Catholic Parish REgisters of Paris and Ile de France

Map of Paris and Ile de France

Below are excerpts from the attached database:

“Catholic baptism records began in many regions of France in 1539, some regions a few years later. Marriage documents five years later. Death about ten years after marriage dossiers. In a few Catholic parishes, acts of baptisms have survived dating back to1334 and 1357 within the region of Saône-et-Loire.”

“Subsequently, both Parish Registers from about 1539 to 1793 (Registres paroissiaux) and Civil Registers from 1793 onward (Registres de l’état civil) were the responsibility of the newly created départements. In 2020, 95 such départements. A département is a mini state or mini province.”

Click her to access the database:

Catholic Parish Registers of Paris and Ile de France

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