Rediscovering St. John the Evangelist Cemetery in Lotbinière



Rediscovering St. John the Evangelist Cemetery

St. John the Evangelist Cemetery dates back to 1845, but over the years, its exact location was lost and the site largely forgotten. Canon Harold Brazel went searching for the cemetery in the 1980s, but never found the spot. Steve Cameron, co-founder of the Irish heritage and history group Coirneal Cealteach, recently took up the search and found exactly where it was located, on St. Margaret’s Range. He took our Rachelle Solomon there to see what remains and to talk about the history of Irish settlers in the region

The family researchers, historians, writers of Quebec who are making a distinct effort to preserve the heritage of the English language families of Quebec.

This week, my choice is: Stephen L. Cameron

There is a short audio sound bite that accompanies the above brief article that  requires Adobe Flash.

Stephen can be reached at Coirneal Cealteach at;

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