Notaries Appointed by the Governors of British Quebec – 1760 – 1789

An example of a notarial act

Notaries of Quebec Appointed by the Governors of Quebec 1760-1789 at the beginning of the British Regime.

Definition: Notarial records are private agreements (contracts), written by notaries, who are considered legal professionals. This collection consists of notarial records for Quebec from the years 1637 to 1935. Each notary set up practice and kept sets of records for documents they created.

Notaries This database lists the notaries appointed in the following

Districts of Quebec – Montreal -Trois-Rivieres – Joliette – Kamouraska – Montmagny – Richelieu – Saguenay – Saint Hyacinthe – Terrebonne

Authors Numerous authors have written about these notaries and indicated the sources where their documents can be found and researched on various websites.

This database has focused on the availability of the greater portion of these documents that are located at BanQ Numerique These are indicated at the end of the link: ex: Doc online.

Click the link below to access the database and open in a new window.


Governor Frederick Haldimand’s portrait is missing from the above document.

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