Newspaper proprietors, editors, publishers and reporters in British Quebec, Lower Canada, Québec from 1764 onward.

The following database consists of

Pages 5-36 Authors who have contributed to newspapers from 1764 onward

Pages 36-40 Lists of Quebec Newspapers and BanQ Numerique

Pages 40-48 History of Newspapers

Pages 48-52 Repositories

“But along came the likes of Fleury Mesplet, Pierre du Calvet, John Neilson, James Brown, William Brown, Jocelyn Weller, Daniel Tracey, Henry-Antoine Mézière, Samuel Neilson, Ludger Duvernay, François-Xavier Garneau and many others who were the prime movers, the instigators who educated the people and also they were the ones who through their printed pages influenced the people and politicians of Lower Canada and Québec during the formative years of Confederation.”

Excerpt from notes by Jacques Gagné

Click on the above link to access the database.

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