The Fenian Raids in Quebec 1866-1870 by Jacques GAGNÉ

The Fenians were a group of Irish Patriots living in the United States having left Ireland during the Potato Famine and the crop failures. Millions of Irish citizens immigrated to the United States, Canada and Australia.

This secret society had one goal in mind and that was Irish independence from Britain. They began by launching several small attacks  beginning in 1866. In Canada. The Fenians were taken seriously and Britain and Canada had spies infiltrate the Fenians. The Canadians  had 10,000 volunteers called  up for duty. However, these volunteers were poorly trained and lack supplies including rifles. Several days later the Fenians crossed the border near Huntingdon and as they were advancing they realized that opposition was converging on them.

The Battle of Ridgeway was  the largest raid fought  by Canadians. They defeated the Fenians at Pidgeon Hill.

There was a lull for several years and then in 1870. 13,000 volunteers were called up to defend the borders. The Fenians remained largely an effective group.

Click here to access a database of Authors who have written about the Fenian Raids in Quebec.


Click on the above link to access the many authors who have written books on the Fenian raid.

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