France and NOuvelle-France – 1604 -1759

Family Names in 59 Ancient Regions of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg

This database consists of a list of authors, book sellers and publishers containing the family names in the regions. Most of the books are in the French language.

The list contains several complete books online which can be downloaded.

For many of the regions there is a short description of the region.

For exmple :


The origin of the name auvergne comes from the Gallic people of the Arvernes. On the death of Charlemagne and then Louix-le-Pieux,the Carolingian empire was divided between his sons and Auvergne finally returned to Charles the Bald. In the 12th century the county of Auvergne was the subject of a conflict between William VII, the rightful heir returning from the Crusades, and his uncle William VIII. The county will eventually be divided between a new county of Auvergne and the Dauphiné d’Auvergne. This conflict will be in line with the war between France and England since the new county of Auvergne will depend on the Aquitaine and therefore the Plantagenêts,the Dauphiné d’Auvergne will take the side of the King of France.
During the French Revolution, the territory formed the departments of Haute-Auvergne (then Cantal), Lower Auvergne (then Puy-de-Dôme), Haute-Loire and Allier and an accompanying map indicating the region.

Click below to access the database.

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