Talking to Marian about Discovering Family Secrets

I published my interview with Marian this week on my Unapologetically Canadian podcast. Marian describes what it’s like to discover family secrets as she researches and writes stories about her ancestors.

If you want to join Marian in indexing records from around the world, you can do so at the Indexing Page on the Family History website. You can also choose a Canadian project if you prefer.

Some of Marian’s stories that we discuss included:

I’ve also interviewed some of the other Genealogy Ensemble writers. Listen to them here:

4 thoughts on “Talking to Marian about Discovering Family Secrets”

  1. LOL! Michey that was the first thing I thought too, when I heard it! Oh! my Devon accent is still as strong as ever! So glad you enjoyed it. Tracey is a great interviewer and I had fun. Hugs xoxo


  2. Hi Mar, Absolutely loved that, you might be “Canadian” now, but you still have your Devonshire Dumpling accent, me luvver. Lots of love The other Devonshire Dumpling Living in WalesXOXOXOXOX


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