Huguenots – Index of Names


The Cross of Languedoc

Part 1. 

Huguenot Trails

 Is an Index of family names appearing in “Huguenot Trails”, the official publication of the Huguenot Society of Canada, from 1968 to 2003.

“Huguenot Trails” publications are available in the periodicals section of the Quebec Family History Society in Pointe-Claire, Quebec

While many family histories are given at length, and others are mentioned only briefly.

 Part 2

 Huguenots in Nouvelle France – Québec (New France – Quebec)     1604-1763

 Family listings –  2nd compilation

Fichiers huguenots

Michel Barbeau Author, researcher, compiler and consists of

 Huguenots from France (319 pioneers)       

Calvinists from Switzerland (21 pioneers)

 Part 3.

 Huguenots in Nouvelle France Québec (New France Quebec1600-1765

Family listings  – 3rd compilation

 Listing of family names obtained from the writings of many authors and  Various Online Sources

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Part 1

Trails – Family Names

Part 2.

 The Huguenots 2 in Nouvelle France

Part 3.

The Huguenots in New France #3

One thought on “Huguenots – Index of Names”

  1. I am trying to trace my Paternal Great ,Great Grandmother Sarah Annet Arnet Annett born about 1842 West Gwillinbury,Ontario,Canada she was one of seven daughters to James Annet and Jane Scot born and came from Sligo,Ireland about 1836 landed in Rawdon Twsp,Quebec,Canada with their parents met married and moved to Innisfil,Simcoe South,Ontario,Canada they had seven daughters no sons.My Great Great Grsndmother married Christopher Nixon on March 4 1858 in West Gwillinbury,Ontario,Canada they had only one daughter together her name was Maria pronouced Mariah Louisa Nixon born May 1 1859 the birth date is for sure the year is questionable she died definetly on Sept 27 1943 in Toronto,Ont,Canada she married John Barclay March 8 1882 Elmvale,Ontario,Canada they had five children only one had children my Paternal Grandmother Eleanor Elizabeth Zeta Barclay who married Telford Wright Sharpe on August 30 1916 Ontario,Canada two children only my father Jack Telford Denis Sharpe was the only one who had children two a daughter Gail Louise Sharpe and a son Kenneth John Sharpe we each a had children myself two sons and only one Grandson.I do not know when my Great Great Grandmother died or her parents or much of her sisters , my Great Aunt told me that Sarah Annet’s family was from french Aristocrats family and had a Hugenot family Ancestry.Can you help me with any information regarding this? I believe she was buried in Thornton Union Cemetery but they said their records were burnt.I got information saying my Great Great Grandfather is buried there but I know for a fact that Christopher Nixon is buried at the Sixth Line Cemetery beside his Grandaughter Georgia Agnes Barclay.I am thinking they made some kind of mistake regarding Sarah (Annet) Nixon.
    Can you help me?


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