french canadian and Acadian Family lineage in Quebec

The Great Upheaval of 1755

This week’s blog is a repetition of a previous blog with the addition of a reference to the article in the Gaspesian HerItage Webmagazine that contains an overview of “The Great Upheaval.”

French Canadian and Acadian Family Lineage in Quebec

Excerpts From Gaspesian Heritage Webmagazine

URL From Acadia to Québec: Acadians in Québec and in the Gaspé | Gaspesian Heritage WebMagazine (

“In 1755, the British authorities began to dismantle the former Acadian colony by deporting its entire population… unleashing a French-speaking exodus to various regions, including many areas of Québec”.

“At the time of the Deportation, many Acadians made their way into Québec, where they were granted farmlands.”

“It is estimated that today, among Québec’s population, more than a million (or more than 15%) people bear Acadian origins.”


This database focuses on the Historical and Genealogical Societies in Quebec counties and includes books by authors who have written about the various communities.

Click link below.

This blog is a repeat of last week’s blog with

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