Société de généalogie de Québec

The indexes of people and places found on commercial online genealogy search engines are not always complete or precise. In some cases, indexes compiled by local genealogy societies can fill in these gaps.

This post is the first in a series that will tell you about the indexes of marriages, baptisms, deaths and burials of English-language families in Lower Canada and Quebec. They refer to both Protestant and Catholic church records. You can purchase these indexes as spiral binders, hard-cover books, CDs or, in some cases, as online downloads, from genealogy societies across Quebec.

Volunteer researchers (usually genealogists or historians) have compiled these indexes from two sources. Some come from records held at the 10 branches of the Archives nationales du Québec. In other cases, the researchers actually visited the vaults of Protestant and Catholic churches – something that can no longer be done since most of these records are now held in centralized archives.

Today, most residents of Quebec City are French-speaking, but at one time there was a large English-speaking population in the provincial capital. If you had ancestors in Quebec City, the Société de généalogie de Québec may be able to help you. If you have trouble understanding the French text on the society’s website, cut and paste the text into Google Translate.

The burial records of Mount Hermon Cemetery may be particularly useful for 19th-century ancestors. In the spring of 1847, a group of Protestant businessmen, shipbuilders, merchants and clergy called a public meeting to discuss the possibility of buying land for a rural cemetery. The old Protestant cemetery located near St. Matthew’s on rue Saint-Jean was full and the authorities requested that a new cemetery be established outside the city limits. With the help of lumber merchant John Gilmour, a member of the first municipal council of Sillery and the founder of the cemetery, The Quebec Protestant Cemetery Association was created on February 11th 1848. The cemetery is located in the Sainte-Foy-Sillery borough of Quebec City and overlooks the Saint-Lawrence River.

Société de généalogie de Québec

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Item # 112 – Mount Hermon Cemetery – Cimetière de Mont-Hermon – Mount Hermon Cemetery burial register from 1848 to 1904 – English-language book of 380 pages in total, 60 pages of indexes of people – Between 1848 and 1863, 6,164 entries; half of the deceased were members of the Anglican Church (2,991), Presbyterian Church (1,117), Methodist Church (583)

Cost of book: $50. CDN + $20. CDN shipping – Purchase form:


Brian J. Treggett, Superintendent,

1802 Chemin Saint-Louis, Québec, QC,

G1S 1H6

Compiled by: Jacques Gagné


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