A History of Québec
Québec Past and Present 1608-1876 Part Two

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Sir James MacPherson Le Moine, author of Quebec Past and Present was born in Quebec in 1825 and was a Law Professor at Laval University. From 1869 to 1899, he was an inspector of revenue for the district of Quebec.

He was also a founding member of various organizations such as the Institut Canadien de Québec, the Royal Society of Canada and the National Archives of Canada.

He was an accomplished author and wrote many books. One of those that garnered much attention,  Maple Leaves, Les Pêcheries du Canada, and several books on Canadian history. He was a true fact finder and  his eyewitness accounts were of interest to his readers.

Sir James MacPherson Le Moine was involved with the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. He served as president in 1871, 1879–1882, and 1902-1903.

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