Overview of jacques’ recent databases

Overview of Jacques’ Recent Databases

The tragic cholera epidemic of 1832 in lower canada | Genealogy Ensemble
How Canada coped with the epidemic as told by various authors
The last in a series of information by archivist at ETRC, BanQ and Anglican Archives
This database contains information on forts in Canada by Ernest Voorhis in 1930
France and NOuvelle-France – 1604 -1759 | Genealogy Ensemble
This database contains the names of pioneer families and their origins in France  
french canadian and Acadian Family lineage in Quebec | Genealogy Ensemble
Many of the Acadians who were deported settled in Quebec, by numerous authors
  french forts and fur trading 1564- 1759 | Genealogy Ensemble
This database contains lists of Archives, Historical societies, Museums, Publisher  pertaining to forts and fur traders in New France
  french forts and trading posts of New france | Genealogy Ensemble
This database contains lists of Archives, Historical societies, Museums,
  Slavery in British Quebec and Lower Canada | Genealogy Ensemble
A list of books written on slavery in Quebec
  Sheriff Sales in Lower Canada from 1783  BAnQ Advitam / BAnQ Numérique
Contains information on Landowners 1783-1854, British Developers, British America Land Co.  
A Useful Reference List | Genealogy Ensemble InformationLists, archives, biographies, associations, publishers and universities
Catholic Parish Registers- Auvergne – Bearn – Gascogne – guyenne 17th-18th centuries
Catholic Parish Registers in Alsace – Artois – Champagne – Flandre – Lorraine – Picardie
Catholic Parish Registers in Angoumois – Aunis – Limousin – Marche – Périgord – Saintonge
Catholic Parish Registers of Paris and Ile de France | Genealogy Ensemble

Researching Church records in the 92  departementales in France

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