The Protestant Channel Islanders

From about 1596 onward, Protestants families from various regions of Normandie and a portion of Bretagne, the modern-day Département of Côtes-d’Armor  first settled within the Channel Islands. Many of these families had resided along the coast of Normandie (Manche) were fishermen. They continued their trade on the Channel Islands. Around 1789 hundreds of families moved to Gaspesia and the Maritime Provinces, where many continued their seafaring activities in the new world.

Click on the attached PDF for a The Protestant Channel Islanders 50+page research guide. Researchers who have been looking for Protestant families who came to New France will find this guide helpful. It contains :

Protestant historical societies – National

  • Historical Societies – Regional
  • Archives – France
  • Archives départementales
  • Archives municipales communales
  • Bibliothèques -Libraries
  • Ancient Protestant newspapers
  • Publishers
  • Regional Genealogy
  • Most common family names
  • Genealogy Ensemble


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