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The Company of One Hundred Associates of New France

The Compagnie des Habitants (or Communauté des Habitants) was a company formed by traders from New France founded in 1645 and which held the monopoly on the fur trade of the Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France from 1645 to 1663.

The following database consists of a compilation of information with extensive links to The Company of One Hundred Associates of New France. 1627-1663.

The fur industry attracted investors , bankers, administrators, ship owners, fur traders, explorers, military officers, merchants, notaries, first nation language interpreters, civil servants, seigneurs, governors and coureurs de bois of the French colonies of Nouvelle-France and Acadie.

The database is divided into sections:

Page 1-5  Various Companies, the Elite, Pioneer Families, Census, of families.

Page 6-78      Leaders, explorers, fur traders, officers, merchants, etc.

Page 78-125  Authors noting where complete documents are available online.

Page125-148    History – reference links to biographies, publishers, socieities, universities, etc.

Page 148-159  Repositories in France

Page 159-163  Repositories in Canada

Complete document available online is written under any link that opens up to a document that can be read online or is available for download. Where restrictions apply, they are indicated.

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The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site


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