The Loyalists at BAnQ Numerique

Loyalists of the Province of Quebec

Following the American War of Independence, the Thirteen Colonies became the United States. Those who wished to remain faithful to the British Crown were obliged to leave their home to reach British territory. Consequently, following the 1783 Treaty that ended the War of Independence, Loyalists moved to British-occupied territories. Fifty thousand Loyalists reached British territories. Today, these territories make up Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Of these 50 000 Loyalists, 500 fled to the Upper Richelieu Valley, to Noyan, Focault and St. Armand, unoccupied seigneuries of the Province of Quebec. These lands were ideal for clearing and their geographical location facilitated trade with the United States.

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Various online databases at BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) list books, papers, original documents, government decrees, proclamations by the British authorities during the British Military period and during the Lower Canada time frame about who the Loyalist people of Québec were.

Click the link below to access the database. Open link in a new window.

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