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Société de généalogie de l’Outaouais






The Société de généalogie de l‘Outaouais has compiled several indexes and guides to the marriages, baptisms and deaths of English-language families living in the Outaouais region of Quebec, north of the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa River. They refer to records from both Protestant and Catholic churches in the Gatineau area.

These indexes fulfill an important role because the indexes of people and places on commercial genealogy sites are not always complete or accurate. The local family lineage researchers who compiled these guides did so by visiting the vaults of Protestant churches and English-language Catholic churches.

You can order these publications as spiral-bound books or DVDs from the society. Go to www.genealogieoutaouais.com/index.php?spage=11 or go to www.genealogieoutaouais.com, click on Diffusion and then on Publications.

Item #P17- Cantley – St. Elisabeth Catholic Parish Indexes of marriages, baptisms, deaths (1868-1900) – 182 pages > Spiral binders $16. + taxes-shipping

Item #P-40 – ChelseaSt. Stephen Catholic ParishIndexes of marriages, baptisms, deaths (1845-1964) – Currently not available for sale (February 2016)

Item # P11 – MayoSt. Malachy & Our Lady of Light Catholic Parishes – Indexes of marriages, baptisms, deaths (1886-1900) – 323 pages > $30. + taxes-shipping

Item # 183 – L’Outaouais généalogique (1979-2011) – 5,000 pages – This DVD includes the contents of first 33 years of the periodical L’Outaouais généalogique. This French-language magazine addressed families of Western Quebec, including Gatineau, Hull, Papineau and Pontiac Counties. > $25. + shipping $2.25


American and British Isles Settlers in Western Quebec

This compilation looks at the towns and villages settled by the British and Americans in the early 1800s in what is now usually known as the Outaouais region of Quebec. This area is north of the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa River, which forms the boundary between Ontario and Quebec.

It is an area of great beauty, with ancient hills and many lakes and rivers, but its winters are long and cold. Many settlers were drawn here to work in logging, paper mills and other resource-based industries. Today the area’s population is primarily French-speaking. Most of the region remains rural, with the only large urban center being the amalgamated city of Gatineau, which includes the former city of Hull and surrounding town.

American & British Isles settlers in Western Quebec rev25 02 2016