Baptist Churches in Quebec 1794-1967


Montreal City West Baptist Church St. Laurent, Quebec
Montreal City West Baptist Church St. Laurent, Quebec

Anyone looking for information about ancestors who were active in Baptist Churches in Quebec between 1794 and 1967 will appreciate Jacques Gagné’s latest compilation, which tells you which records exist and where you might find them.

Jacque’s compilation is divided into Quebec cities and towns, including Berthier, Sherbrooke, etc. Researchers with ancestors in Quebec can look up the town in which their ancestors lived and see how many Baptist Churches were in that town and where the records for each church were sent.

The records that still exist are divided between twelve different repositories with locations throughout Quebec, in Ontario and in the United States. Jacques provides links and addresses for each repository so that researchers can contact the repository directly to look at records online or  make arrangements for a visit.

Historian René E. S. Péron summarized the history of the Baptist religion as an introduction to the compilation so that researchers can get a sense of how decisions their ancestors made influenced the lives we live now. René’s article was posted on the blog last Thursday.

Download your copy of the entire compilation at Baptist Churches in Quebec.

Please let us know how this compilation helped you find your ancestors.


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