Church of England, Church of Scotland,

British Wesleyan Methodist Church, American Congregational Church, and Other Protestant Denominations  During the Lower Canada Period at BAnQ.

St. James Anglican Church – Three Rrivers – Originally built in the mid 1700’s as a Recollet Mission
Saint James Anglican Church Three Rivers where the congregation has been worshipping since 1823.

The following database contains books written by numerous authors who have penned books, essays, treatises, dissertations, theses, studies, abstracts, and papers. within the libraries of genealogy societies and at BenQ. These documents may be accessed online and downloaded.

 On pages, 69, 70, 71 are listed the leading repositories of Protestant Church Registers in Quebec, Many Protestant Registers cannot be accessed at BAnQ Numérique,, Genealogy Quebec (Drouin Institute Online), Very few Protestant Church Registers (baptism, marriage, death) survived during a period of time in New France However, it is possible that  Notarial Records may shed light on Protestant families prior to 1759.

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