this will encourage others to think about their favourite memories of past Holiday Seasons.


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