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Church Registers: A Wonderful Resource for Researching Quebec Ancestors

Quebec’s Church Registers are a happy fact for anyone researching ancestors in that Canadian province.

From the early days of New France in the 17th century, a record was kept for every Catholic birth, marriage and death with a register. Priests kept a religious copy of the register at the parish and filed another state copy with the tribunal serving the relevant territory.

After the British Conquest in 1760, the right to keep registers of civil status was gradually extended – over the next century – to non-Catholics. At present, BANQ’s Church Register collection contains the digitized records of births, marriages and deaths for Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, Jewish and Lutheran churches.*

Today, these records can be accessed through the Drouin Institute,,

as well as through BAnQ (the National Library and Archives of Quebec)


The BANQ website is available in French but the above link will take you directly the Church Registry page. Records can be accessed in three ways: by the place where the act was established (parish, congregation, synagogue, etc); by the judicial district, according to the list established by the Territorial Division Act (L.R.Q., chapter D-11);or by region.

To consult the registers, select one of the headings on the left side of the screen. To display the pages in large format (PDF format, image mode) click on the headings for the desired pages. *

(*Information translated from the French on BAnQ website.)

What will you find at the BANQ Online Church Registers 1768-1912

Protestant churches – English – 686 churches

Jewish Synagogues – 20 synagogues

Protestant churches – French – 28 churches

Catholic parishes – French & English – 1,027 churches

Catholic parishes – Italian & others – 15 churches

Catholic missions – French & English – 8 missions

Catholic Religious Communities – 18 convents

Hospitals (French & English) – 12 medical centers

Hospices – (French & English) – 5 institutions

Psychiatric hospitals (Asylums) –3 institutions


BAnQ and Family Search

Civil Registers (Parish Registers)

Catholic & Protestant Churches

Civil Registers (Parish Registers)

1621 to 1916

Births (baptisms), marriages, deaths

© Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec


BAnQ Catholic & Protestant Church Registers & Jewish Synagogue Registers

By Churches (Catholic or Protestant) or Synagogues

A to F


A Date District Cote
  Abbott’s Corner Baptist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S54
  Abenakis Anglican Church 1867-1912 Richelieu CE603,S15
  Acton Vale Anglican Church 1864-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S29
  Adamsville Anglican Church 1876-1899 Bedford CE502,S32
  Advent Christian Adventist Church, Beebe Plain 1878-1907 Saint-François CE501,S29
  Advent Christian Adventist Church, Danville 1857-1908 Saint-François CE501,S30
  Adventist Christian Church, Hatley 1899-1908 Saint-François CE501,S169
  Agnes Methodist Church 1900-1902 Mégantic CE503,S2
  All Saints Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S38
  All Saints Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S211
  All Saints Anglican Church of Hereford 1900-1904 Saint-François CE501,S123
  Alleyn Township Church of England 1898-1912 Pontiac CE702,S15
  American Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S115
  Amherst Park Congregational Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S257
  Angers Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S57
  Anglican Church (Pointe-au-Pic, Murray Bay, Cap-à-l’Aigle, Tadoussac) 1912 Saguenay CE304,S18
  Anglican St-Mathieu Peninsula 1893-1912 Gaspé CE102,S26
  Arundel Methodist Church 1900-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S39
  Arundel Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S51
  Asbestos Anglican Church 1910-1911 Saint-François CE501,S181
  Ascot Anglican Church 1824-1832 Saint-François CE501,S32
  Athelstane and Elgin Presbyterian Church 1899-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S48
  Avoca and Harrington Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S52
  Avoca Baptist Church 1911-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S95
  Ayer’s Cliff Congregational Church 1892-1908 Saint-François CE501,S135
  Aylmer Anglican Christ’s Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S44
  Aylmer Methodist Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S53
  Aylmer Presbyterian Church 1899-1912 Hull CE701,S37
  Aylwin Anglican Church 1900-1912 Labelle CE610,S11
B Date District Cote
  B’nai Jacob Synagogue 1898-1912 Montréal CE601,S197
  B’Nai Jacob Synagogue 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S268
  Bais David Synagogue 1900-1911 Montréal CE601,S199
  Baldwin’s Mills Methodist Church 1898-1899 Saint-François CE501,S136
  Barford Baptist Calvinist Church 1842 Saint-François CE501,S52
  Barnston Baptist Calvinist Church 1843-1864 Saint-François CE501,S53
  Barnston Baptist Church 1857-1908 Saint-François CE501,S50
  Barnston Baptist Free-Will Church 1838-1870 Saint-François CE501,S56
  Barnston Methodist Church 1854-1908 Saint-François CE501,S73
  Beach Ridge Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S58
  Beauharnois and Chateauguay Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S53
  Bedford Anglican Church 1832-1899 Bedford CE502,S50
  Bedford Methodist Church 1876-1899 Bedford CE502,S71
  Bedford United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S32
  Beebe Baptist Church 1901-1906 Saint-François CE501,S170
  Beebe Plain Methodist Church 1879-1908 Saint-François CE501,S137
  Beth David Roumanian, Shaare Teffilah Austrian, Beth Judah Kehel Yeshurun Galician Synagogue 1910-1911 Montréal CE601,S304
  Beth Isaac Beth Yitzchock Synagogue 1909 Montréal CE601,S288
  Beth Israel Synagogue 1903-1912 Montréal CE601,S266
  Beth Jehuda Ohel Moske Synagogue 1906-1912 Montréal CE601,S267
  Bethleem Congregational Church 1900-1911 Montréal CE601,S191
  Birchton Methodist Church 1902-1908 Saint-François CE501,S171
  Bolton-Est Anglican Church 1868-1899 Bedford CE502,S33
  Bolton-Est Baptist Church 1861-1869 Bedford CE502,S56
  Bolton-Est Methodist Church 1837-1879 Bedford CE502,S72
  Boscobel Anglican Church 1864-1899 Bedford CE502,S39
  Brigham Farnham Congregational United Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S60
  Bristol Township Presbyterian Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S34
  Brome Anglican Church 1842-1879 Bedford CE502,S34
  Brome Corner Anglican Church 1877-1884 Bedford CE502,S36
  Brome West Methodist Baptist Church 1900-1905 Bedford CE611,S61
  Brompton and Windsor Anglican Church 1874-1912 Saint-François CE501,S49
  Brookbury Adventist Church 1900-1901 Saint-François CE501,S113
  Bryson Presbyterian Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S33
  Buckingham Baptist Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S33
  Bury Anglican Church 1838-1912 Saint-François CE501,S34
  Bury Methodist Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S172
C Date District Cote
  Calvary Congregational Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S149
  Calvin Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S116
  Campbell’s Bay Methodist Church 1904-1910 Pontiac CE702,S11
  Cap-aux-Os Methodist Church of Canada 1901-1911 Gaspé CE102,S27
  Caughnawaga Methodist Church 1902-1912 Montréal CE601,S203
  Centenary Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S99
  Centenary Methodist Church of Stanstead Plain 1831-1908 Saint-François CE501,S86
  Chalmers Presbyterian Church 1831-1913 Québec CE301,S67
  Chalmers Presbyterian Church 1900-1909 Montréal CE601,S117
  Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Richmond 1877-1908 Saint-François CE501,S91
  Chambly Methodist Church 1911-1912 Longueuil CE608,S2
  Chelsea Church of England 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S42
  Chelsea Methodist Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S54
  Chelsea Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S43
  Chevra Shaas Adath Jeshurun Hadrath Kodesh Synagogue 1902-1912 Montréal CE601,S269
  Chevra Thilim Synagogue 1908-1912 Montréal CE601,S153
  Chicoutimi Anglican mission church 1904-1912 Chicoutimi CE201,S26
  Christ Anglican Church of East Angus 1900-1912 Saint-François CE501,S122
  Christ Anglican Church of Stanstead 1857-1912 Saint-François CE501,S48
  Christ Church Anglican 1820-1912 Joliette CE605,S44
  Christ Church Anglican 1784-1912 Richelieu CE603,S16
  Christ Church Anglican 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S63
  Christieville Anglican Church 1900-1912 Iberville CE604,S18
  Church of Christ 1906-1907 Montréal CE601,S260
  Church of England, Mission of Malbaie, Corner beach and Barachois 1885-1912 Gaspé CE102,S39
  Church of the Advent of Sherbrooke 1912 Saint-François CE501,S126
  Church of the Epiphany of Way’s Mills 1900-1912 Saint-François CE501,S121
  Church of the Seventh Day Adventists, Stanstead 1900-1904 Saint-François CE501,S161
  Clarenceville Anglican Church 1852-1879 Bedford CE502,S45
  Clarenceville Free Methodist Church 1901-1909 Bedford CE611,S63
  Clarenceville Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S77
  Clarenceville United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S64
  Clarendon Township et Vicinity Baptist Church 1895-1912 Pontiac CE702,S21
  Clarendon Township Methodist Church 1902-1912 Pontiac CE702,S23
  Coaticook Adventist Church 1904-1905 Saint-François CE501,S114
  Coaticook Baptist Church 1875-1908 Saint-François CE501,S51
  Coaticook Methodist Church 1880-1908 Saint-François CE501,S139
  Compton Methodist Church 1838-1908 Saint-François CE501,S75
  Cookshire Methodist Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S140
  Cookshire Presbyterian Church 1815-1822 Saint-François CE501,S88
  Côte des Neiges Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S118
  Côte St. Paul Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S111
  Coteau-du-Lac Anglican Church 1894-1910 Montréal CE601,S64
  Cowansville and Brome Congregational Church 1843-1879 Bedford CE502,S67
  Cowansville Anglican Church 1854-1899 Bedford CE502,S37
  Cowansville Methodist Church 1877-1899 Bedford CE502,S76
  Cowansville Methodist United Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S37
  Cowansville United Congregational Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S101
  Crescent Street Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S120
  Cross Point Escuminac Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S20
  Cusham Memorial Zion Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S38

D Date District Cote
  Dalesville Baptist Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S71
  Danville Baptist Free-Will Church 1861-1873 Saint-François CE501,S61
  Danville Congregational Church 1835-1908 Saint-François CE501,S70
  Danville Methodist Church 1818-1908 Saint-François CE501,S85
  Danville Presbyterian Church 1873-1908 Saint-François CE501,S93
  Desrivières Street Methodist Church 1903-1910 Montréal CE601,S204
  Dixville Baptist Church 1865-1907 Saint-François CE501,S63
  Dominion Square Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S101
  Dorchester Street Methodist Church 1900-1908 Montréal CE601,S228
  Douglas Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S155
  Drummondville Protestant Episcopal Church 1824-1856 Arthabaska CE402,S74
  Dundee Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S60
  Dunham Adventist Church 1866-1868 Bedford CE502,S25
  Dunham Anglican Church 1808-1897 Bedford CE502,S38
  Dunham Baptist Church 1858-1860 Bedford CE502,S57
  Dunham Circuit Methodist Church 1820-1899 Bedford CE502,S77
  Dunham Methodist Wesleyan New Connexion Church 1846-1874 Bedford CE502,S74
  Dunham Stanbridge Evangelical Second Advent Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S92
  Dunham Stanbridge Methodist United Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S65
  Dunkin Adventist Church 1881-1899 Bedford CE502,S99
  Dunkin Evangelical Second Advent Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S66
  Durham Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity 1875-1912 Drummond CE403,S19
  Durham Congregational Society Church 1875-1910 Drummond CE403,S21
  Durham United Church of England and Ireland 1880-1893 Drummond CE403,S20
  Durham Wesleyan Methodist Church 1875-1912 Drummond CE403,S22
E Date District Cote
  Eardley Township Church of England 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S36
  East Angus Methodist Church 1901-1908 Saint-François CE501,S173
  East Bolton Methodist United Church 1900-1911 Bedford CE611,S58
  East End Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S102
  East Farnham Adventist Church 1877-1887 Bedford CE502,S26
  East Farnham Baptist Free-Will Church 1862-1879 Bedford CE502,S66
  East Farnham Monthly Meeting Friends Church 1900-1903 Bedford CE611,S69
  East Farnham Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) Church 1861-1879 Bedford CE502,S94
  East Templeton Township Baptist Church 1898-1910 Hull CE701,S50
  Eaton Baptist Calvinist Church 1842-1872 Saint-François CE501,S54
  Eaton Baptist Free-Will Church 1838-1871 Saint-François CE501,S58
  Eaton Congregational Church 1838-1901 Saint-François CE501,S64
  Eaton Methodist Circuit 1852-1905 Saint-François CE501,S77
  Ebenezer Methodist Church 1900-1911 Montréal CE601,S206
  Edwardston, Havelock Anglican Church 1900-1904 Beauharnois CE607,S77
  Edwardstown Anglican Church 1903-1904 Beauharnois CE607,S64
  Église anglicane du Rédempteur 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S183
  Église Baptiste canadienne française de Québec 1909-1912 Québec CE301,S138
  Église baptiste de La-Grande-Ligne-de-L’Acadie 1900-1912 Iberville CE604,S33
  Église Baptiste française de Montréal 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S87
  Eglise Baptiste Française dite calviniste de Maskinongé 1901-1906 Trois-Rivières CE401,S57
  Église congrégationalistede Saint-François-de-Sales 1839-1865 Richelieu CE603,S18
  Église évangélique baptiste de Saint-Pie 1845-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S34
  Église évangélique baptiste de Sainte-Marie-de-Monnoir 1853-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S33
  Église évangélique de Joliette 1866-1880 Joliette CE605,S47
  Église évangélique de Saint-Hyacinthe 1870-1871 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S36
  Église méthodiste d’Acton Vale 1863-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S35
  Église méthodiste du Lac-des-Îles 1908-1912 Labelle CE610,S30
  Eglise Presbytérienne Chicoutimi 1871-1876 Chicoutimi CE201,S9
  Église presbytérienne de Belle Rivière 1900-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S36
  Église presbytérienne de Joliette 1910-1911 Joliette CE605,S48
  Église presbytérienne de Pointe-aux-Trembles 1900-1911 Montréal CE601,S219
  Église presbytérienne de Port-au-Persil 1907-1912 Saguenay CE304,S16
  Église presbytérienne de Saint-Damase 1907-1912 Montmagny CE302,S40
  Église presbytérienne de Saint-Hyacinthe 1900-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S43
  Église presbytérienne du Sauveur 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S151
  Église presbytérienne française de Masham 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S58
  Église presbytérienne française de Québec 1882-1911 Québec CE301,S123
  Église presbytérienne française Saint-Marc 1906-1912 Hull CE701,S63
  Emmanuel Congregational Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S91
  English River Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S65
  Erskine Presbyterian Church 1900-1911 Montréal CE601,S121
  Escuminac Methodist Church 1903-1909 Bonaventure CE103,S28
  Evangelical Lutheran Church 1882-1894 Québec CE301,S124
  Evangelical Lutherian Church of the Redeemer 1905-1912 Montréal CE601,S262
  Evangelique Baptiste, Roxton Pond 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S46
  Evangilismos Greek Orthodox Church 1907-1911 Montréal CE601,S263
F Date District Cote
  Fairmont Avenue Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S207
  Fairmount Presbyterian Church 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S305
  Farnham Anglican Church 1847-1879 Bedford CE502,S40
  Farnham Centre Presbyterian Church 1860-1899 Bedford CE502,S92
  Farnham Centre Presbyterian Church 1900-1908 Bedford CE611,S68
  Farnham Methodist Church 1848-1899 Bedford CE502,S78
  Farnham Presbyterian Church 1887-1888 Bedford CE502,S110
  Farnham United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S70
  First Baptist Church, Sherbrooke 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S133
  First Presbyterian Church 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S306
  Fitch Bay Adventist Church 1871-1902 Saint-François CE501,S28
  Fitch Bay Adventist Seventh Church 1905 Saint-François CE501,S115
  Fitch Bay Congregational Church 1871-1908 Saint-François CE501,S65
  Fitch Bay Protestant Methodist Church 1872-1882 Saint-François CE501,S78
  Fort-Coulonge Methodist Church 1894-1910 Pontiac CE702,S19
  Fort-Coulonge Presbyterian Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S18
  Foster’s Bishop Carmichael Memorial Church et Bondville’s Christ Church of the Good Sheperd 1912 Bedford CE611,S103
  Frampton, Cranbourne, Standon and Buckland Anglican Church 1835-1910 Beauce CE306,S35
  Frampton, Leeds and Inverness Church of Scotland 1848 Beauce CE306,S38
  Franklin Centre Anglican Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S61
  Franklin Centre Congregational Church 1902-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S62
  Franklin Centre Methodist Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S63
  Frelighsburg Anglican Church 1808-1879 Bedford CE502,S47
  Frelighsburg Baptist Church 1850-1879 Bedford CE502,S104
  Frelighsburg Methodist Church 1864-1899 Bedford CE502,S79
  Frelighsburg United Baptist Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S72
  re G to L

G Date District Cote
  Garrison of Quebec Anglican Church 1797-1900 Québec CE301,S71
  General Hospital Anglican Church 1892-1912 Montréal CE601,S182
  Georgetown Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S66
  Georgeville Baptist Calvinist Church 1844-1872 Saint-François CE501,S55
  Georgeville Congregational Church 1854-1869 Saint-François CE501,S66
  Georgeville Methodist Church 1859-1908 Saint-François CE501,S79
  German and Polish Synagogue 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S96
  Glen Almond Anglican Church 1911-1912 Hull CE701,S68
  Glen Sutton Anglican Church 1876-1879 Bedford CE502,S41
  Good Shepherd Anglican Church 1909-1912 Montréal CE601,S286
  Gould Presbyterian Church 1849-1905 Saint-François CE501,S89
  Grace Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S48
  Grace Baptist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S189
  Grace Church Anglican 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S31
  Grace Church Anglican 1841-1912 Joliette CE605,S43
  Grace Church Anglican 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S66
  Granby Anglican Church 1843-1899 Bedford CE502,S42
  Granby Baptist Church 1872-1878 Bedford CE502,S59
  Granby Congregational Church 1842-1879 Bedford CE502,S68
  Granby Methodist Church 1857-1879 Bedford CE502,S80
  Granby United Congregational Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S74
  Granby United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S41
  Grand-Mère Bethel Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Saint-Maurice CE404,S22
  Grenville Baptist Church 1900-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S69
  Grenville Methodist Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S42
  Grenville Mission Presbyterian Churches 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S55
  Grosse-Île Anglican Church 1840-1903 Montmagny CE302,S11
  Grosse-Ile Anglican Church 1851-1912 Gaspé CE102,S5
H Date District Cote
  Hatley Baptist Free-Will Church 1842-1879 Saint-François CE501,S59
  Hatley Methodist Church 1860-1908 Saint-François CE501,S80
  Hatley Presbyterian Church 1886-1906 Saint-François CE501,S145
  Hemmingford Anglican Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S39
  Hemmingford Methodist Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S38
  Hendersonville Methodist Church 1900 Beauharnois CE607,S45
  High African American Methodist Episcopal Church 1909-1910 Montréal CE601,S290
  Hochelaga and Maisonneuve Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S272
  Holiness Movement, Havelock 1902-1903 Beauharnois CE607,S80
  Holiness Movement, Havelock (Covey Hill) 1899-1908 Beauharnois CE607,S79
  Holiness Movement Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S26
  Holiness Movement Church, Island Brook 1902-1905 Saint-François CE501,S162
  Holy Comforter Anglican Church of Ascot Corner 1876-1879 Saint-François CE501,S33
  Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral 1768-1912 Québec CE301,S61
  Holy Trinity Anglican Church of Lévis 1827-1912 Québec CE301,S75
  House of Industry Refuge Anglican Institution 1908 Montréal CE601,S195
  Hudson Methodist Church 1882-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S44
  Hull Baptist Church 1904-1911 Hull CE701,S41
  Hull Western Methodist Church 1906-1907 Hull CE701,S55
  Huntingdon Anglican Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S32
  Huntingdon Methodist Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S33
  Huntingville Universalist Church 1844-1908 Saint-François CE501,S94
I Date District Cote
  Inspector Street Presbyterian Church 1908-1912 Montréal CE601,S156
  International Advent Christian Church, Hereford 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S160
  Inverness Anglican Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S5
  Inverness Methodist Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S7
  Inverness Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S8
  Ireland Anglican Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S9
  Iron Hill Adventist Church 1882-1899 Bedford CE502,S98
  Iron Hill Anglican Church 1863-1879 Bedford CE502,S35
  Iron Hill Holy Trinity Anglican Church 1900-1913 Bedford CE611,S76
  Iron Hill International Advent Christian Conference 1900-1913 Bedford CE611,S75
  Island Brook Methodist Church 1900-1903 Saint-François CE501,S141
  Italian Methodist Church 1909-1911 Montréal CE601,S291
  Italian Presbyterian Church 1907-1912 Montréal CE601,S276
J Date District Cote
  Johnville Anglican Church 1900-1912 Saint-François CE501,S124
K Date District Cote
  Kazabazua Presbyterian Church 1875-1912 Labelle CE610,S9
  Kazabazua-Aylwin Methodist Church 1900-1912 Labelle CE610,S7
  Kehal Jeshurun Synagogue 1904-1912 Montréal CE601,S270
  Kempt road-Broadlands-Sillarsville Presbyterian Church of Canada 1907-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S32
  Kennebec Road, Linière, Frampton and Cranbourne Presbyterian Church 1844-1912 Beauce CE306,S36
  Kensington Methodist Church 1901-1910 Beauharnois CE607,S81
  Kiever Shemerin Labeker Synagogue 1909-1910 Montréal CE601,S303
  Kingsbury Presbyterian Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S146
  Kingscroft Adventist Church 1891-1899 Saint-François CE501,S116
  Kingsey Baptist Church 1876-1888 Drummond CE403,S23
  Kingsey United Church of England and Ireland 1875-1912 Drummond CE403,S18
  Kinnear’s Mills Anglican Church 1903-1907 Arthabaska CE305,S1
  Kinnear’s Mills Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S43
  Knowlton Methodist Church 1860-1879 Bedford CE502,S81
  Knowlton United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S43
  Knox Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S19
  Knox Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S122
L Date District Cote
  Lachine Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S209
  Lachute Baptist Church 1900-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S72
  Lachute Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S58
  Lachute Weslyan Methodist Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S91
  Lacolle Methodist Church 1900-1910 Iberville CE604,S38
  Lacroix Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Montréal CE601,S277
  Lake Beauport and Stoneham Anglican Church 1856-1883 Québec CE301,S83
  Lakefield Methodist Church 1900-1910 Terrebonne CE606,S46
  Leeds Anglican Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S13
  Leeds Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S14
  Leeds Wesleyan Methodist Church 1901-1909 Arthabaska CE305,S15
  Lennoxville Methodist Church 1875-1908 Saint-François CE501,S81
  Litchfield Presbyterian Church 1894-1907 Pontiac CE702,S29
  Livingstone Presbyterian Church 1911 Montréal CE601,S314
  Longueuil Montreal South Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S193
  Longueuil Presbyterian Church 1908-1912 Longueuil CE608,S3
  Lost River Presbyterian Church 1900-1905 Terrebonne CE606,S54
  Lotbinière, St. Gille’s and St. Sylvester’s Anglican Church 1840-1893 Québec CE301,S90
  Lotbinière, St. Sylvester’s Presbyterian Church 1857-1890 Québec CE301,S91
  Lower Ireland Holiness Movement Church 1902-1911 Arthabaska CE305,

M to Sac

M Date District Cote
·           MacVicar Memorial Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S278



  Magog Congregational Church 1863 Saint-François CE501,S67
  Magog Methodist Church 1876-1908 Saint-François CE501,S82
  Maisonneuve Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S216
  Maniwaki-Aylwin United Presbyterian Church 1908-1912 Labelle CE610,S27
  Mansonville Anglican Church 1856-1879 Bedford CE502,S46
  Mansonville Baptist Church 1909-1912 Bedford CE611,S102
  Mansonville Methodist Church 1873-1879 Bedford CE502,S83
  Mansonville Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S45
  Marbleton Methodist Church 1861-1908 Saint-François CE501,S76
  Marine Hospital Anglican Church 1856-1889 Québec CE301,S72
  Marsboro Presbyterian Church 1901-1908 Mégantic CE503,S4
  Mascouche Methodist Church 1900-1910 Joliette CE605,S58
  Masis Ados Synagogue 1911 Montréal CE601,S313
  Matapedia Anglican Church 1905-1910 Bonaventure CE103,S27
  Matapedia Presbyterian Church of Canada 1900-1905 Bonaventure CE103,S24
  Melbourne Baptist Free-Will Church 1837-1855 Saint-François CE501,S60
  Melbourne Congregational Church 1837-1908 Saint-François CE501,S68
  Melbourne Methodist Church 1838-1908 Saint-François CE501,S83
  Melbourne Presbyterian Church 1840-1879 Saint-François CE501,S90
  Melville Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S215
  Methodist Church of Barachois Malbay 1900 Gaspé CE102,S33
  Methodist of Gaspe Bassin 1885-1913 Gaspé CE102,S31
  Metis Beach Presbyterian Church 1901-1911 Rimouski CE101,S16
  Metis Beach Wesleyan Methodist Congregation 1901-1912 Rimouski CE101,S18
  Milan Presbyterian Church 1900-1903 Mégantic CE503,S5
  Mille Isles Anglican Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S32
  Mille Isles Presbyterian Church 1901-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S59
  Milton Mission Anglican Church 1902-1906 Bedford CE611,S78
  Milton-Est Anglican Church 1852-1899 Bedford CE502,S43
  Minton Methodist Church 1896-1908 Saint-François CE501,S142
  Mission catholique des cantons de Shipton et de Tingwick 1878-1879 Saint-François CE501,S1
  Mission de Blanc-Sablon 1912 Protonotaire de Mingan CE901,S19
  Mission of Portland 1899-1912 Hull CE701,S47
  Mission protestante de la Côte-Nord 1910 Protonotaire de Mingan CE901,S18
  Mission Saint-Colomban 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S31
  Missisquoi Bay Anglican Church 1804-1808 Bedford CE502,S44
  Moe’s River Baptist Church 1900-1904 Saint-François CE501,S131
  Moe’s River Baptist Free-Will Church 1867-1879 Saint-François CE501,S57
  Montebello et vicinity Church of England 1899-1912 Hull CE701,S49
  Montréal (ville) 1882-1912 Montréal CE601,S253
  Montreal Catholic Apostolic Church 1906-1912 Montréal CE601,S200
  Montreal Christian Unitarian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S132
  Montreal City Mission 1911-1912 Montréal CE601,S312
  Montreal First Baptist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S85
  Montreal Holiness Movement 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S259
  Montreal Hungarian Austrian Synagogue 1901-1912 Montréal CE601,S265
  Montreal West Methodist Church 1903-1910 Montréal CE601,S273
  Montreal West Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Montréal CE601,S217
  Morin Flats Holiness Movement Church 1906-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S93
  Mount Royal Avenue Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S210
  Mountain Street Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S105
N Date District Cote
  Namur Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S59
  New Glasgow Anglican Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S33
  New Glasgow Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S60
  New Jerusalem in the Revelation Church 1900-1906 Montréal CE601,S114
  New Liverpool Anglican Christ Church 1872-1912 Québec CE301,S77
  New Richmond Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S22
  Newport Anglican Mission 1900-1903 Saint-François CE501,S159
  North Hatley Baptist Church 1903-1908 Saint-François CE501,S166
  North Side Presbyterian Church 1900-1908 Bonaventure CE103,S21
  North Stukely Methodist Church 1869-1899 Bedford CE502,S82
  North Wakefield Methodist Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S56
  Norwood Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S218
  Notre-Dame-de-Grâce 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S6
  Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-de-Hull 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S18
  Notre-Dame-de-Granby 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S12
  Notre-Dame-de-Granby 1846-1899 Bedford CE502,S3
  Notre-Dame-de-Jacques-Cartier 1901-1912 Québec CE301,S33
  Notre-Dame-de-Montréal 1883-1914 Montréal CE601,S51
  Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S31
  Notre-Dame-de-Québec 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S1
  Notre-Dame-des-Anges-de-Stanbridge 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S26
  Notre-Dame-des-Neiges 1901-1912 Montréal CE601,S236
O Date District Cote
  Odelltown Methodist Church 1900-1912 Iberville CE604,S31
  Oka Methodist Church 1900-1910 Terrebonne CE606,S47
  Olivet Baptist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S86
  Onslow Township Presbyterian Church 1900-1907 Pontiac CE702,S30
  Ormstown Anglican Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S30
  Ormstown Holiness Mouvement Church 1900-1909 Beauharnois CE607,S82
  Ormstown Methodist Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S28
  Outremont Church of the Ascension 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S201
  Outremont Presbyterian Church 1912 Montréal CE601,S316
P Date District Cote
  Papineauville Baptist Church 1900-1911 Hull CE701,S51
  Philipsburg Congregational Church 1845-1849 Bedford CE502,S69
  Philipsburg Methodist Church 1864-1899 Bedford CE502,S84
  Philipsburgh-Saint-Armand United Methodist Church 1901-1912 Bedford CE611,S81
  Point St. Charles Baptist Church 1900-1913 Montréal CE601,S88
  Point. St. Charles Congregational Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S192
  Pointe Fortune Methodist Church 1900-1903 Montréal CE601,S107
  Poltimore Presbyterian Church 1901-1905 Hull CE701,S61
  Port Daniel and l’Anse aux Gascons Church of England 1909-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S31
  Portage-du-Fort Methodist Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S25
  Portage-du-Fort Presbyterian Church 1895-1907 Pontiac CE702,S31
  Portneuf and Bourg Louis Methodist Church 1834-1870 Québec CE301,S86
  Portneuf Presbyterian Church 1846-1847 Québec CE301,S88
  Potton Anglican Church 1900-1901 Bedford CE611,S82
  Potton Methodist Church 1837-1853 Bedford CE502,S85
  Première église méthodiste française de Montréal 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S103
  Presbyterian City Mission 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S307
  Presbyterian, Côte-Saint-George (Dalhousie Mills Station), Saint-Télesphore 1893-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S83
  Protestant Episcopal of Sandy Beach 1885-1912 Gaspé CE102,S32
  Protestant Episcopal of St-Paul & St-James of Gaspe Bassin 1885-1912 Gaspé CE102,S37
  Protestant Episcopal, Percé and Cape Cove 1885-1912 Gaspé CE102,S28
  Protestant Hospital for the Insane 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S194
Q Date District Cote
  Quebec Anglican Travelling Missionaries 1826-1848 Québec CE301,S74
  Quebec Baptist Church 1858-1912 Québec CE301,S69
  Québec Beth Israel Synagogue 1897-1912 Québec CE301,S120
  Quebec Congregational Church 1838-1881 Québec CE301,S70
  Québec Lunatic Asylum Anglican Church 1879-1894 Québec CE301,S78
  Quyon Methodist Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S24
R Date District Cote
  Ramsey All Saints Anglican 1900-1911 Joliette CE605,S61
  Rawdon Methodist Church 1838-1912 Joliette CE605,S45
  Redeemer Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S146
  Registres protestants de Saint-Marcel 1906 Montmagny CE302,S39
  Rivière Désert Anglican Church 1900-1912 Labelle CE610,S10
  Rivière-du-Loup Methodists Church 1901 Kamouraska CE104,S45
  Rivière-du-Loup-en-Bas Anglican Church 1900-1912 Kamouraska CE104,S35
  Robinson Methodist Church 1869-1870 Saint-François CE501,S74
  Rock Island Congregational Church 1838-1908 Saint-François CE501,S71
  Rockburn Presbyterian Church 1900-1911 Beauharnois CE607,S51
  Roxton Falls Methodist Church 1900 Bedford CE611,S83
  Roxton Pond Baptist Church 1876-1879 Bedford CE502,S61
  Roxton Pond Methodist Church 1880-1895 Bedford CE502,S108
  Roxton-Sud Methodist Church 1866-1879 Bedford CE502,S86
  Runnymede-Deeside Presbyterian Church of Canada 1906-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S29
  Russelltown Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S50
S Date District Cote
  Sabrevois Anglican Church 1900-1910 Iberville CE604,S24

Saint – Protestant Churches

S Date District   Cote
  Saint Alban’s Anglican Church of Scotstown 1900-1912 Saint-François CE501,S128
  Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church 1911-1912 Saint-Maurice CE404,S34
  Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1901-1912 Trois-Rivières CE401,S49
  Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S35
  Saint Anne de Bellevue Methodist Church 1908-1909 Montréal CE601,S287
  Saint Anne’s Anglican Church of Richmond 1880-1912 Saint-François CE501,S127
  Saint Anthony 1884-1912 Montréal CE601,S165
  Saint Augustine’s Anglican Church of Danville 1830-1912 Saint-François CE501,S47
  Saint Barnabas’ Anglican Church of Agnes 1900-1912 Mégantic CE503,S1
  Saint Barnabas’ Anglican Church of North Hatley 1906-1912 Saint-François CE501,S164
  Saint Bartholomew 1898-1899 Trois-Rivières CE401,S12
  Saint Clément’s 1901-1912 Protonotaire de Mingan CE901,S14
  Saint Cuthbert’s Anglican Church of Dixville 1871-1910 Saint-François CE501,S42
  Saint Francis District Anglican Travelling Missionaries 1853-1867 Saint-François CE501,S37
  Saint George Protestant Congregation 1876-1912 Drummond CE403,S17
  Saint George’s Anglican Church of Georgeville 1867-1912 Saint-François CE501,S40
  Saint George’s Anglican Church of Lennoxville 1846-1912 Saint-François CE501,S43
  Saint George’s Church of England 1893-1912 Pontiac CE702,S20
  Saint George’s Church of England at Campbell’s Bay 1903-1912 Pontiac CE702,S13
  Saint George’s Church of England in the village of Portage-du-Fort 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S14
  Saint James Protestant Church 1901-1912 Trois-Rivières CE401,S50
  Saint James’ Anglican Church of Compton 1840-1912 Saint-François CE501,S36
  Saint James’ Anglican Church of Hatley 1818-1912 Saint-François CE501,S41
  Saint James’ Church of England 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S45
  Saint John the Evangelist 1901-1912 Saint-Maurice CE404,S29
  Saint John’s Anglican Church of Melbourne 1858-1912 Saint-François CE501,S45
  Saint John’s Anglican Church of Waterville 1900-1912 Saint-François CE501,S129
  Saint John’s Evangelist Church of England 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S9
  Saint Luke’s Anglican Church of Magog 1869-1912 Saint-François CE501,S44
  Saint Mary of Czestochowa 1909-1912 Montréal CE601,S285
  Saint Mary’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S76
  Saint Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 1907-1912 Hull CE701,S39
  Saint Paul’s 1905-1912 Drummond CE403,S29
  Saint Paul’s Anglican Church of England 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S10
  Saint Paul’s Anglican Church of Marbleton 1850-1912 Saint-François CE501,S38
  Saint Paul’s Baptist Church 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S299
  Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 1901-1912 Hull CE701,S40
  Saint Peter’s Anglican Church 1871-1903 Abitibi CE801,S2
  Saint Peter’s Anglican Church of Cookshire 1823-1912 Saint-François CE501,S39
  Saint Peter’s Anglican Church of Sherbrooke 1827-1912 Saint-François CE501,S46
  Saint Philip’s Anglican Church of Sawyerville 1902-1912 Saint-François CE501,S165
  Saint Philippe’s Methodist Mission 1904-1907 Arthabaska CE402,S89
  Saint Philippe’s Presbyterian Church 1911 Arthabaska CE402,S90
  Saint Stephen’s Anglican Church 1899-1912 Hull CE701,S34
  Saint Stephen’s Anglican Church of Coaticook 1862-1912 Saint-François CE501,S35
  Saint Stephen’s Church of England 1901-1911 Saint-Maurice CE404,S23
  Saint Thomas Church of England 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S12

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Saint Catholic Parishes

S Date District Cote
  Saint-Aloysius 1908-1912 Montréal CE601,S237
  Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare 1900-1912 Joliette CE605,S3
  Saint-Andrew United Church 1903 Terrebonne CE606,S92
  Saint-Armand Centre Free Methodist Church 1905-1912 Bedford CE611,S86
  Saint-Armand East Methodist Church 1902-1910 Bedford CE611,S87
  Saint-Armand Free Methodist Church 1901-1902 Bedford CE611,S33
  Saint-Armand-East Holy Trinity Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S71
  Saint-Armand-West Anglican Church 1809-1879 Bedford CE502,S48
  Saint-Armand-West Methodist Church
  Saint-Armand-West Presbyterian Church
  Saint-Cajetan-d’Armagh 1877-1912 Montmagny CE302,S10
  Saint-Clément-de-Beauharnois 1877-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S4
  Saint-Colomb-de-Sillery 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S58
  Saint-Colomban 1877-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S10
  Saint-Constant Baptist Church 1904-1912 Longueuil CE608,S1
  Saint-Cuthbert 1900-1912 Joliette CE605,S19
  Saint-Edmond-de-Stoneham 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S59
  Saint-Élie-d’Orford 1887-1912 Saint-François CE501,S102
  Saint-François-de-Sales-de-Templeton 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S10
  Saint-François-Xavier-de-Caughnawaga 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S25
  Saint-François-Xavier-de-Shefford 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S5
  Saint-Frédéric-de-Drummondville 1876-1912 Drummond CE403,S8
  Saint-Gabriel 1882-1912 Montréal CE601,S27
  Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon 1900-1912 Joliette CE605,S23
  Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S60
  Saint-Georges 1877-1912 Beauce CE306,S14
  Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville Baptist Church 1903-1912 Bedford CE611,S62
  Saint-Gilles-de-Beaurivage 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S46
  Saint-Grégoire-de-Nazianze-de-Buckingham 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S14
  Saint-Ignace-du-Coteau-du-Lac 1877-1912 Montréal CE601,S31
  Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur 1877-1912 Montréal CE601,S1
  Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Québec 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S97
  Saint-Joachim-de-la-Pointe-Claire 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S37
  Saint-John the Divine Anglican Church 1896-1911 Roberval CE202,S16
  Saint-Lazare 1877-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S9
  Saint-Léon, Westmount 1901-1912 Montréal CE601,S243
  Saint-Léonard-de-Port-Maurice 1899-1912 Québec CE301,S115
  Saint-Léonard-de-Port-Maurice 1886-1912 Montréal CE601,S172
  Saint-Louis-de-Portland 1900-1910 Hull CE701,S2
  Saint-Luc-de-la-Grosse-Île 1875-1912 Montmagny CE302,S12
  Saint-Malachie 1900-1910 Hull CE701,S26
  Saint-Malachie-d’Ormstown 1877-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S11
  Saint-Malachie-de-Frampton 1877-1912 Beauce CE306,S22
  Saint-Patrice 1900-1912 Kamouraska CE104,S8
  Saint-Patrice 1900-1912 Joliette CE605,S18
  Saint-Patrice 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S52
  Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S51
  Saint-Patrice-de-Hinchinbrooke 1877-1911 Beauharnois CE607,S13
  Saint-Patrice-de-la-Rivière-Pentecôte 1901-1912 Protonotaire de Mingan CE901,S9
  Saint-Patrice-de-Magog 1861-1912 Saint-François CE501,S19
  Saint-Patrice-de-Sherrington 1877-1912 Iberville CE604,S13
  Saint-Patrice-de-Tingwick 1857-1912 Arthabaska CE402,S12
  Saint-Patrick 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S98
  Saint-Patrick de Sherbrooke 1889-1912 Saint-François CE501,S108
  Saint-Patrick-de-Douglastown 1885-1912 Gaspé CE102,S22
  Saint-Paul-d’Aylmer 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S12
  Saint-Paul-de-Chester Methodist Church 1898-1899 Arthabaska CE402,S88
  Saint-Paul-de-Sheenborough 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S17
  Saint-Roch-de-Québec 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S22
  Saint-Romain-de-Hemmingford 1877-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S16

Sainte – Catholic Parishes

S Date District Cote
  Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Anglican Trinity Church 1901-1910 Terrebonne CE606,S90
  Sainte-Agnès 1877-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S21
  Sainte-Agnès 1884-1912 Mégantic CE503,S17
  Sainte-Anastasie-de-Lachute 1878-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S2
  Sainte-Anne de Montréal 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S9
  Sainte-Anne-de-Danville 1866-1912 Saint-François CE501,S4
  Sainte-Anne-du-Bout-de-l’Île 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S11
  Sainte-Anne-du-Grand-Calumet 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S4
  Sainte-Brigide 1911-1912 Pontiac CE702,S35
  Sainte-Brigide 1883-1912 Montréal CE601,S15
  Sainte-Catherine 1877-1912 Québec CE301,S39
  Sainte-Ursule 1888-1912 Trois-Rivières CE401,S16

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ST – Protestant Churches


S Date District Cote
  St. Agnes 1904-1912 Montréal CE601,S247
  St. Alban Anglican Church 1901-1912 Montréal CE601,S254
  St. Andrew Christ Church Anglican 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S34
  St. Andrew Congregational Church 1900-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S38
  St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S62
  St. Andrew’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S184
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1908-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S85
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S40
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S35
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S279
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Lake Megantic) 1900-1902 Mégantic CE503,S22
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Lachine 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S124
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Lévis 1855-1913 Québec CE301,S76
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Melbourne 1800-1857 Québec CE301,S73
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Montreal 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S125
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Quebec 1770-1912 Québec CE301,S66
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Valcartier 1901-1911 Québec CE301,S125
  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sherbrooke 1865-1908 Saint-François CE501,S92
  St. Augustin’s Anglican Church 1908-1912 Montréal CE601,S175
  St. Barnabas’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S202
  St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church 1850-1912 Québec CE301,S89
  St. Bartholomew’s Reformed Episcopal Church 1900-1909 Montréal CE601,S159
  St. Clement Anglican Church 1907-1912 Montréal CE601,S255
  St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S298
  St. Cuthberts Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S220
  St. Cyprien Anglican Church 1904-1912 Montréal CE601,S256
  St. Edward’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S185
  St. Ephrem d’Upton Anglican Church 1869-1873 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S31
  St. Gabriel Street Presbyterian Church 1900-1909 Montréal CE601,S126
  St. George Anglican Church of Adamsville 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S55
  St. George Anglican Church of Clarenceville 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S35
  St. George Anglican Church of Granby 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S40
  St. George Methodist Church 1845-1899 Bedford CE502,S75
  St. George’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S186
  St. George’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S68
  St. Georges Anglican Church 1894-1910 Beauce CE306,S37
  St. Giles Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S221
  St. Hyacinthe Anglican Church 1851-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S30
  St. James Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S31
  St. James Anglican Church 1892-1911 Québec CE301,S122
  St. James the Apostle Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S69
  St. James The Apostle Anglican Church of Bedford 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S39
  St. James The Apostle Anglican Church of Stanbridge East 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S47
  St. James’ Anglican Church 1824-1912 Joliette CE605,S41
  St. James’s Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S109
  St. John Anglican Church of Eastman 1900-1910 Bedford CE611,S67
  St. John Anglican Church of Lac-Brôme 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S34
  St. John Anglican Church of West Shefford 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S98
  St. John the Baptist Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S225
  St. John the Divine Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S59
  St. John the Evangelist’s Anglican Church 1901-1911 Montréal CE601,S70
  St. John’s Anglican Church 1862-1909 Joliette CE605,S42
  St. John’s Anglican Church 1907-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S45
  St. John’s German Lutheran Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S98
  St. John’s the Evangelist Anglican Church 1840-1912 Québec CE301,S87
  St. Johns Anglican Church 1900-1912 Iberville CE604,S28
  St. Johns Methodist Church 1900-1912 Iberville CE604,S32
  St. Jovite Methodist Church 1900-1911 Terrebonne CE606,S68
  St. Jude’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S71
  St. Lambert Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S227
  St. Louis de Gonzague Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S68
  St. Luke’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S50
  St. Luke’s Anglican Church of Montreal 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S73
  St. Margaret’s and St. Chad’s Anglican Church 1908-1912 Montréal CE601,S196
  St. Mark’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S69
  St. Mark’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S74
  St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S128
  St. Martin’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S75
  St. Mary’s Anglican Church of Island of Orleans 1867-1911 Québec CE301,S81
  St. Mary’s Anglican Church of Montmorency Fall 1876-1912 Québec CE301,S80
  St. Mathew’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S29
  St. Mathew’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S129
  St. Mathias’ Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S77
  St. Matthew Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S90
  St. Matthew’s Anglican Church 1863-1912 Québec CE301,S63
  St. Michael The Archangel 1902-1912 Montréal CE601,S244
  St. Michael’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S35
  St. Michael’s Anglican Church 1860-1912 Québec CE301,S79
  St. Mungo’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S53
  St. Nicholas Syrian Orthodox Church 1906-1912 Montréal CE601,S264
  St. Patrick Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S57
  St. Paul Anglican Church of Mansonville 1902-1912 Bedford CE611,S44
  St. Paul Anglican Church of Phillipsburg 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S79
  St. Paul d’Abbotsford Anglican Church 1824-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S28
  St. Paul d’Abbotsford Congregational Church 1837-1857 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S32
  St. Paul’s Anglican Church 1833-1901 Québec CE301,S64
  St. Paul’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S78
  St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S29
  St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S130
  St. Peter’s Anglican Church 1834-1912 Québec CE301,S65
  St. Phillip’s Anglican Church 1898-1912 Montréal CE601,S187
  St. Savior’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Iberville CE604,S23
  St. Simeon’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S30
  St. Simon’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S188
  St. Stephen’s Anglican Church of Chambly 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S79
  St. Stephen’s Anglican Church of Lachine 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S80
  St. Stephen’s Anglican Church of Montreal 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S81
  St. Thomas Anglican Church 1900-1912 Saint-Hyacinthe CE602,S42
  St. Thomas’ Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S82
  St. Vincent de Paul Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S83
  St.Andrew’s Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S17
  St.Paul’s Anglican Church of Knowlton 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S42


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S Date District Cote
  Savages Mills Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S80
  Sawyerville Baptist Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S132
  Sawyerville Methodist Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S144
  Sawyerville Presbyterian Church 1901-1904 Saint-François CE501,S148
  Scandinavian Lutheran Mission 1909-1910 Montréal CE601,S301
  Scotstown Adventist Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S119
  Scotstown Presbyterian Church 1908 Saint-François CE501,S149
  Seventh Day Adventist Church 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S302
  Seventh Day Adventist Church, Dixville 1907-1908 Saint-François CE501,S168
  Seventh Day Adventist Church, South Barnston 1856-1906 Saint-François CE501,S31
  Shaw Memorial North End Methodist Church 1908-1912 Montréal CE601,S154
  Shawbridge Methodist Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S49
  Shawville Holiness Movement Church 1901-1912 Pontiac CE702,S22
  Shawville Methodist Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S28
  Shawville Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Pontiac CE702,S32
  Shefford Anglican Church 1880-1894 Bedford CE502,S102
  Shefford Methodist Church 1831-1886 Bedford CE502,S88
  Shefford Vale Adventist Church 1891-1895 Bedford CE502,S152
  Shefford-Ouest Anglican Church 1823-1879 Bedford CE502,S49
  Shefford-Ouest Methodist Church 1878-1899 Bedford CE502,S89
  Sherbrooke Congregational Church 1838-1908 Saint-François CE501,S69
  Sherbrooke Methodist Church 1848-1908 Saint-François CE501,S84
  Sherbrooke Street Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S112
  Shigawake and Port-Daniel Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bonaventure CE103,S16
  Sorel Baptist Church 1896-1899 Richelieu CE603,S29
  Sorel Congregational Church 1844-1847 Richelieu CE603,S17
  South Ely Baptist Church 1878-1879 Bedford CE502,S58
  South Ely-Valcourt Baptist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S89
  South Potton Baptist Church 1845-1859 Bedford CE502,S60
  South Stukely-Eastman United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S91
  Spanish and Portuguese Shearith Israël Synagogue 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S97
  St-Cyprien Presbyterian Church 1900-1910 Kamouraska CE104,S41
  St-Georges Anglican Church 1906-1911 Rimouski CE101,S38
  Stanbridge Adventist Church 1862-1899 Bedford CE502,S29
  Stanbridge Baptist Church 1842-1850 Bedford CE502,S63
  Stanbridge East Adventist Church 1871-1876 Bedford CE502,S27
  Stanbridge East Anglican Church 1852-1879 Bedford CE502,S51
  Stanley Street Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S131
  Stanstead Baptist Free-Will Church 1834-1880 Saint-François CE501,S62
  Stanstead Plain Congregational Church 1901-1907 Saint-François CE501,S174
  Stanstead Universalist Church 1905-1907 Saint-François CE501,S163
  Ste. Thérèse de Blainville Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S65
  Stoneham Valcartier and Lake Beauport Anglican Church 1839-1912 Québec CE301,S82
  Stornoway Presbyterian Church 1900 Mégantic CE503,S6
  Stukely-Sud 7th Day Adventist Church 1900-1913 Bedford CE611,S88
  Stukely-Sud Adventist Church 1879-1899 Bedford CE502,S28
  Stukely-Sud Anglican Church 1851-1879 Bedford CE502,S52
  Stukely-Sud Methodist Church 1844-1899 Bedford CE502,S90
  Sutton Adventist Church 1854-1899 Bedford CE502,S30
  Sutton Anglican Church 1851-1879 Bedford CE502,S53
  Sutton Baptist Church 1859-1873 Bedford CE502,S64
  Sutton Good Shepherd Anglican Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S73
  Sutton Methodist Church 1852-1879 Bedford CE502,S91
  Sutton Second Advent Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S94
  Sutton United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S49
  Sutton Universalist Church 1878-1879 Bedford CE502,S96
T Date District Cote
  Tabernacle Baptist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S190
  Taylor Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S157
  Temple Baptist Church 1909-1912 Montréal CE601,S300
  Temple Emmanu-El Synagogue 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S198
  Temple Solomon 1902-1909 Montréal CE601,S271
  Templeton Township Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S60
  Thetford Mines Methodist Church 1910-1912 Arthabaska CE305,S48
  Thorne Township Evangelical Lutheran Church 1894-1912 Pontiac CE702,S8
  Thorne Township Methodist Church 1897-1907 Pontiac CE702,S26
  Thurso Baptist Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S52
  Thurso Presbyterian Church 1908-1909 Hull CE701,S65
  Tifereth Israel Synagogue 1909 Montréal CE601,S289
  Tingwick Anglican Church 1909 Saint-François CE501,S179
  Tingwick Mission Episcopal Church 1843-1844 Arthabaska CE402,S82
  Tingwick United Church of England and Ireland 1845-1911 Arthabaska CE402,S81
  Townships, Valleyfield (Ormstown, etc.) 1830-1839 Beauharnois CE607,S84
  Trinity Anglican Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S54
  Trinity Anglican Church 1900-1912 Terrebonne CE606,S28
  Trinity Anglican Church 1899-1912 Bedford CE611,S36
  Trinity Anglican Church 1859-1900 Québec CE301,S62
  Trinity Anglican Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S84
  Trois-Rivières Wesleyan Methodist Church 1901-1911 Trois-Rivières CE401,S47
U Date District Cote
  Union Congregational (Colored) Church 1907-1912 Montréal CE601,S280
  Unitarian Universalist Church, North Hatley 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S151
V Date District Cote
  Valcartier and St. Catherine’s Anglican Church 1856-1875 Québec CE301,S84
  Valcartier and Stoneham Presbyterian Church 1833-1900 Québec CE301,S85
  Valleyfield Methodist Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S71
  Valleyfield Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Beauharnois CE607,S72
  Vaudreuil Anglican Church 1891-1912 Montréal CE601,S67
  Verdun Baptist Church 1911 Montréal CE601,S311
  Verdun Methodist Church 1906-1912 Montréal CE601,S274
  Verdun Presbyterian Church 1910-1912 Montréal CE601,S308
  Victoria Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S222
W Date District Cote
  Wakefield Township Church of England 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S46
  Wakefield Township Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Hull CE701,S62
  Warden Anglican Church 1878-1879 Bedford CE502,S55
  Warwick Baptist Church 1865-1873 Arthabaska CE402,S83
  Waterloo Adventist Church 1862-1899 Bedford CE502,S31
  Waterloo Congregational Church 1872 Bedford CE502,S70
  Waterloo International Advent Church 1900-1908 Bedford CE611,S96
  Waterloo Methodist Church 1880-1899 Bedford CE502,S109
  Waterloo Redeemer Church 1879 Bedford CE502,S95
  Waterloo United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S51
  Waterloo Universalist Church 1862-1899 Bedford CE502,S97
  Waterloo Universalist Church 1900-1908 Bedford CE611,S95
  Waterville Congregational Church 1844-1908 Saint-François CE501,S72
  Wesleyan Methodist Church 1831-1912 Québec CE301,S68
  West Bolton Second Advent Church 1904-1907 Bedford CE611,S99
  West Brome Baptist Free-Will Church 1879 Bedford CE502,S65
  West Brome Methodist Church 1867-1879 Bedford CE502,S73
  West Brome Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S97
  West End Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S113
  West End St-Joseph Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S275
  West Shefford United Methodist Church 1900-1912 Bedford CE611,S100
  Westminster Presbyterian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S223
  Westmount Advent Christian Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S147
  Westmount Methodist Church 1900-1912 Montréal CE601,S214
  White’s Station Methodist Church 1912 Beauharnois CE607,S49
  Windsor Mills Methodist Church 1876-1908 Saint-François CE501,S87
  Windsor Mills Presbyterian Church 1900-1908 Saint-François CE501,S150
  Winslow Presbyterian Church (Saint-Romain) 1901-1906 Mégantic CE503,S21




  • Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979 Cities – Towns
  • Acton-Vale
  • Adamsville
  • Asbestos
  • Ascot-Corner
  • Aylmer
  • Baie-de-Shawinigan
  • Beauharnois
  • Bedford
  • Beloeil
  • Black-Lake
  • Bonaventure
  • Bromptonville
  • Buckingham
  • Bury
  • Cantley
  • Cantons de l’est
  • Carleton
  • Caughnawaga
  • Chambly
  • Châteauguay
  • Chatham
  • Chicoutimi
  • Clarenceville
  • Coaticook
  • Compton
  • Comté de Charlevoix-Est
  • Comté de Gatineau
  • Comté de Matapédia
  • Comté de Mégantic
  • Comté de Missisquoi
  • Comté de Saguenay
  • Comté des Îles-de-la-Madeleine
  • Comté du Lac-Saint-Jean-Est
  • Cookshire
  • Coteau-Station
  • Cowansville
  • Danville
  • Disraeli
  • Dorval
  • Douglastown
  • Drummondville
  • Dunham
  • Durham-Sud
  • East-Angus
  • Eastman
  • Farnham
  • Farrellton
  • Fort William
  • Franklin
  • Frelighsburg
  • Garthby
  • Gaspé
  • Gayhurst
  • Gracefield
  • Granby
  • Grand-Mère
  • Grenville
  • Grosse-Île
  • Ham-Nord Township
  • Hemmingford
  • Henryville
  • Hérouxville
  • Hinchinbrook
  • Howick
  • Huntingdon
  • Iberville
  • Île-du-Grand-Calumet
  • Île-Perrot
  • Inverness
  • Joliette
  • Jonquière
  • Kingsey Falls
  • Knowlton
  • La Baie
  • Lachine
  • Lachute
  • Lac-Mégantic
  • La Malbaie
  • Lambton
  • La Prairie
  • Laval
  • Lennoxville
  • Les Cèdres
  • Lévis
  • Longueuil
  • Lotbinière
  • Louiseville
  • Lyster
  • Madeleine-Centre
  • Magog
  • Maniwaki
  • Mansonville
  • Mascouche
  • Maskinongé
  • Mirabel
  • Montréal
  • Napierville
  • Newport
  • New Richmond
  • Nicolet
  • Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge
  • Oka
  • Old Chelsea
  • Paspébiac
  • Percé
  • Pointe-aux-Trembles
  • Pointe-Claire
  • Pointe-Gatineau
  • Portage-du-Fort
  • Port-Daniel
  • Portneuf
  • Princeville
  • Québec
  • Quyon
  • Rawdon
  • Richelieu
  • Richmond
  • Rimouski
  • Ripon
  • Ristigouche
  • Rivière-du-Loup
  • Roberval
  • Rock-Forest
  • Roxton Falls
  • Roxton Pond
  • Saint-Adolphe-de-Dudswell
  • Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard
  • Saint-Adrien-d’Irlande
  • Saint-Alban
  • Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare
  • Saint-André-d’Argenteuil
  • Saint-Armand-Ouest
  • Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle
  • Saint-Boniface-de-Shawinigan
  • Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
  • Saint-Cajetan-d’Armagh
  • Saint-Colomban
  • Saint-Cuthbert
  • Sainte-Adèle
  • Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
  • Sainte-Agnès
  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
  • Sainte-Catherine
  • Saint-Edouard-de-Frampton
  • Saint-Edouard-de-Lotbinière
  • Saint-Edouard-de-Napierville
  • Sainte-Élisabeth-de-Warwick
  • Sainte-Geneviève
  • Sainte-Justine-de-Newton
  • Saint-Elie-d’Orford
  • Sainte-Madeleine-de-Rigaud
  • Sainte-Thérèse
  • Sainte-Ursule
  • Saint-Eustache
  • Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey
  • Saint-Félix-de-Valois
  • Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon
  • Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier
  • Saint-Georges
  • Saint-Germain-de-Grantham
  • Saint-Gilles
  • Saint-Ignace-de-Stanbridge
  • Saint-Ignace-du-Coteau-du-Lac
  • Saint-Jérôme
  • Saint-Jovite
  • Saint-Lambert
  • Saint-Laurent
  • Saint-Lazare-de-Vaudreuil
  • Saint-Léonard
  • Saint-Luc
  • Saint-Ludger
  • Saint-Magloire-de-Bellechasse
  • Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham
  • Saint-Malachie
  • Saint-Malachie-d’Ormstown
  • Saint-Martin
  • Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage
  • Saint-Patrice-de-Sherrington
  • Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford
  • Saint-Sauveur
  • Saint-Sylvestre
  • Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
  • Sawyerville
  • Scotstown
  • Scott
  • Sept-Iles
  • Sheenboro
  • Shefford-Ouest
  • Sherbrooke
  • Sillery
  • Stanhope
  • Stanstead
  • Stanstead-Plain
  • Stoke-Centre
  • Stoneham
  • Stratford
  • Sutton
  • Thetford Mines
  • Thurso
  • Tingwick
  • Trois-Rivières
  • Vaudreuil
  • Verdun
  • Vinton
  • Warwick
  • Waterloo
  • Weedon Township
  • Wickham
  • Windsor-Mills
  • Woburn
  • Wotton Township
  • Yamachiche

Eastern Townships Resource Centre


Eastern Townships Resource Centre ETRC

The Archives Department

Bishop’s University

2600 College Street, Sherbrooke QC J1M 1Z7

Jody Robinson


819-822-9600 – ext. 2261

 If you had English-speaking ancestors in the Eastern Townships of Quebec (the south eastern region of the Province of Quebec, near the Vermont border,) do not overlook the Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC). Many of the early residents of this region of forests and farmland came from the United States and from Scotland and were either Presbyterian or Methodist. You may find their birth, marriage and death records at their local Presbyterian, Methodist, or United churches in the archives of the ETRC.

 The Archives Department of the Eastern Townships Resource Centre is devoted to the preservation and promotion of the region’s rich heritage. Accredited by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec and by the ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition feminine du Québec, the Archives Department acquires, preserves and gives access to archival materials that illustrate the development of the Eastern Townships’ English-speaking community. A variety of documents such as diaries, letters, photographs, postcards, maps and audio-visual materials are made available to researchers. Assistance is also provided to genealogists tracing their family roots.

Here, you can explore close to 300 collections including historical information on Eastern Townships families, political figures and writers, societies and institutions, and newspapers. The United and Presbyterian churches together provide more than 100 fonds.

 Archival Collection

 Presbyterian & United Churches Archives

 Part One: Guide to the fonds in numerical sequence

 Part Two: Alphabetical sequence by towns


 Presbyterian Church Archives

PC 001 Scotstown (Compton County) – St. Pauls Presbyterian Church – Organized in 1925 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1926-1994) – St. Paul’s Presbyterian in Scotstown from 1925 onward grew, amalgamating surrounding Presbyterian congregations, among them, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Lake Megantic and Bethany Presbyterian Church in Milan in 1980 –

PC 002Marsboro (Frontenac County) – Marsboro Presbyterian – Organized in 1858 – From 1881 to 1890 it was apparently attached to the Lake Megantic Presbyterian Church, subsequently it became independent – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1882-1984)

PC 003Lake Megantic (Frontenac County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1874 as Knox Presbyterian > Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1927-1963, 1979)

PC 004 Winslow (Compton County) – St. Johns Presbyterian First organized in 1851- The fonds might also contain Civil registers from Saint Luke’s Presbyterian in Hampden – Whitton  – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1864-1938) -.

 PC 005Hampden (Compton County) – St. Lukes Presbyterian – Organized in 1877 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1877-1936)

PC 006 Milan (Frontenac County) – Bethany Presbyterian -Organized in 1875 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1899-1980)

PC 007 Danville – Asbestos (Richmond County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1872 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths (1872-1981)

PC 008Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Established in 1864 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths (1865-1983)

PC 009Sawyerville (Compton County) – Quebec Presbytery – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials

PC 010Melbourne (Richmond County) – St. Pauls Presbyterian – Organized in 1968 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, only a fond described as Congregation (1968-1988)

PC 011Melbourne (Richmond County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1925 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths – Only one fond described as Congregation (1962-1994)

PC 012Flodden (Richmond County) – Knox Presbyterian – Organized in 1893 – Initially established as the Free Church of Brompton-Gore – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials – Only one fond described as Communion rolls (1893-1909)

PC 013St. GeorgeKennebec Road Marlow (Beauce County) – Jersey Mills Presbyterian – Organized in 1878 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths (1883-1948)

PC 014Richmond (Richmond County) – Chalmers Presbyterian St. Andrew’s Presbyterian – Organized in 1878 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials – Fonds consist of annual reports and historical information.

PC 015Inverness (Megantic County) St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1838 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1848 only)

PC 016Gould (Compton County) – Chalmers Emmanuel Presbyterian – Organized in 1845 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1931-1946)

PC 017Lemesurier (Megantic County) – Reids Presbyterian – Organized in 1854 – The fonds might also contain Civil registers from Leeds Village Presbyterian & Candlish Presbyterian in Kinnear’s Mills – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1855-1943)

PC 018St. Sylvester (Lotbinière County) – St. Sylvesters Presbyterian – Organized in 1844 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1844 & 1866-1882)

PC 019 Adderley Inverness Township (Mégantic County) – Adderley Presbyterian Church – Also known as St. Andrew’s or South Kirk werte first organized in 1856 – Church building was erected in 1873 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages deaths, only documents described as Congregation (1960-1983)

United Church Archives

UC 001Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Plymouth United Congregational Church – Organized in 1837 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1837-1965)

UC 002Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Trinity UnitedTrinity Methodist – Organized in 1846 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1848-1971)

UC 003Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Sangster Memorial United – Organized in 1946 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1947-1966)

UC 004Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Plymouth Trinity United > Congregational – Unitarian – Organized in 1897 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1965-1987)

UC 005Lennoxville (Sherbrooke County) – Lennoxville United > Methodist – Organized in 1838 – The fonds might also contain Civil registers from Johnville – Capelton – Minton – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1838-1959)

UC 006Magog (Stanstead County) – St. Pauls United > Methodist – Organized in 1884 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1890-1906)

UC 007Beebe (Stanstead County) – Wesley United > Wesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1875 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1942-1966)

UC 008Granby (Shefford County) – Granby UnitedCongregational – First organized in 1830 – Granby United was formed in 1925 with the amalgamation of Trinity United and Drummond Street United – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1879-1999)

UC 009Knowlton (Brome County) – Knowlton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1855 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1994)

UC 010Sawyerville (Compton County) – Sawyerville UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1850 – The fonds might include BMD’s from churches located in Maple Leaf – Randboro – Clifton – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1994)

UC 011Stanstead (Stanstead County) – Stanstead Centenary United > Wesleyan MethodistEpiscopalian – First organized in 1804 – In 1869 it was renamed Stanstead Wesleyan Methodist – The fonds might contain BMD’s from Hatley – Compton – Barnston – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1831-1860)

UC 012Granby (Shefford County) – Drummond Street UnitedMethodist – First organized in 1850 as the Methodist Church of Granby – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1857-1925)

UC 013North Hatley (Stanstead County) – North Hatley United – Organized in 1955 – No Civil registers – see Waterville, see Hatley

UC 014 Hatley (Stanstead County) – Hatley UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1836 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1861-1927)

UC 015 Scotstown (Compton County) – St. Andrews UnitedPresbyterian – First organized in 1876 as St. Andrew’s Presbyterian – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1877-1981)

UC 016 Ayers Cliff (Stanstead County) – Beulah UnitedMethodist Adventist Anglican – First organized in 1879 as the Union Meeting House Church of Ayer’s Flat, the church was also used by the Adventist and Anglican Churches – No Civil registers, see Ayer’s Cliff, see Coaticook, see Way’s Mills

UC 017Birchton (Compton County) – Birchton UnitedMethodistBaptistCongregationalAnglican – Organized in 1879 as the Birchton Union Church Society with the participation of the Methodist, Baptist and Congregationalist Societies – The church was also used by the Anglican Church – No Civil registers at ETRC

UC 018Bury (Compton County) – Bury UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1863 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1868-1902 & 1930s to an undisclosed year)

UC 019 Coaticook (Stanstead County) – Sisco Memorial UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1853 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1962)

UC 020 DanvilleAsbestos (Richmond County) – Trinity UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1832 as the first Congregationalist church in the Eastern Townships – In 1842 the church would unite with the Presbyterians in forming the Federated Church of Danville – In 1860, the church joined the Methodist Church – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1834-after 1950)

UC 021 Waterloo (Shefford County) – St. Pauls UnitedWesleyan MethodistAnglican – Organized 1832 as a Methodist church – Starting in 1862, the church was shared with the Anglican congregation – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1933-1978)

UC 022 Waterville (Compton County) – Waterville UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1862 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1862-1978)

UC 023 United ChurchYamaska Region – St. Francis Region (Richmond – Sherbrooke – Stanstead – Drummond) – Eastern Region (Compton – Megantic – Frontenac – Lotbiniere – Beauce) – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1924-1984)

UC 024 Ayers CliffMagog (Stanstead County) Ayers Cliff Magog Pastoral Charge – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1968-1979) of churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville

UC 025 Eaton (Compton County) – Eaton UnitedCongregational – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1838-1901)

UC 026 Bulwer (Compton County) – Bulwer UnitedMethodist – No Civil registers at ETRC – Fonds contains Church Boards (1866-1990)

UC 027 Birchton (Compton County) – Birchton Pastoral ChurchWesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1894 by the Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in Birchton – Bulwer – Eaton – No Civil registers at ETRC – Fonds contains Church Boards (1894-1967)

UC 028 East Angus (Compton County) – Emmanuel UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1901 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1901-1978)

UC 029 Abbotsford (Rouville County) – Abbotsford UnitedCongregational & Methodist – Organized in 1835 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1835-1836 & 1865-1879)

UC 030Cookshire (Compton County) – Trinity UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1863 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1871-1957)

UC 031 Cowansville (Missisquoi County) – Emmanuel UnitedCongregational & Methodist – Both organized in 1844 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1856-1960)

UC 032 Georgeville (Stanstead County) – Georgeville UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1859 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1859-1890)

UC 033 Dunham (Missisquoi County) – Dunham United Methodist – Organized in 1806 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1806-1950 & 1960s)

UC 034 Fitch Bay (Stanstead County) – Fitch Bay UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1854 as the North Stanstead Congregational Church – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials  (1854-1888)

UC 035 Lake Megantic (Frontenac County) – Knox UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in 1890 as Knox Presbyterian – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1900-1962)

UC 036 Foster (Shefford County) – Creek UnitedFree Will Baptist – Organized in 1878 – In 1885 the church became South Stukely Methodist – No Civil registers at ETRC – see South Stukely

UC 037 Austin (Brome County) – Austin United New Connexion MethodistOrganized in 1855– Also known as New Connexion Methodist of Bolton Centre – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1855-1963)

UC 038 Island Brook (Compton County) – Island Brook United – Methodist – Organized in 1868 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1878-1916) & church memberships (1884-1969)

UC 039 Rock Island (Stanstead County) – Stanstead South United > Congregational – Organized in 1816 – Also known as Stanstead South Congregational – From 1817 to 1827, the Congregationalists worshipped with the Methodists, Episcopalians and the Baptists in the Union Meeting House in North Plain – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Stanstead

UC 040 Ulverton (Drummond County) – Ulverton United > Congregational & Wesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1837 as Ulverton Congregational and in 1842 as Durham Wesleyan Methodist, the two churches would later be amalgamated into one – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1837-1925 & 1963)

UC 041 Sutton (Brome County) – Calvary UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1799 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1856-2001)

UC 042 Drummondville (Drummond County) – Trinity United – Organized in 1927 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1927-1996)

UC 043 Tomifobia (Stanstead County) – Tomifobia UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1890 – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Georgeville

UC 044 Leeds Village (Megantic County) – Leeds Wesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1830 as part of the New Ireland Circuit, which included churches in Lower Ireland – Upper Ireland – Inverness – St. Sylvester – Leeds – Kinnear’s Mills – Ireland – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1834-1902), the latter might include registers from the above mentioned churches

UC 045 Kinnears Mills (Megantic County) – Candlish UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in 1854 with three preaching points: Leeds Village Presbyterian, Reid’s Presbyterian in Lemesurier, and Kinnear’s Mills’ Candlish Presbyterian – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1854-1935) – This selection might include registers for the above churches

UC 046 Asbestos (Richmond County) – Asbestos UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1925 – No Civil registers at ETRC, fonds include Membership Registers (1927-1972)

UC 047 Ways Mills (Stanstead County) – Ways Mills Union ChurchBaptists Crises Adventists Herald Adventists – Methodists – Organized in 1881 by the Baptists, the Crises Adventists, the Herald Adventists, the Methodists. The Methodists of this Union Church were part of Barnston Methodist Circuit with missions in Hatley, Way’s Mills, Cassville, Ayer’s Cliff, Coaticook – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Barnston, the next item

UC 048 Barnston (Stanstead County) – Barnston Methodist – Organized in 1875 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1875-1915) – see also UC 047

UC 049 Compton (Compton County) – Compton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1861 as part of the Compton Methodist Circuit which included Clifton – Martinville – Ives Hill > No Civil registers at ETRC but a Membership Register (1861-1954)

UC 050 Acton Vale (Bagot County) – Acton Vale CircuitMethodist – Organized in 1898 as a Circuit Ministry which included the preaching points of Acton Vale – Acton – Bethany – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1915-1927)

UC 051 Leeds (Megantic County) – Leeds UnitedPresbyterian  – Organized in 1854 as part of the Leeds Presbyterian which included three preaching points: Leeds Village (Leeds Presbyterian), Lemesurier (Reid’s Presbyterian) and Kinnear’s Mills (Candlish Presbyterian) – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1882-1914 & 1928-1942) – Church Memberships (1882-1944)

UC 052 East Clifton (Compton County) – East Clifton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1860 – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Eaton

UC 053Mansonville (Brome County) – Mansonville UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1873 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1873-2002) Church Memberships (1874-1983)

UC 054 Inverness (Megantic County) – St. Andrews UnitedMethodist Presbyterian – Organized in 1832 as Inverness Methodist which was part of the Inverness Circuit, which included missions in Upper Ireland – Lower Ireland – Leeds – New Ireland – Kinnear’s Mills – Belcher Range – Walsh’s Hamilton Range – Adderly – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1864-1899) Membership Registers (1850s-1893)

UC 055 Randboro (Compton County) – Randboro UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1887 – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Sawyerville

UC 056 Chester (Megantic) – Mission Unie de lÉglise Unie aux Saint Martyrs Canadiens Presbyterian – Organized in 1896 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1895-1975)

UC 057 Maple Leaf (Compton County) – Maple Leaf Methodist – Organized in the 1850s, this church was part of the Sawyerville Methothist Circuit – Maple Leaf Methodist closed its doors in 1929 – No Civil registers at ETRC, see Sawyerville

UC 058 Minton (Stanstead County) – Minton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1894 as part of the Minton Methodist Circuit, which included Minton – Reeds – Belvidere – Albert Mines – Eustis – No Civil registers at ETRC – Membership Registers (1898-1936)

UC 059 Lingwick Gould (Compton County) – Chalmers UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in 1845 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1849-1890)

UC 060 Agnes Lake Megantic (Frontenac County) – Agnes Methodist – Organized in 1883 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1894-1909) Membership Registers (1894-1906)

UC 061 Farnham (Missisquoi County) – Grace United Methodist – Organized in 1856 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1856-1968) Membership Registers (1860-1975)

UC 062 Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Église Missionnaire Méthodiste FrançaiseMethodist – Organized in 1875 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1875-1888)

UC 063 Bishopton Bishops Crossing (Wolfe County) –Bishopton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1860 as part of the Dudswell Methodist Ministry  Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1924 & 1967) – Church Memberships (1919-1976)

UC 064 Farnham’s Corner (Missisquoi County) – Farnhams Corner UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1843 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1963-1968)

UC 065 West Brome (Brome County) – West Brome United > Methodist – Organized in 1856 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1888-1925) Membership Registers (1884-1921)

UC 066 Thetford Mines (Megantic County) – Thetford Mines UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1905 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1905-1946)

UC 067 Boyntown (Stanstead County) – Boynton UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1892 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Committees (1892-1907 & 1916-1932) – see Stanstead

UC 068Lawrenceville (Shefford County) – Lawrenceville Methodist – Organized in 1871 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Membership Registers (1871-1905)

UC 069 East Roxton (Shefford County) – Église Méthodiste Française de Roxton – Organized in 1856 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1877-1915)

UC 070 East Farnham (Missisquoi County) – East Farnham UnitedCongregationalist New Connexion Methodist Baptist Anglican – Organized in 1843 as East Farnham Union Church. It was used by Free Will Baptists – Wesleyan New Connexion Methodists – Anglicans – Baptists – Congregationalists – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1889-1992 & 1897-1927 & 1955-1983)

UC 071 Erie (Wolfe County) – Erie UnitedMethodist – Organized 1890 as part of the Methodist Missions of Erie – Marbleton – Bishop’s Crossing (Bishopton) – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1896-1959)

UC 072 Warden (Shefford County) – Warden UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1861 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1897-1971)

UC 073 Windsor (Richmond County) – St. Andrews UnitedPresbyterian & Methodist – Organized in 1859 as the Presbyterian Free Kirk in Lower Windsor – In 1867 the Presbyterian Church and Methodist Church were organized in Windsor Mills – In 1925, all became St. Andrew’s United – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1876-1981) Membership Registers (1867-1942) Board Members (1867-1984)

UC 074 Richmond Melbourne (Richmond County) – Richmond & Melbourne UnitedPresbyterian – Methodist – Organized in 1836 and in 1939 with the amalgamation of Richmond Methodist – Melbourne Methodist – Chalmers Presbyterian of Melbourne the congregation became Richmond & Melbourne United – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1836-1994) – Membership Registers (1942-1970) – Board Members (1887-1972 & 1901-2000)

UC 075 Melbourne Ridge (Bagot County) – Melbourne Ridge United – Organized in 1837 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Membership Registers (1880s-1957)

UC 076 Abercorn (Brome County) – Abercorn UnitedMethodist – Presbyterian – Congregationalist – Baptist – Organized in 1870, the Methodists belonged to the Union Church Society of Abercorn with the Methodists-New Connexion, the Congregationalists, the Presbyterians and the Baptists – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1901-1955)

UC 077Danville (Richmond County) – Congregational Church of Danville – Organized in 1832, this fond contain the personal documents of Rev. Ammi J. Parker, the leader of the Congregationalist movement in the Eastern Townships in the early 1830’s. It deals with the various missions and churches established by Rev. Parker – No Civil registers at ETRC – Missionary Work (1820s-1870s)

UC 078 Heathton South Barnston (Stanstead County) Heathton UnitedMethodist – Established in 1898 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1898-1953 & 1971)

UC 079Brigham (Brome County) – Brigham UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1873 by Congregational ministers from Cowansville – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1888-1983) – Church Boards (1867-1997)

UC 080Kingsbury (Richmond County) – St. Andrew’s UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in the 1850s – In 1885 it was part of the Melbourne Charge along with Knox Church in Brompton-Gore (also known as Flodden) – In 1879 St. Andrew’s Kingsbury and Knox Brompton-Gore were united into one charge – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1880-1956) – Church Memberships (1930s-1970s)

UC 081Trenholm (Drummond County) – Trenholm United – Methodist – Organized in 1845 – No Civil Registers at ETRC – see Melbourne – Board Members (1845-1902 & 1898-1922)

UC 082Cowansville-Dunham (Missisquoi County) – Cowansville-Dunham Pastoral Charge – Organized in 1950 – No Civil Registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1956-1971)

UC 083Cowansville – (Missisquoi County) – Cowansville Area Pastoral Charge – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1968-1993) – Membership Registers (1972-1978)

Guide to fonds in alphabetical sequence

 Abbotsford (Rouville County) – #UC-029 – Congregational – Methodist (United)

Abercorn (Brome County) – #UC-076 – Union Church – Methodist – Congregational – Presbyterian – Baptist

Acton (Bagot County) – #UC-050 – see Acton Vale Circuit Methodist

Acton Vale (Bagot County)- #UC-050 – Methodist Circuit Ministry with preaching point in Acton, Bethany

Adderley – Inverness Township(Megantic County) – #UC-054 – Inverness Methodist Circuit

Adderley – Inverness Township (Megantic County) – #PC-019 – Presbyterian Church

Agnes (Lake Megantic) – (Frontenac County) – #UC-060 – Methodist

Albert Mine (Stanstead County) – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Asbestos (Richmond County) – #UC-046 – Methodist (United)

Asbestos Danville (Richmond County) – #PC-007– Presbyterian

Asbestos Danville (Richmond County) – #UC-020 Congregational (Federated Church)

Austin (Brome County) – #UC-037 – Methodist (United)

Ayers Cliff (Stanstead County) – #UC-016 – Union Church – Methodist – Adventist – Anglican – United

Ayers Cliff (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 & #UC-047– Ayer’s Cliff & Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Ayers Flat (Stanstead County) – #UC-016 – Union Church – United

Barnston (Stanstead County) – #UC-011 & #UC-047 & #UC-048 – Methodist – Episcopalian – United

Beauce County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery -Eastern Region

Beebe (Stanstead County) – #UC-007 – Methodist

Belcher Range (Megantic County) – #UC-054 – Inverness Methodist Circuit

Belvidere (Belvedere) – Stanstead County – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Bethany (Bagot County) – #UC-050 – see Acton Vale Circuit Methodist

Birchton (Compton County) – #UC-017 & #UC-027 – Union Church – Methodist – Baptist – Congregational – Anglican – United

Bishopton (Bishops Crossing) (Wolfe County) – #UC-063 – Dudswell Methodist Circuit

Bolton Centre (Brome County) – #UC-037 – Methodist – United

Boynton (Stanstead County) – #UC-067 – Congregational

Bulwer (Compton County) – #UC-026 & #UC-027– Methodist

Bury (Compton County) – #UC-018 Methodist – United

Capelton (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-005 Methodist – United

Cassville (Stanstead County) – see Way’s Mills #UC-047

Chester (Megantic County) – #UC-056 – Presbyterian

Clifton (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-049 – Methodist

Coaticook (Stanstead County) – #UC-019 & #UC-047 – Methodist – United

Coaticook (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 – Ayer’s Cliff & Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Compton (Compton County) – #UC-011 & #UC-049– Methodist – Episcopalian (United) & Compton Methodist Circuit Ministry with preaching points in Clfton, Martinville, Ives Hill

Compton County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Cookshire (Compton County) – #UC-030 – Methodist – United

Cowansville (Missisquoi County) – #UC-031 – Congregational – Methodist – United

Danville Asbestos (Richmond County) – #PC-007– Presbyterian

Danville Asbestos (Richmond County) – #UC-020 & #UC-077 Congregational – Federated Church

Drummond County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery St. Francis District

Drummondville (Drummond County) – #UC-042 – United

Dudswell (Wolfe County) – #UC-063 – Methodist

Dunham (Missisquoi County) – #UC-033 – Methodist – United

Durham (Drummond County) – #UC-040 – Methodist – United

East Angus (Compton County) – #UC-028 – Methodist – United

East Clifton (Compton County) – #UC-052 Methodist

East Farnham (Missisquoi County) – #UC-070 – Union Church – Methodist – Free Will Baptist – Baptist – Anglican – Congregational

Eaton (Compton County) – #UC-025– Congregational

Eaton (Compton County) – #UC-027– Methodist

Erie (Wolfe County) – #UC-071 – Methodist

Eustis (Stanstead County) – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Farnham (Missisquoi County) – #UC-061 – Methodist

Farnhams Corner (Missisquoi County) – #UC-064 – Methodist

Fitch Bay (Stanstead County) – #UC-034 – Congregational – Methodist

Flodden (Richmond County) – #PC-012 – Presbyterian – Free Church

Foster (Shefford County) – #UC-036 – Baptist – United

Frontenac County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Georgeville (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 – Ayer’s Cliff – Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Georgeville (Stanstead County) – #UC-032 – Methodist – United

Gould (Compton County) – #PC-016 & #UC-059– Presbyterian

 Granby (Shefford County) – #UC-008 – Congregational – United

Granby (Shefford County) – #UC-012 – Methodist – United

Hampden (Compton County) – #PC-005 Presbyterian

Hatley (Stanstead County) – #UC-011 & #UC-014 & #UC-047 – Methodist – Episcopalian – United

Heathton (Stanstead County) – #UC-078- Methodist

Inverness (Megantic County) – #PC-015 – Presbyterian

Inverness (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit Ministry with preaching points in Upper Ireland – Lower Ireland – Leeds – New Ireland – Kinnear’s Mills – Belcher Range – Walsh’s Hamilton Range – Adderly.

Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 – Methodist

Island Brook (Compton County) – #UC-038 – Methodist (United)

Ives Hill (Compton County) – #UC-049 – Compton Methodist Circuit Ministry

Jersey Mills (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

Johnville (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-005 Methodist – United

Kennebec Road (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

Kinnears Mills (Megantic County) – #PC-017 & #UC-045 & #UC-051 – Presbyterian & Leeds Presbyterian Circuit Ministry

Kinnears Mills (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Knowlton (Brome County) – #UC-009 – Methodist

Lake Megantic (Agnes) (Frontenac County) – #PC-003 & #UC-035 & #UC-060– Presbyterian – Methodist (United)

Lawrenceville (Shefford County) – #UC-068 – Methodist

Leeds Village (Megantic County) – #PC-017 & #UC-045 & #UC-051– Presbyterian & Leeds Presbyterian Circuit Ministry with preaching points in Leeds Village, Lemesurier, Kinnear’s Mills

Leeds Village (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054– Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Lemesurier (Megantic County) – #PC-017 & #UC-045 & #UC-051 – Presbyterian & Leeds Presbyterian Circuit Ministry

Lennoxville (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-005 – Methodist – United

Lingwick (Compton County) – #UC-059 – Presbyterian

 Lotbinière County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Lower Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Magog (Stanstead County) – #UC006 Methodist

Magog (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 Ayer’s Cliff – Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Flatt – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Mansonville (Brome County) – #UC-053 – Methodist – United

Maple Leaf (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-057 – Methodist & Sawyerville Methodist Circuit

Marlow (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

Marsboro (Frontenac County) – #PC-002 Presbyterian

Martinville (Compton County) – #UC-049 – Compton Methodist Circuit Ministry

Melbourne (Richmond County) – #PC-010 & #PC-011 – Presbyterian

Megantic County – #UC-023 Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Melbourne (Richmond County) – #UC-074 – Presbyterian & Methodist

Melbourne Ridge (Bagot County) – #UC-075 – United

Milan (Frontenac County) – #PC-006 – Presbyterian

Minton (Stanstead County) – #UC-005 & #UC-058 – Methodist (United) & Minton Methodist Circuit with preaching points in Minton – Reeds – Belvidere (Belvedere) – Albert Mines – Eustis

New Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

 North Hatley (Stanstead County) – #UC-013 – United

North Plain (Stanstead County) – #UC-039 – Union Church – Congregational – Methodist – Episcopalian – Baptist – United

North Stanstead (Stanstead County) – #UC-034 – Congregational – United

Plymouth (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-001 & #UC-004 Congregational

Plymouth (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-004 – Unitarian

Randboro (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-055 – Methodist

Reeds (Stanstead County) – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Richmond (Richmond County) – #PC-014 & #UC-074 – Presbyterian & Methodist

Richmond County#UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery St. Francis District

Rock Island (Stanstead County) – #UC-039 – Congregational – United

Roxton (Shefford County) – #UC-069 – Methodist

Sawyerville (Compton County) – #PC-009 – Quebec Presbytery

Sawyerville (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-057 – Methodist & Sawyerville Methodist Circuit

 Scotstown (Compton County) – #PC-001 & #UC-015- Presbyterian (United)

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #PC-008 & #UC-062 – Presbyterian

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-001 & #UC-002 & UC-004– Congregational

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-003 – Sangster – United

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-004 Unitarian

Sherbrooke County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery – St. Francis District

South Barnston (Stanstead County) – #UC-078 – Methodist

South Stukely (Shefford County) – #UC-036 – Methodist – United

Stanstead (Stanstead County) – #UC-011 – Methodist – Episcopalian – United

Stanstead County #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery St. Francis District

Stanstead South (Stanstead County) – #UC-039 – Congregational – United

St. Francis District – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery for the Region of St. Francis – Saint-Francois

St. George (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

St. Sylvestre (Sylvester) (Lotbinière County) – #PC-018 – Presbyterian

St. Sylvestre (Sylvester) (Lotbinière County) – #UC-044 – Methodist

Sutton (Brome County) – #UC-041 – Methodist – United

Thetford Mines (Megantic County) – #UC-066 – Methodist

Tomifobia (Stanstead County) – #UC-043 – Methodist – United

Ulverton (Drummond County) – #UC-040 – Congregational – Methodist – United

Upper Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Walshs Hamilton Range (Megantic County) – #UC-054 Inverness Methodist Circuit Ministry

Warden (Shefford County) – #UC-072 – Methodist

Waterloo (Shefford County) – #UC-021– Methodist – Anglican – United

Waterville (Compton County) – #UC-022 – Congregational – United

Ways Mills (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 – Ayer’s Cliff – Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Ways Mills (Stanstead County) – #UC-047 – Union Church – Baptist – Crises Adventist – Herald Adventist – Methodist (The Methodist churches were part of Barnston Methodist Circuit with preaching points in Hatley – Way’s Mills – Casscille – Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook)

West Brome (Brome County) – #UC-065 – Methodist

Windsor (Richmond County) – #UC-073 Presbyterian

Windsor Mills (Richmond County) – #UC-073 – Presbyterian & Methodist

Winslow (Compton County) – #PC-004 – Presbyterian

Yamaska County#UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Yamaska Region

Compiled by Jacques Gagné   2016-03-10


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