Premiere Nation Malecite de Viger

Maliseet Viger First Nation

Maliseet Viger First Nation / Première Nation Malécite de Viger

A people who are still residing in 2021 in Lower St. Lawrence – Bas Saint-Laurent, Western New Brunswick at the junction with the Maine / Quebec borders, Northwestern Maine at same USA-Canada border.

A number of First Nation families resisted living among the  families in traditional First Nation Reserves organized by the Federal Government and the Quebec Government. This was the main reason, why so many villages, towns, and cities are listed in the links.

They are a peaceful people who fully integrated with the descendants of European nations  who had settled in said Lower St. Lawrence, Northwestern Maine and Western New Brunswick.

Example: In this database the following link on page 14 for Saint-Mathias-de-Cabano  – consists of 4 pages of lists of baptisms, marriages and deaths.

There are many  pages like the example above  which also contain lists of baptism, marriages and deaths for the parish wherever the https://numerique… followed by Documents online is indicated.

Click the above link and open in a new window.

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