17th Century – Settlement in New France

http://www.ameriquefrancaise.org/en/article-628/la_rochelle_and_french_north_america_.html The port of La Rochelle where new settlers boarded ships sailing to New France

Settlement of New France during the 17th century / Peuplement de la Nouvelle-France au 17e siècle

This dossier addresses the origin of French Canadians, Acadians, and Franco Americans, and those who recruited them to settle in New France.


  • BnF Gallica (Bibliothèque nationale de France) in Paris (Online dossiers (free))
  • BnF Catalogue général (Bibliothèque nationale de France- two main libraries in Paris
  • BAnQ Catalogue –12 repositories across the province.
  • BAnQ Numérique (Online dossiers (free)
  • BAnQ Collections (Online dossiers (collections) addressing New France & Québec –  the people who made a difference.
  • MemHOuest – Université de Rennes –  Master Theses – various universities of France who researched the origin in North West France of immigrants bound for the North American French Colonies from 1598 onward.
  • Revue d’histoire – Outre-Mers – Essays, dissertations, papers by college and university professors of France who published texts addressing the immigrants from mostly North West France  destined to the French Colonies of North America including Nouvelle-France, Acadie, Louisiane of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Les Cahiers des Dix –the best and most influential historians and authors of the French language in Québec province –  1920s onward..
  • Les Sept aux Archives nationales du Canada in Ottawa. The most prominent French language historians associated with Library Archives Canada and Université d’Ottawa  for the  past 60+ years.
  • University History professors – Cambridge University, Université de Paris à La Sorbonne, McGill University, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Université de Montréal, Université Laval, University of Moncton who wrote about New France and Acadia.
  • Société royale du Canada (Royal Society of Canada) based in part in Ottawa- historians who also addressed  New France, Acadia, Louisiana and France.

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