Hospitals in New France 1639-1760

Hotel-Dieu de Montreal

The following database: New France Hospitals / Nouvelle-France Hôpitaux details the lives of 207 surgeons, doctors, nurses, and apothecaries.

The sources in order of importance;

  • BAnQ Numérique
  • BAnQ Advitam
  • BAnQ Advitam-Numérique
  • Archives de la Nouvelle-France – Library Archives Canada / Bibliothèque Archives du Canada
  • ANOM- Archives nationales d’outre-mer (France)
  • Fichier Origine
  • BnF Gallica – Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)
  • Gisèle Monarque, historian and genealogist
  • Maud E. Abbott, historian
  • Raymond Douville, historian
  • Marcel J. Rhéault, historian
  • Maria Mondoux, historian
  • Renald Lessard, historian and archivist
  • Including references to books as noted within the database.

Among the three major hospitals in New France (Nouvelle-France); Hôpital Hôtel Dieu de Québec, Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de Trois-Rivières, the one with the worst surviving original documents is  the Hôtel Dieu de Montréal as it was destroyed by fire on three occasions : 1695, 1721, 1734.

Click the above link to access the database.

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