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The Seigneuries and Townships of Beauce, Bellechasse, Dorchester and Lotbinière

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The region south of the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and the U.S. border is a tranquil area of forests and farmland. The main highway hugs the shore of the broad St. Lawrence, crossing tributaries such as the Chaudière River, and the land rises gently to the south into the Appalachian Mountains. Today, this area is known as the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Quebec.

The region has a long history of human habitation. Before the 1600s, the people of the Abenaki First Nation lived here. The French founded Quebec City in 1608 and started to grant large tracts of land called seigneuries to aristocrats and military officers. Each seigneury was long and narrow so it could border the St. Lawrence River, the only transportation corridor. Most of the early Europeans were men, including soldiers and fur traders, and the population remained small. In 1663, women arrived in the colony, chose husbands and started families. The population of New France grew quickly.

In 1759, the British defeated the French at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, and a new era of British rule began. Chaudière-Appalaches saw many new settlers arrive from England, Scotland and Ireland, and for the most part they got along well with their French-speaking neighbours. Today, the area remains primariiy French-speaking.

This 59-page guide in PDF format is designed to help you find the records of people who lived in this region. Click on this link to access the PDF:

The_Seigneuries of Beauce Lotbiniere Dorchester and Bellechasse


  1. 1 Information on the seigneurs who owned much of the land, including the Lotbinière and Taschereau families.
  2. 5 Descriptions and histories of the region’s seigneuries.
  3. 20 Descriptions of the area’s townships, which were established by the British and date from the 1790s and 1800s. This guide includes links to the churches and cemeteries in these townships.
  4. 27 Descriptions and history of the counties in the region, including when they were created and how they were named and settled.
  5. 30 Towns that changed names over the last 240 years. If the town where your ancestor lived had different names over the years, this will help you identify it.
  6. 44 A list of regional cemeteries in each county or municipality.
  7. 45 Notaries prepared a variety of legal documents for their clients, including land transfers, wills and business agreements. The list of notaries shows where each one worked, the years he practiced and the location of his records at the archives today.
  8. 59 Contact information for the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec in Quebec City.
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Notaries of Lower Canada 1760-1848

If your ancestors lived in Quebec in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, you can discover a great deal about them from the records of their land transactions, wills, marriage contracts, apprenticeships and other documents that were prepared by notaries.

The key to researching these documents is to find the notary your ancestor hired — not an easy task since so many notaries practiced in Quebec over these three centuries. But if your ancestor’s first language was English or a language other than French, the search might be easier. Many notaries practiced in French only.

The PDF link at the bottom of this introduction will take you to a relatively short list of notaries who practiced between 1760 and 1848, roughly the period when Quebec was known as Lower Canada and was under British rule. These notaries prepared documents for residents who were of British, Scottish, Irish and American origin (both Loyalists and non-Loyalists), as well as people with Germanic, Dutch or Scandinavian roots. In addition, they served Huguenots who had lived in England before coming to Canada.

Notarial records are stored in the archives of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), and you can find them either online or on microfilm at the various branches of the archives.

The BAnQ has 10 repositories across the province, the largest being in Montreal and Quebec City. The others locations are in Sherbrooke, Trois Rivières and other smaller cities. The larger a BAnQ repository is, the smaller the online content of notarial acts because members of the public can more easily visit the big city archives in person. That means that, if your ancestor used the services of a notary in Gaspé, for example, his records are more likely to be online than if the notary was based in Quebec City.

At least 70% of the documents written and recorded by notaries in Quebec are available online. The main online repositories are:  BAnQ online – Drouin Collection of notarial acts – BAnQ Collection of notarial acts – BAnQ Collection of notarial acts (different years than the BAnQ online database of notarial acts) – Quebec Genealogy (Drouin Institute online)

There is a list of notaries on the BAnQ website at

You can search for a notary by place and browse his indexes by year. Starting with these indexes might be a good strategy, especially if the notary did not have a very busy practice, or if you know approximately what year your ancestor married, died or made a business agreement.

The URL takes you to another list. If a notary on this list has an asterisk, clicking on the name will allow you to view his documents on the BAnQ website.

PDF:  Notaries of Quebec and Lower Canada 1760-1848

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The Irish of Frampton, Quebec

Irish immigrants to the province of Quebec arrived at the port of Quebec City from the earliest days of the 19th century. From there, the British authorities began the process of allocating lands to these mostly poor Irish settlers. Some went to Montreal, where many of the men were hired to work on big construction projects such as the Lachine Canal in the early 1820s. Others settled in small hamlets in Portneuf, Lotbinière, Drummond, Gaspé, Huntingdon, Chateauguay, Joliette, Maskinongé, Montcalm, Napierville, Richmond and Deux Montagnes counties, as well as in the Ottawa Valley region. Many Irish Protestants moved further west, to Upper Canada.

Marianna O’Gallagher (1929-2010) wrote numerous books about the Irish of Quebec, and one of her texts inspired Rev. John A. Gallagher to write St. Patrick’s ParishQuebec. This article recalls the communal life of the Irish Catholic families of Quebec City before their final departures to various communities across the province. You can find this article online at

The region of Frampton, in Dorchester County, was the site of one of the earliest rural settlements of Irish Catholic families in Quebec. Today, Frampton is in a beautiful area known as the Beauce, south of Quebec City, and the community is almost completely French-speaking, but 150 years ago things were very different. You will find a 62-page text entitled Irish Life in Rural Quebec: a history of Frampton, by Patrick M. Redmond, online at It includes the names of many individuals, as well as statistics, extensive footnotes and a bibliography.

The Frampton Irish Website,, written by Dennis McLane, includes a database of more than 12,000 names. This database has also been posted to the public member trees section of Irish Needles, McLane’s three-volume history of the Frampton Irish, is available from These three books are:

Volume I – Irish Needles: The History of the Frampton Irish – 245 pages – 3,600 families – 13,200 people > $20 US

Volume II – Genealogy Compendium of the Frampton Irish, A-K – 405 pages > $25 US

Volume III – Genealogy Compendium of the Frampton Irish. L-Z – 389 pages > $25 US

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The Channel Islanders of Eastern Quebec

Société de généalogie et d’histoire de Rimouski


The shores of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula, the Magdalen Islands, the North Shore of the Saint Lawrence River and an area of New Brunswick were settled by newcomers from the Channel Islands as early as the 1700s. The Channel Islands include Jersey and Guernsey and lie between Normandy in France and the southern coast of England. The immigrants to Canada were mainly men who came to work in the cod fishery and in shipbuilding enterprises run by entrepreneurs such as Jersey-born Charles Robin and the Janvrin brothers. They married local girls and started families.

Between 1998 and 2005, genealogist Marcel R. Garnier studied these families extensively and published a series of articles about them in the periodical l’Estuaire Généalogique, published by the Société de généalogie et d’histoire de Rimouski.

Garnier died in 2006 and his sister, Claudette Garnier ( is the administrator of her late brother’s research material.

The Gaspé Jersey Guernsey Association ( will conduct family lineage searches for a fee. Contact Suzanne Mauger, president, 418-752-6110. Copies of these magazines are also kept in the library of the Quebec Family History Society in Pointe Claire, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal,

Here are Jersey and Guernsey family names mentioned in Garnier’s articles:

Item # Estuaire 64 – 1997Les Jersiais et les Guernesiais de Gaspésie et des Iles-de-la-MadeleineChannel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled in the regions of Gaspé & the Magdalen Islands – Pages 82 to 88 – Author : Marcel R. GarnierFamilies : Ahier, Alexandre, Ascah, Bailey, Bannier, Bartlert, Bechervaise, Becquet, Bichard, Binet, Bisson, Blackler, Bourgaize, Brehault, Briard, Brien, Brideaux,, Brouard, Cabot, Carrell, Cawley, Clough, Collas, Corbet, Coutanches, Delisle, Dennys, Dolbel, Domaille, Dorey, Du Haume, Dumaresq, Dupreuil, Eden, Ellis, Esnouf, Fairchild, Falle, Fruing, Galliard, Gallichan, Garris (de), Gaudin, Gavey, Godfrey, Gruchy (de), Guignon, Hamon, Handy, Horner, Hotton, Hounsell, Hué, Ingrouville, Janvrin, Jean, Jersey (de), La Marre (de), Langlois, La Perelle (de), Le Four, Le Huray, Le Mesurier, Le Montais Gruchy, Sainte-Croix (de) – Spouses : Alexander, Annett, Ascah, Baker, Baldwin, Bartlett, Bechervaise, Bichard, Blackhall, Boulay, Bray, Carcaud, Clarke, Côté, Coutanches, Couvert, de Gruchy, de Moulpied, Denis, Dion, Eden, Ellis, Flocchart, Fournier, Gasnier, Gaumont, Gavey, Giffard, Gruchy, Haley, Hamilton, Hennessy, Henry-Blampied, Jacques, Janvrin, Jouan, Lacques, Langlois, Le Cornu, Le Four, Lemesurier, Lenfesty. Le Feuvre, Le Grand, Le Huguet, Le Huquet, Le Huray, Le Mesurier, Lemesurier, Lerhe, Létourneau, Le Touzel, Luce, Marion, McCall, McGrath, Morin, Nixon, Ouellet, Pelletier, Priaux, Price, Pruing, Ramsden, Rideout, Roberts, Rose, Salter, Sarre, Savidant, Suddard-Davis, Tapp, Todvin (Tostevin), Tourgis, Touzel, Weary, West, White – 88 male immigrants from Jersey & Guernsey in addition to 92 spouses

Item # Estuaire 65 – 1998Les Jersiais et les Guernesiais de Gaspésie et des Iles-de-la-Madeleine Channel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled in the regions of Gaspé & the Magdalen Islands – Pages 4 to 9 – Author : Marcel R. GarnierFamilies : Journeau, Laffoley, Lamprière-Marett, Langford, Langlois, Le Bail, Le Bas, Leboutillier, Lebrun, Lechasseur, Lecornu, LeDain, LeDuc, Lee, Le Four, Le Garignon, Leggo, Legros, Le Guédard, Le Houillier, Le Huquet, Le Huray, Le Lacheur, Lelièvre, Le Maistre, Le Marquand, Le Masurier, Le Messurier, Le Mesurier, Le Mottée, Lenfesty, Le Prévost, Le Sauteur, Le Seeleur (Lescelleur), Le Templier, Le Touzel, Luce, Machon, Marett, Mauger, Minchinton, Mollet, Moulin (Mullin), Noel, Ozanne, Perchard, Pike, Pinel, Pipon, Piton, Priaux, Price, Queripel, Rabey, Robert, Roberts, Ropert, Rose, Roy, Salmon (Salomon), Salter, Sauvage (Savage), Savidant, Shaw, Simon, Slous, Skroeder, Snowman, Thelland, Tourgis, Tupper, Vautier, Vibert, Vigot, Wilson – Spouses : Arthur, Ascah, Averty, Bartlett, Beattie, Bellerive (Couture), Bichard, Bisson, Boone, Bourgaize, Bower, Boyle, Brouard, Burt, Cabot, Caron, Carter, Chevalier, Chiasson, Clark, Coffin, Collas, Coulombe, Couture (Bellerive) Cramahé, de Gaspé, de Gruchy, de La Perelle, Des Garris, Driscoll, Esnouf, Fitzpatrick, Fougère, Gallichan, Gauvreau, Gibbins, Glover, Halley, Hamon, Handy, Henley, Hoyles, Hyman, Kennedy, Killam, Laffoley, Lambert, Le Boutiller, Le Four, Le François, Legros, Le Lacheur, Leggo, Lemarquand, Le Mesurier, Lenfesty, Lepelly, Leruez, Le Touzel, Lockhard, Locket, Machon, Mauger, Mc Callum, Mc Kenzie, Minchinton, Nesbitt, Nicolle, Ozanne, Pendergast, Perry, Pirouet, Poingdestre, Poirier, Priaux, Rabey, Rail, Robert, Roberts, Robin, Rose, Russell, Salter, Simon de Gaspé, Stanley, Stuart, Sweeney, Synnott, Syvret, Taylor, Thompson, Tourgis, Trudel, Vincent, White, Williamson – 111 male immigrants from Jersey & Guernsey in addition to 112 spouses.


Item # Estuaire 70 – 1999Les Anglo-Normands de la région de La Malbaie en Gaspésie The Channel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled in the region of Malbaie in Gaspé County – Pages 41 to 46 – Author : Marcel R. GarnierFamilies : Agnes, Alexander, Alexandre, Amy, Barette, Becquet, Binet, Bertram, Boucher, Bower, Briard, Burman, Cabot, Cadoret, Carrel, Collas, Coombs, Couls, Creighton, Dallain, de Carteret, de Garris, de La Haye, de La Perelle, de Mouilpied, Devouges, Dorviss (Gossett), Dufeu, Esnouf, Fauvel, Gasnier, Girard, (Gérard), Gossett (Dorviss), Guillaume, Hacquoil, Hammon, Hamon, Hocquard, Hotton, Hubert, Ingrouville, Johnston, Kinsella, Langlais, Laurens, Le Bail, Leblancq, Le Boutillier, Lebrun, Le Coq, Le Couteur, Le Dain, Le Gresley, Le Gros, Lehre, Le Lacheur, Lelièvre, Lemaistre, Le Marquand, Le Masurier dit Mellon, Le Mesurier, LeMontais, Le Mottée, Lepage, Le Patourel, Lequesne, Le Roy, Letouzel, Levesconte, Mabille (Mabe), Machon, Marion, Mauger, Misson, Morrisson, Nicolle, Olivier, Pabasse, Parrée, Payne, Piton, Prével, Powell, Price, Raddley-Walters, Rebindaine, Richardson, Robin, Savage, Ste-Croix, Syborn, Syvret, Touzel, Tupper, Vardon, Vautier, Vibert, Wales, Walters – Spouses : Alexandre, Athot-Forsyth, Beck, Bond, Boyle, Briand, Bunton-Cass, Cabot, Carter, Cassivi, Chicoine, Clark, Cunning, Cyr, David, De Moulpied, Donahue, Doody, Doucet, Dumaresq, Element, Etesse, Francis, Gauthier, Girard, Hamon-Dumaresq, Hardy, Hayden, Hayden-Vardon, Hazelton, Henley, Hotton, Howell, Ingrouville, Johnston, Kennedy, Laffoley, Lamb, Lamy, Lebel, Le Boutillier, Lebrun, Le Cocq, Le Couvet, Legrand, Le Gresley, Le Maistre, Le Marquand, Le Mottée, Lenfesty, Le Page, Lucas, Mc Leay, Mc Carthy, Mc Kenzie, Mc Pherson-Buckley, Miller, Misson, Nicolle, Ogier, Packwood, Perrée, Poingdestre, Priaux, Pruing, Radley-Walters, Rail, Sainte-Croix, Samson, Simard, Suddard, Tapp, Tapp-Lucas, Touzel, Trudel, Vardon, Vautier, Vicaire, Withers, Wright – 131 male immigrants from Jersey & Guernsey in addition to 122 spouses


Item # Estuaire 72 – 1999Les Anglo-Normands en Gaspésie dans la région de PercéThe Channel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled in the region of Percé in Gaspé County – Pages 103 to 110 & 115 to 116 – Author : Marcel R. GarnierFamilies : Agnes, Ahier, Alexandre, Amy, Annet, Arnold, Aubert, Aubin, Baker, Balleine, Baptiste, Bauche, Baudains, Becquet, Bennett, Bertram, Biard, Bisson, Bossy, Bourgaize, Bower, Brideaux, Brochet, Le Brun, Bunton, Burman, Butlin, Cabot, Camiot, Carcaud, Caudey (Cody), Couilliard, Robin-Dane, De Caen, De Carteret, De Gruchy, De La Cour, De La Perelle, De Moulpied, De Quetteville, Des Reaux, De Veuille, Dufeu, Dumaresq, Duval, Fainton, Fauvel, Filleul (Fyall), Fiott, Fowler, Fruing, Fyott, Gale, Gallichan, Gaudin, Gibaut, Giffard, Godfrey, Gossett, Grindin, Gregory, Gruchy, Gunhall, Hamon, Hardeley, Hacquoil, Henry, Héraux, Hubert, Hué, Huelin, Hughes, Janvrin, Jean, Journeau, Laffoley, Langlois, Laurens, L’Aventure, Le Bas, Leblancq, Lebouthillier, Le Breton, Le Brocq, Le Brun, Le Cocq, Le Cornu, Le Couteur, Le Crinnier, Le Dain, Le Feuvre, Leggo, Le Grand, Le Gresley, Le Gros, Le Gruiek, Le Huray, Lelièvre (Lever), Lenfesty, Le Rossignol, Le Roux, Le Ruez, Le Sueur, Lever, Luce, Manning, Martel, Matthew, Mauger, Mercier, Mourant, Newberry, Nicolle, Noel, Olivier, Ollivier, Orange, Parrée (Perry), Payne, Perrée, Picot, Pinel (Picknell), Powell, Ramier, Remon, Renouf, Richardson, Robin, Robin-Daine, Romeril, Savage, Skelton, De Gruchy-Sutton, Sutton, Tardif, Tostevin, Trachy, Valpy, Vautier, Viel, Vibert, Weary, Wilson – Spouses : Arbour, Baker, Balleine, Barnes, Beaker, Beck, Bélanger, Biard, Bisson, Blackhall, Blake, Bond, Bourget, Boutin, Bower, Bree, Bunton, Butlin, Cass, Chouinard, Clark, Cloutier, Collin, Collins, Cooke, Cronier, de Carteret, de La Perelle, Desreaux, Dobson, Donahue, Dove, Driscoll, Dumaresq, Duthie, Duval, Enricht, Fauvel, Flowers, Flynn, Forsyth, Gallie, Gatain, Gaulin, Gibault, Giffard, Grenier, Hamon, Henley, Henry, Higginson, Horan, Hoyles, Hubert, Jacques, Janvrin, Jeune, Jewell, Kempfer, Laflamme, Laflamme-Chrétien, Lamb, Lambert, Langlois, Lawrence, Le Bailly, Le Bas, Leboutiller, Lebreton, Le Brocq, Le Cocq, Le Couvet, Leduc, Lee, Le Grand, Le Gresley, Lehmann, Le Huquet, Lemprière, Lenfesty, Le Touzel, Lindsay, Loisel, Lord, Lucas, Luce, Mahan, Mailloux, Mallett, Maloney, Maloney-Girard, Marett, Mauger, Mauger-Dobson, Mc Call, Mc Ginnis, Mc Neil, Mercier, Miller, Molloy, Morissey, Nicolle, Ogier, Ouellet, Packwood, Pallot, Phillippe, Pirouet, Piton, Remon, Richard, Robin, Sampson, Savage, Sheenan, Studdard, Sweeney, Ternett, Tostevin, Touzel, Travers, Trudel, Tuzo, Vardon, Vibert-Tuzo, Vickery, Williams – 216 male immigrants from Jersey & Guernsey in addition to 163 spouses.


Item # Estuaire 75 – 2000 Des Jersiais et des Guernesiais de la Baie-des-Chaleurs The Channel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled in Chaleur Bay in the Gaspé Peninsula –  Pages 84 to 93 Author : Marcel R. Garnier Families : Agnès, Ahier, Alexandre, Amy, Anez, Arnold, Arthur, Aubin, Aubin (Hoben), Baker, Balleine, Baptiste, Barette, Bauche, Baudains, Bean, Beaucamp, Bechervaise, Becquet, Bertram, Biard, Bisson, Blackmore, Blampied, Boizard, Bossy, Bott, Bouillon, Bourgaise, Bower, Bréhaut, Briard, Brideaux, Brochet, Brun (Le), Bunton, Cabot, Camiot, Carcaud, Carey, Carrel, Champion, Chantes, Chedore, Clark, Clarke, Clement, Caudey (Le) (Cody), Collas, Conway, Corbet, Corbin, Couillard, Coutanges, Dallain, Davey, De Caen, De Caux, De Faye, De Forest, Desgarris (Degarie), De Gruchy, De La Cour, De la Haye, De La Mare, De La Perelle, De Ste-Croix, Deslandes, De Veuille, Dolbel, Dubois, Du Feu, Du Haume, Dumaresq, Duval, Egré (Grey), Ennis, Esnouf, Fainton, Falle, Fallu, Fauvel, Filleul, (Fyall), Fiott (Fyott), Flannegon, Fleury, Fowler, Fruing, Gale, Gallichan, Gallie, Garnier, Gaudin, Gavey, Gibaut, Giffard, Godfrey, Gosset, Grandin, Gregory, Grenier (Garnier), Gruchy, Hacquoil – Spouses : Ahier, Alexandre, Almond, Annett, Aston, Athot, Aubin, Baker, Beaudin, Bean, Beebe, Bergeron-d’Amboise, Bertrand, Bisson, Blackhall, Boudreau, Bray, Brotherton, Butlin, Cass, Chedore, Collin, Collins, Cormier, Cyr, Day, Decaen, Deck, de Larosbil, Duguay, Duthie, Forest, Gallichan, Gallie, Gasnier, Gaudin, Gauthier, Gibeaut, Giffard, Guillot, Henley, Hocquard, Holmes, Horan, Janvrin, Journeau, Kempffer, Lambert, Landry, Laurent, Lebel, Leblanc, Leboutillier, Le Breton, Le Brocq, Le Gallais, Legrand, Le Gresley, Lemprière, Lenfesty, Le Touzel, Loisel, Lucas, Main, Mallett, Maloney, Malzard, Mauviel, Mc Grath, Mc Intyre, Mc Kenzie, Michel, Morissey, Munroe, Painchaud, Pallot, Paquette, Philippe, Picot, Poirier, Poulin, Priaux, Remon, Rochon, Rouet, Russell, Scott, Sheehan, Smith, Ste-Croix, Tostevin, Touzel, Trachy, Travers, Turnbull, Tuzo, Watt, Whittorn – 170 male immigrants from Jersey & Guernsey in addition to 126 spouses


Item – Estuaire 76 – 2000Des Jersiais et des Guernesiais de la Baie-des-ChaleursThe Channel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled in Chaleur Bay in the Gaspé Peninsula – Pages 100 to 110 & 115 to 116 – Author : Marcel R. GarnierFamilies : Hacquoi (Acou), Hacquoi (Acou & Harquail), Hamon, Hardeley, Hardy, Henry, Héraut, Hewittson, Hocquard, Holms (Holmes), Hotton, Hubert, Hué, Huelin, Jandron, Jarnet, Jean, Jenne, Jeune, Journeaux, Labey, Lamy, Langlois (Langlais), L’Arbelestier, Laurens, Laurent, L’Aventure, Lebas, Le Bas, Le Bellier, Leblancq, Le Bœuf, Le Boutillier, Le Breton, Le Brocq, Lebrun (Brown), Lebrun, Le Caux, Le Cocq, Le Cornu, Le Couillard, Le Couteur, Lecras, Le Dain, Le Feuvre, Lefevre, Le Floch, Le Galet, Le Gallais, Le Geyt, Le Grand, Le Gresley, Legros, Le Lièvre, Le Maistre, Le Marquand, Le Martree, Le Masurier, Le Moignan, Le Moignard, Le Mottee, Le Poidvin, Lequesne, Le Rossignol, Lesbirel (Lesbril), Lesbirel (Sperrell), Le Seeleur, Le Sueur, Le Templier, Le Vesconte, Lloyd, Lucas, Luce, Mallet, Malzard, Manning, Mansell, Marett, Martel, Martin, Mauger, Merry, Michel, Morin, Mourant, Mourant (Sutton), Neel, Nicolle, Normand, Norman, Olivier, Orange, Pallot, Park, Paten, Perchard, Picot, Pipon, Pirouet, Piton, Poingdestre, Powell, Prévost, Querrée, Rabasse, Rebindaine, Rimmeur (Ramier), Remon, Renault, Renouf, Riou, Rive, Robin, Romeril, Ropert, Roussel (Roussell), Roy, Sansans (Sauson), Savage, Seale, Sheppard, Skelton, Sious, Sohier, Spratt, Strong, Sutton, Syvret, Syvret (Sivrais), Tardif, Touzel, Trachy, Valpy, Vardon, Vautier, Venemont, Vibert, Vicq, Viel, Vincent, Wales, Weary, Westbrook, Wetherall, Wheaton – Spouses : Acteson, Adams, Allen, Ames, Anglehart, Arbour, Assels, Baker, Balfour, Balleine, Basset, Batson, Beaudin, Bechervaise, Beebe, Bellett, Bisson, Blais, Blampied, Blondel, Bouillon, Bossy, Boucher, Bourget, Boutin, Boyle, Caldwell, Carrel, Carter, Castilloux, Chambers, Chedore, Chiasson, Christie, Clement-Watt, Cocke, Collin, Cooke, Cormier, Couture (Bellerive), Cronier, Cyr, Day, De La Cour, de La Perelle, Doodridge, Dorey, Douglass, Dove, Dufeu, Duguay, Dumaresq, Dupuis, Duval, Element, English, Fiott, Fitzpatrick, Flowers, Foley, Forest, Gallie, Garrett, Gatain, Gaudin, Gaudreau, Gauthier, Girard, Glennan, Glover, Grenier, Hamon, Hellyer, Higginson, Hocquard, Holmes, Holms, Horth, Hotton, Huard, Huntingdon, Jenne, Jewell, Johnson, Kruze, La Brecque, Landry, Larocque, Laurent, LeBailly, Lebas, Lebrun, Le Cornu, Le Couteur, Le Gallais, Legallais, Le Grand, Lehmann, Le Huquet, Le Marchand, Le Marquand, Lemesurier, Lemoignan, Leriche, Le Touzel, Lindsay, Loisel, Mahan, Maher, Mann, Mauger, Mc Ginnis, Mc Rea, Meagher, Michel, Miller, Montgomery, Morissey, Morrissette, Munroe, Nelson, Newman, Payne, Pirouet, Piton, Pluma, Querrée, Rabasse, Robichaud. Robin, Roussy, Scott, Scott-Lindsay, Simon, Smith, Starnes, Ste-Croix, Sullivan, Sweeney, Tostevin, Tourgis, Travers, Tremblay, Trépanier, Tuzo, Valpy, Vardon, Vautier, Vicaire, Vicq, Vigneault, Ward, Weary, Whitton, Williston, Young – 296 male immigrants from Jersey & Guernsey and 195 spouses


Item # Estuaire 85 – 2003 – Des Jersiais et des Guernesiais sur la Côte-Nord du fleuve Saint-Laurent – Channel Islanders from Jersey & Guernsey who settled the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River – Pages 4 to 12 – Author : Marcel R. Garnier – Families : Agnès, Ahier, Ayerst, Bailhache, Barette, Bartram, Bechelet, Becquet, Binet, Bisson, Blampied, Bodman, Bray, Briard, Brown, Cabot, Camiot, Carcaud, Carrel (Carroll), Chevalier, Clarke, Clement, Cody (Caudy), Collas, Corbet, Corbey, Coutanches, Darby, de Caen, Degruchy, de La Haye, de la Perelle, de Quetteville, Des Champs, Devouges, Dimmick, Dorey, Duguay, Duhaume, Dumaresq, Durant, Durell, Falle, Fauvel, Fequet, Filleul, Fruing, Gallichan (Gallichon), Gallienne, Garnier, Gaudier, Gaudin, Gauthier, Girard, Godfrey, Grenier (Garnier), Grandin, Hamon (Homan), Hacquoil, Hawco, Hawkins, Hockey (Le Huquet), Hogan, Hounsell, Ingrouville, Jandron, Jarnet, Jennis, Labey, Le Blancq, Leboutillier, Le Brocq, Lebrun, Le Cocq, Le Cornu, Le Couteur, Le Dain, Lefeuvre, Lefloch, Le Gallais, Legeyt, Legrand, Legresley, Legros, Le Huquet, Le Maistre, Lemarquand, Le Marquand, Lemoignan, Lemonnier, Lemottée, Lenfesty, Lehre, Le Rossignol, Leroux, Leruez, Le Sauteur, Le Templier, Letemplier, Luce, Manning, Mansel, Martel, Mauger, Mauger (Monger), Mauger (Munger), Michel, Misson, Morel, Mourant, Newberry, Nicolle (Nichol), Noel, Olivier, Patriarche, Payne, Perrée, Perrée (Perry), Perchard, Perry, Petherick (Patriarche), Picot, Poingdestre, Pope, Prévost, Ramier, Renouf, Robert, Robin, Romeril, Salmon, Salomon, Savage, Skelton, Sutton (de Gruchy), Syvret, Syvret (Sivrais), Touzel, Trachy, Vardon, Vatcher, Vautier, Viel, Vibert, Vincent, Wheaton (Whitton) – Spouses : Anglehart, Athot, Baker, Ballam, Beaudin, Beaudoin, Beck, Beebe, Bernier, Bisson, Blais, Blampied, Bonenfant, Boulet, Boyle, Bréhaut, Buffet, Cabeldu, Cahill, Chambers, Chevalier, Chinic, Coffin, Collin, Cook, Cormier, Couture-Lamonde, Craib, Cummings, Cunning, de La Perelle, Doody, Doucet, Douglass, Duguay, Dulong, Dumaresq, Durvay, Duthie, Element, Fafard, Fixott, Flowers, Foley, Foreman, Gallichan, Gallienne, Gaudin, Gaudion, Gaumont, Gauthier, Gauvreau, Gibaut, Girard, Glenn, Gooseney, Grant, Guillemette, Hallahan, Hamilton, Hayward, Henley, Hocquard, Holms, Horan, Huard, Janvrin, Jean, Jones, Journeau, Keates, Kennedy, Landry, Langlish, Langlois, Larocque, Laurent, Lebouthillier, Leboutillier, Lebreton, Le Breton, Lebrun, Le Gallais, Legrand, Le Gresley, Lemarquand, Lemottée, Lenfesty, Letto, Levallée, Levasseur, Lilly, Loftus, Loisel, Lucas, Mailloux, Major, Mc Sweeney, Menicoll, Mercier, Michaud, Miller, Montgomery, Morency, Morrissette, Mullins, Nérée, Nickerson, Noel, O’Brien, O’Dell, Ouellet, Pagé, Paradis, Parent, Pelletier, Phillips, Piersay, Pike, Poirier, Rail, Robin, Roussy, Samson, Scott, Selesse, Sergent, Simard, Suddard-Davis, Tapp, Taylor, Thelland, Thériault, Touzel, Vallée, Vardon, Vignault, Vinacott, Walker, Whealan, Whittom, Wright – 178 male immigrants from Jersey and Guernsey and 162 spouses


Item # Estuaire 942005 – Des Jersiais et des Guernesiais au Nouveau-BrunswickChannel Islanders from Jersy & Guernsey who settled in New Brunswick – Pages 50 to 56 & 60 to 61 – Author : Marcel R. Garnier Families : Ahier, Alexandre, Amy, Amiraux, Blackler, Bosdet, Brien, Brouard, Butler (Le Bouthillier), Cabot, Chedore, Coutanges, Dayne, Desgarris (Degarie), de Gruchy, De Gruchy (De Gruchie), de La Garde, de La Perelle, de Quetteville, de Ste-Croix, Diney, Dolbel, du Fleur, Dufour, Duhamel, Dumaresq, Duval, Egré (Grey), Edwards, Ereault (Hereault), Falle, Foudrup, Fruing, Gibaut, Godfrey, Gravey, Hamon, Hamon (Hammond), Hacquail, Hacquoil, Harquail (Macquoil), Henry, Hocquard, Hubert, Huelin, Hughes, Knight, Laffoley, Laffoly, Le Bas, Le Bouthillier (Lebouthillier), Le Boutillier, Lebrocq, Le Caux, Le Couteur, Lecouteur, Lefloch, Le Furgey, Lefurgey, Le Gallais (Du Galet). Le Grand, Legresley, Legros, Le Lacheur, Le Maistre, Lemarquind, Le Marquand, Le Mesurier, Le Poidvin, Leriche, Lesueur, Letemplier, Leventure, Lie, Lloyd, Locke, Luce, Mahy, Mauger (Majer), Michel, Monet, Morel, Morris, Mourant, Nichols, Oliver, Orange, Painter, Pallot, Picot, Pirouet, Piton, Powell, Quennault (Canot), Querrée (Kerry – Carey – Querry), Rabasse, Ramier (Rimeur), Renouf, Rive, Robert, Robin, Sarre, Sheppard, Sommany, Stavidant,, Strong, Studely, Syvret (Sivret), Tardif, Thomas, Tourgis, Vaudin, Vautier, Veal (Viel), Vibert, Vicq, Vigot, Vincent, Warne, Weary, Williams, Young – Spouses : Ahier, Albert, Alexandre, Arsenault, Beebe, Bisson, Ballam, Blackhall, Blondel, Borey, Boudreau, Boutin, Boyle, Brien, Brotherton, Brown, Carter, Charleston, Chedore, Chiasson, Christie, Comeau-Baldwin), Daiguillot (Guilot), Day, de La Parelle, Duclos, Duguay, Dumaresq, Duval, Edwards, Fauvel, Fitzpatrick, Forest, Gallie, Gaudreau, Giraud, Glover, Godin, Guillot, Haché, Hains, Hamilton, Hayden, Hellyer, Higginson, Hollands, Holms, Hotton, Hubert, Huelin, Jennie, Johnson, Kruse, Landry, Langlois, Lateigne, Lawlor-Dwyer, Leblanc, Lebreton, Lebrocq, Le Gallais, Maillet, Mailloux, Mallet, Mann, Many, Mc Carthy, Mc Kay-Hubon, Mc Kenzie, Mousse, Mowatt, Newman, Newton, Nixon, O’Connor, Poulin, Prévost, Quennault (Canot), Querrée, Radley (Walters), Robichaud, Stewart, Sutherland, Thériault, Thomas, Tourgis, Vautier, Vibert (Tuzo), Vincent, Walker, Ward, Warnes, Williston, Winterflood,, Yvonne – 168 male immigrants from Jersey and Guernsey and 120 spouses 


The above research guide was researched and compiled by Jacques Gagné



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Société d’histoire et de généalogie de Rivière-du-Loup


The small city of Rivière-du-Loup, located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, dates back to 1673, when the region was given to prosperous merchant Lord Charles-Aubert de la Chesnaye. The town began to expand in the early 19th century and the population increased with the arrival of the Grand Trunk railway in 1859.

Between 1850 and 1919, the town was called Fraserville. Malcolm Fraser had been an officer in the British army that defeated the French troops at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City in 1759. Fraser stayed in Quebec following the conquest and he was put in charge of the seigneury at Rivière-du-Loup in recognition of his service on the battlefield. (See for a brief history of the Fraser family and their home.) In 1919, the town changed its name to Rivière-du-Loup.

Rivière-du-Loup’s economic base has always been agriculture and forestry, but many area residents have also worked in the transportation industry on the St. Lawrence River. The river is salty and tidal at Rivière-du-Loup and it is 24 kilometers (15 miles) wide. The city also serves as a service centre for the surrounding area. Rivière-du-Loup is in a beautiful location and its summers are cool, so it has attracted summer residents to nearby towns such as Cacouna since the mid-19th century.

The local history and genealogy society ( has produced a number of French-language brochures and books, including family histories and several publications about the railway. See

Three publications, researched and prepared by society members, provide genealogical information that may not be available elsewhere. They are:

 Des Écossais à la Rivière-du-Loup et leurs descendants – The Scots of Rivière-du-Loup and their descendants (1763-2004) – Marriages, baptisms, deaths – A book of 594 pages in the French language addressing more than 400 different family names among the churches of Rivière-du-Loup, the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River, Charlevoix, Saguenay, Lac-St-Jean Counties north of the St. Lawrence River plus the Gaspé Peninsula. The genealogist who researched this book transcribed records from the area’s Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregationalists churches. $50 + $10 shipping.

St-Patrice de Rivière-du-LoupSt. Patrick CatholicBaptisms(1813-1992)  $50 + $12 shipping.

St-Patrice de Rivière-du-LoupSt. Patrick CatholicDeaths (1813-1992) $40 + $10 shipping.

Today, the people of Rivière-du-Loup are primarily French-speaking, but many English-speaking families lived in the area in the past.Following is a list of Scottish, British and Irish families that lived in the Lower St. Lawrence region after 1763, including the present-day districts of Bellechasse, Charlevoix, Dorchester, Kamouraska, L’Islet, Matane, Montmagny, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup and Témiscouata:

Scottish, British, Irish Families of the region from 1763 onward

Adams, Achison, Alexander, Allan, Allen, Allison, Amsden, Anderson, Arbour, Archibald, Armstrong, Arthur, Atkinson, Austin, Ayton, Bagley, Bagnall, Baikie, Balfour, Ballantyne, Barr, Baron, Barron, Barry, Bartholomew, Bartley, Baxter, Beatty, Beck, Bell, Bennet (t), Berger, Bett, Birrell, Bissett, Black, Blackadder, Blackburn, Blain, Blair, Bolton, Bond, Booth, Boswell, Bower, Boyd, Boyle, Bradley, Briggs, Brogan, Brown, Bryson, Buchanan, Buck, Buist, Burgess, Burns Butchart, Butler, Caddel, Cahill, Caissy, Calway, Cameron, Campbell, Canady, Carmichael, Carr, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Cassels, Cassidy, Cavanagh, Clark, Clarke, Clement, Clerk, Clouston, Coleman, Collin, Collins, Colman, Connell, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cowan, Cowen, Cowie, Craib, Craig, Crawford, Critchton, Crockett, Croft, Crook, Cullen, Cummings, Dalton, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Day, Dewar, Dick, Dickie, Dickner, Dickson, Dillon, Dobson, Dodbridge, Doherty, Donaldson, Dougherty, Douglass, Downes, Downing, Doyle, Drisdell, Drummond, Duncan, Dunn, Easton, Edgar, Ellement, Elliott, Ellis(s), Ewen, Ferguson, Fergusson, Findlay, Ficher, Fisher, Fitzsimmons, Flack, Fletcher, Flowers, Floyd, Foote, Forbes, Forest, Forrest, Forsyth, Foster, Fox, Francis, Fraser, French, Furlong, Gallagher, Gardner, Garvie, Gathwaite (Garwiitts), Gibson, Gifford, Gilchrist, Giles, Gilklet, Gillies, Gleeson, Glenny, Godcharles, Gold, Gordon, Grant, Gray, Green, Greer, Gregory, Geig, Grey, Griffin, Hackett, Hall, Halle, Hally, Hamilton, Hammond, Handfield, Hannay, Harbour, Harcourt, Harding, Hardy, Haresson, Harkness, Harper, Harrison, Harrower, Hart, Harton, Harvey, Harvie, Haslett, Hay, Hayward, Healey, Heaslet, Henderson, Henley, Henry, Heppel, Heppell, Herdman, Hibbard, Hill, Hins, Hodgson, Hogg, Holdron, Hoff, Holt, Holmes, Hope, Horner, Hould, Hovington, Howden, Howe, Hudson, Hume, Hunter, Hurley, Hutchison, Irvine, Irving, Jackson, Jacob, Jamieson, Jarvis, Jeffery, Jenkins, Jennis, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jopsing, Kack, Keighan, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenney, Kerr, Kidd, King, Kirby, Knox, Krieber, Lamb, Lane, Lang, Langis, Laurenson, Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Leach, Lee, Leggatt, Leitch, Leith, Lemesurier, Lever, Lewis, Lindsay, Lister, Litch, Lock, Lockhead, Long, Loof, Lord, Lucas, MacAllum, McBean, MacCarron, McCleary, McClintock, MacClure, McClure, MacConnell, McConnell, MacCourt, McCourt, McCraw, MacCutcheon, McCutcheon, MacDermott, McDermott, MacDonald, McDonald, MacDonell, McDonell, MacDougall, McDougall, MacEwen, McEwen, McEwing, MacFadden, McFadden, MacFarlane, MacFarquhar, MacGee, McGee, MacGowan, McGowan, MacGrath, McGrath, MacGregor, McGregor, MacGuire, McGuire, MacHenry, McHenry, MacHugh, McHugh, MacIntosh, McIntosh, MacIntyre, McIntyre, MacKay, McKay, MacKel, MacKelly, McKelly, MacKenna, McKenna, MacKenney, McKenney, MacKenzie, McKenzie, MacKey, McKey, MacKillop, McKillop, MacKim, McKim, MacKinley, McKinley, MacKinnon, McKinnon, MacLaren, McLaren, MacLaughlin, McLaughlin, MacLean, McLean, MacLellan, McLellan, MacLeod, McLeod, McLure, MacMahon, McMahon, MacMillan, McMillan, McMullen, MacNab, McNab, McNeely, MacNeill, McNeill, MacNess, McNess, MacNichol, McNichol, McNicoll, McNider, McNie, McSwanny, MacVey, McVey, MacWhinnie, McWhinnie, MacWhirter, McWhirter, MacWilliams, McWilliams, Malloy, Mann, Mansfield, Marshall, Marugg, Mason, Mathers, Matheson, Mathews, Mathieson, Matthews, Maxwell, May, Meaney, Meehan, Mellis, Mercer, Middlemist, Milburn, Miles, Miller, Mills, Milne, Mitchell, Moffat, Moffett, Molloy, Montgomery, Moore, Moran, Morgan, Morrin, Morris, Morrissey, Morrisson, Morrow, Mudge, Muir, Murdoch, Murphy, Murray, Nawling, Neil, Nelson, Nepton, Newberry, Nicholson, Nichols, Nicol, Nickols, Nixon, O’Conner, O’Connor, O’Connors, Orkney, Ogilvie, Otis, Page, Pard, Parker, Parkes, Paterson, Patterson, Patton, Peacock, Pearson, Pentiga, Perry, Peters, Pettigrew, Phillips, Pickford, Pollock, Pope, Porter, Power, Pratt, Preston, Price, Prior, Purcell, Quimper, Quinn, Rae, Ramming, Ramsay, Ramsey, Randall, Rankin, Rattray, Reader, Reed, Reid, Richard, Richardson, Riopel, Ritchie, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robin, Robinson, Rodger, Rodgers, Roger, Rose, Ross, Rudiack, Rutherford, Ruthven, Ryan, Sample, Samson, Sargeant, Scherrer, Scott, Seaton, Seton, Shannon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaw, Sheehy, Shields, Short, Simson, Sinclair, Skelling, Skene, Sladek, Slater, Smith, Smyth, Speers, Speirs, Standford, Stanley, Stein, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Storrie, Stuart, Suck, Sutherland, Swan, Swinford, Synnett, Synnoth, Synnott, Tapp, Taylor, Temple, Thom, Thoms, Thomas, Thompson, Tolerton, Towers, Townsley, Trickey, Turner, Urquhart, Veitch, Vivian, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Walsh, Walter, Walton, Ward, Wardrop, Ware, Warren, Watson, Watt, Watters, Wayne, Webster, Wells, Welsh, Whellan, White, Whyte, Wickens, Wilkens, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winichuk, Winters, Wintle, Wiseman, Wood, Woods, Woodland, Wren, Wright, Yates, Young

Sources of the above listing of family names: Jeannine Ouellet, Dennis McLane, Université Laval, La Corporation culturelle de Frampton, Société de généalogie de Rimouski.

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Researching French Canadian Ancestors through the Drouin Institute

Institut Généalogique Drouin


 If you are researching French Canadian ancestors, the best place to look is the Drouin Institute, The institute can help you find a great deal of information about your ancestors, but only some pages are in English and you may become confused because there are several different ways to access the site’s information.

In addition to the subscription database at, the institute has a vast selection of publications for sale through its bookstore.

You will find the link to subscribe to the institute’s online database, Quebec Records, at the top of the page or, if you are on the French-language page, click on abonnement.

The Quebec Records collection, updated as of February 2016, includes more than 42 million files and images. Take a look at the About Us page ( to get an idea of the scope of information available. It includes the Lafrance Collection of Catholic baptisms, marriages and deaths starting from 1621, and some Protestant marriages, 1760-1849. The online Drouin Collection includes a variety of genealogical records from Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Scroll down the About page to see the listing of additional databases, including notarized documents and obituaries.

The Quebec Records page has a link to the PRDH project, or Research Program in Historical Demography, This huge undertaking by the University of Montreal put together all Catholic baptisms, marriages and burials, as well as Protestant marriages, in Quebec from 1621 to 1849.

According to the project’s website ( the result is “a computerized population register, composed of biographical files on all individuals of European ancestry who lived in the St. Lawrence Valley. The file for each individual gives the date and place of birth, marriage(s), and death, as well as family and conjugal ties with other individuals. This basic information is complemented by various socio-demographic characteristics drawn from documents: socio-professional status and occupation, ability to sign his or her name, place of residence, and, for immigrants, place of origin.” The PRDH site includes an extensive bibliography. Subscription rates depend on whether you live in Quebec, the rest of Canada or elsewhere.

The Drouin Institute sells a number of products through its online boutique. For example, you can buy family histories on CD through (search for your family’s name in the naviguer box on the right), or you can purchase published family history books at Almost all of these products are in French.

The page links to the online boutique. On that page ( you can put your family name into the search box and it will tell you what products, including CDs, books, spiral binders and PDFs, can be ordered.

Another way to search this resource is to go to This page will lead you to a long list of product numbers. Click on each selection to see what titles are available.

Here are some of the spiral binders you can buy from the institute containing records that Montreal genealogist Jacques Gagné says are not available through commercial databases:

Item # N-0076 –RawdonSt. Patrick Catholic Parish – Montcalm County – Marriages, baptisms, deaths (1837-1987) – Parish later renamed Marie-Reine-du-Monde de Rawdon > Spiral binders $55. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0278 – Iberville County – Protestant & Catholic Marriages (1823-1979) – Towns of: Henryville – Iberville – Mont-St-Grégoire – St-Alexandre – St-Athanase – Ste-Anne-de-Sabravois – Ste-Brigite-d’Iberville – St-Grégoire-le-Grand – St-Sébastien – Ste-Angèle-de-Monnoir – 802 pages – 2 volumes > Spiral binders $75. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0327 – Trois-RivièresSt. Patrick Irish Catholic ParishMarriages (1955-1981) > Spiral binders $10. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0504 – Terrebonne Judicial District Civil Marriages – (1969-1991) – 8,900 marriages – 684 pages > Spiral binders $69. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0578 – St. Lawrence River’s Mid North ShoreMoyenne Côte-Nord du St-Laurent Judicial District of Sept-IlesMarriages (1846-1987) – 10,342 marriages – Towns of : Sept-Iles – Port-Cartier – Clarke City – Godbout – Gallix – Baie-Trinité – Rivière-Brochu – Franquelin – Moisie – Rivière-Pentecôte – Pointe-aux-Anglais – 607 pages > Spiral binders $43. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0579 – St. Lawrence River’s Lower North Shore &  Southern LabradorBasse Côte-Nord du St-Laurent et du Sud du LabradorProtestant & Catholic marriages, baptisms, deaths (1847-2006) – 6,470 marriagesRegion of Minganie – Aguanish – Baie Johan Beetz – Hâvre-St-Pierre – Anticosti Island – Longue Pointe de Mingan – Mingan – Natashquan – Pointe-Parent – Rivière-au-Tonnerre – Rivière-St-Jean – Region of Lower North-Shore – Aylmer Sound – Blanc Sablon – Chevery – Harrington Harbour – Kegaska – La Romaine – La Tabatière – Lourdes de Blanc Sablon – Musquaro – Mutton Bay – Pakua-Shipi – Rivière St-Paul – St-Augustin (St. Augustine) – Tête a la Baleine – Region of Southern Labrador – Capstan Island – Clear Bay (L’Anse-au-Clair) – East St. Modest (e) – Flower’s Cove – Forteau – L’Anse-au-Loup (Woolf Cove) – L’Anse-Amour – Pinware – Red Bay – Sheldrake – West St. Modest (e) – Catholic Parishes (17) – Anglican Church (4) – United Church (2) – Methodist Church (1) – Congregationalist Church (1) – Plymouth Brethern (Gospel Hall) (3) – Pentecostal (1) – The church records of the Presbyterian Church in Harrington Harbour were destroyed by fire in 1973 – 330 pages > Spiral binders $28. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0585 – St. Lawrence’s River Upper North Shore –  Haute-Côte-Nord du St-LaurentMarriages (1668-1992) – 17,689 marriages – Towns of: Baie-Comeau – Forestville – Les Escoumins – Tadoussac – Chutes-aux-Ouardes – Ragueneau – Pointe-Lebel – Betsiamites – Bersimis – Les Bergeronnes – Les Ilets Jéramie – 576 pages > $40. + taxes-shipping

Item # N-0613 – Gardenville Presbyterian Church & United Church of LongueilGreenfield ParkLongueilMarriages, baptisms, deaths (1905-1925 & 1926-1941) – 77 pages > $35. + taxes-shipping

Researched and compiled by Jacques Gagné

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Société de Généalogie des Laurentides

Société de Généalogie des Laurentides


This short research guide addresses indexes of marriages, baptisms and deaths of English-speaking families of Lower Canada and Québec, both Protestant and Catholic, that can be purchased as spiral binders from the Société de Généalogie des Laurentides (the genealogy society of the Laurentians). These indexes refer to records from the vast Laurentian region north of Montreal, as well as Irish-Scottish Catholic parishes in Montreal.

Family lineage researchers in Québec have compiled this information at various repositories of the Archives nationales du Québec, and by visiting the vaults of Protestant churches and English-language Catholic churches. These record will help you determine precisely in which church a child was baptized, in which church young couples were married or the place of burial of a person or persons. Contrary to popular belief, indexes of people and places at various commercial online search engines in genealogy are not complete and not always precise.

Item #R 12 – District judiciaire de TerrebonneJudicial District of TerrebonneProtestant Marriages (1900-1992) – 846 pages – Indexes by names of both husband and wife – Towns and churches – Arundel : Holiness Movement – Standard American Church – Anglican Church – Methodist Church Presbyterian Church – United Church of Rouge Valley – Avoca-Rivington – Baptist Church – Presbyterian Church – United Church – Belle-Rivière – Église Évangélique Française – United Church – Boisbriand – Pentecostal Assemblies – Brownsburg – Maple Baptist Church – Second Baptist Church – Pentecostal Assemblies – United Church – Calumet – Pentecostal Assemblies – Chatham-Brownsburg – Baptist Church – Cushing – St. Mungo’s Presbyterian Church –  Dalesville – Baptist Church – Deux-Montages (Lake of Two Mountains) – All Saints Church – Christ Church Anglican – People Associated Gospel Church – Grenville – Baptist Church – Methodist Church – Pentecostal Church – Presbyterian Church – Church of England (Episcopal) – Harrington – Presbyterian Church – Lac-Marois – United Church – Lac-St-Denis – Protestant Chapel – Lachute – St. Simeon’s Anglican – T. Henry’s Presbyterian Church – Wesleyan Methodist Church – Margaret Rogers Memorial Presbyterian Chapel – Baptist Church – United Church – People’s Church & Associate Gospel – Église Évangélique Baptiste – Centre Chrétien Évangélique – Église Groupe Évangélique Chrétien – Lakefield – Holy Trinity Anglican – Methodist Church – St. Simeon’s Anglican Mission of Lachute in Lakefield – Lakefield-Dunany – St. Paul’s Anglican – Lakeview – Presbyterian Church – Lorraine – Église Évangélique Chrétienne – Lost River – Presbyterian Church – Louisa (Wentworth) – St. Aidan’s Anglican – Mille Iles – Christ Church Anglican – Presbyterian Church – Mont-Tremblant – St. Bernard’s United Church – Morin Flats – Holiness Movement – Morin Heights – Trinity Anglican Church – Methodist Church – United Church – New Glascow – Church of England – Presbyterian Church – United Church – St. John’s Anglican Church – Oka – Methodist Church – Pentecostal Church – United Church – Rosemere – St. James Anglican – United Memorial Church – Centre Évangélique Chrétien – Shawbridge – Methodist Church – United Church – Shrewsbury (West Gore) – St. John’s Anglican – St. Andrew’s East (St-André-Est) Christ Church Anglican – St-Eustache – Trinity United Church – All Saints Church – Église du Nazaréen – Église Évangélique Rive-Nord – Mennonites Church – St-Jérôme – St. Andrew’s United – Témoins de Jéhovah – Armée du Salut – Groupe Évangélique – St-Jovite – Methodist Church – Centre Évangélique Hautes-Laurentides – Apötres-de-l’Amour Infini – St-Sauveur – St. Francis of the Birds Anglican – Ste-Adèle – United Church – Assemblée Chrétienne du Nord – Ste-Agathe – United Church – Holy Trinity Anglican – House of Israel – Centre Évangélique – Église Chrétienne – Ste-Marguerite – St. Christopher’s Anglican – Ste-Thérèse – Presbyterian Church – United Church – Mennonites Church – Témoins de Jéhovah – Terrebonne – St. Michael’s Anglican – Assemblée Chrétienne La Mater – Église Baptiste Évangélique – Centre Évangélique Chrétien > Spiral binders $105. + taxes-shipping

Item #L 6 – St. Colomban’s Irish Catholic ParishCatholic Marriages (1836-1984) – 521 marriages – Please note: This research guide in the form of a spiral binder also contains the Catholic Marriages of the parish of Bellefeuille – The latter with 545 marriages (1954-1991) > Spiral binders $10. + taxes-shipping

 Item #R 33 – St. Colomban’s Irish Catholic Parish Catholic births, baptisms, deaths (1836-1939) > Spiral binders $35. + taxes-shipping

Montreal Irish–Scottish Catholic Parishes

Item #H 8 – St. Patrick’s Irish Catholic Parish MontrealMarriages (1859-1899) – 316 pages > Spiral binders $40. + taxes-shipping

Item #H 9 – St. Patrick’s Irish Catholic ParishMontrealMarriages (1900-1941) – 360 pages including indexes of brides > Spiral binders $45. + taxes-shipping

Item #H 10 – St. Patrick’s Irish Catholic ParishMontrealBirths & baptisms (1859-1899) – 1,253 pages > Spiral binders $160. + taxes-shipping

Item #H 11 – St. Anthony’s of Padua Catholic ParishMontrealMarriages (1884-1941) – 277 pages > Spiral binders $30. + taxes-shipping

Item #H 12 – St. Patrick’s Irish Catholic ParishMontrealBaptisms (1900-1945) – 659 pages > Spiral binders $85. + taxes-shipping

Item #H 13 – St. Anthony’s of Padua Catholic ParishMontrealBaptisms (1884-1941) – 649 pages > Spiral binders $85 + taxes-shipping.

Researched & compiled by: Jacques Gagné

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The Morrin Centre, Quebec City

Morrin Centre Cultural Centre, Quebec City

44, chaussée des Écossais, Québec, QC, G1R 4H3

418-694-9147 ext 227

Jessica Kelly-Rhéaume, Library Manager

418-694-9147 ext 229

The Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, Canada’s first learned society, was founded by the Earl of Dalhousie, Governor of Lower Canada, in 1824 in Quebec City. Today, the society has evolved into the Morrin Cultural Centre and includes Quebec City’s English-language library.

The original aims of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec were diverse. It gathered historical documents about Canada, republished many rare manuscripts and encouraged research in all fields of knowledge. Over the years, the society played a part in creating new institutions that would eventually take over some of its traditional roles. For example, the society helped to save what was left of the historic battlefield on the Plains of Abraham, and it participated in the creation of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

In the late 1800s, the Morrin Centre’s library incorporated the collection of the Quebec Library, the oldest subscription library in Canada, founded in 1779. The current collection includes a number of old volumes, some of which date to the 16th century, rare historical books and manuscripts and many articles published by the society between 1824 and 1924.

Iron Bars and Bookshelves: A History of the Morrin Centre, tells the story of the former prison in which the cultural centre is housed, and the history of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. Published in 2016, it was written by Louisa Blair, Patrick Donovan and Donald Fyson. Louisa Blair is author of The Anglos: The Hidden Face of Quebec City 1608-1850, Patrick Donovan is a doctoral student in history at Université Laval and Donald Fyson, a professor at Université Laval, has published extensively on the history of crime, justice, and the law in Canada and Quebec.

The Morrin Centre does not have any research tools designed specifically for genealogists, but staff are willing to help genealogists find other historical resources. Upon request, members can access the centre’s historical collection for on-site consultation. The documents in this collection are listed in the library’s online catalogue, For further details, contact the library manager (see above).

An individual membership costs $45 a year. See To learn more, visit the Centre’s website at The website includes 25 short biographies of individuals who were important in the organization’s history. See “Prisoners, Students and Thinkers,”







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Eastern Townships Resource Centre


Eastern Townships Resource Centre ETRC

The Archives Department

Bishop’s University

2600 College Street, Sherbrooke QC J1M 1Z7

Jody Robinson


819-822-9600 – ext. 2261

 If you had English-speaking ancestors in the Eastern Townships of Quebec (the south eastern region of the Province of Quebec, near the Vermont border,) do not overlook the Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC). Many of the early residents of this region of forests and farmland came from the United States and from Scotland and were either Presbyterian or Methodist. You may find their birth, marriage and death records at their local Presbyterian, Methodist, or United churches in the archives of the ETRC.

 The Archives Department of the Eastern Townships Resource Centre is devoted to the preservation and promotion of the region’s rich heritage. Accredited by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec and by the ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition feminine du Québec, the Archives Department acquires, preserves and gives access to archival materials that illustrate the development of the Eastern Townships’ English-speaking community. A variety of documents such as diaries, letters, photographs, postcards, maps and audio-visual materials are made available to researchers. Assistance is also provided to genealogists tracing their family roots.

Here, you can explore close to 300 collections including historical information on Eastern Townships families, political figures and writers, societies and institutions, and newspapers. The United and Presbyterian churches together provide more than 100 fonds.

 Archival Collection

 Presbyterian & United Churches Archives

 Part One: Guide to the fonds in numerical sequence

 Part Two: Alphabetical sequence by towns


 Presbyterian Church Archives

PC 001 Scotstown (Compton County) – St. Pauls Presbyterian Church – Organized in 1925 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1926-1994) – St. Paul’s Presbyterian in Scotstown from 1925 onward grew, amalgamating surrounding Presbyterian congregations, among them, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Lake Megantic and Bethany Presbyterian Church in Milan in 1980 –

PC 002Marsboro (Frontenac County) – Marsboro Presbyterian – Organized in 1858 – From 1881 to 1890 it was apparently attached to the Lake Megantic Presbyterian Church, subsequently it became independent – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1882-1984)

PC 003Lake Megantic (Frontenac County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1874 as Knox Presbyterian > Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1927-1963, 1979)

PC 004 Winslow (Compton County) – St. Johns Presbyterian First organized in 1851- The fonds might also contain Civil registers from Saint Luke’s Presbyterian in Hampden – Whitton  – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1864-1938) -.

 PC 005Hampden (Compton County) – St. Lukes Presbyterian – Organized in 1877 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1877-1936)

PC 006 Milan (Frontenac County) – Bethany Presbyterian -Organized in 1875 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1899-1980)

PC 007 Danville – Asbestos (Richmond County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1872 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths (1872-1981)

PC 008Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Established in 1864 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths (1865-1983)

PC 009Sawyerville (Compton County) – Quebec Presbytery – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials

PC 010Melbourne (Richmond County) – St. Pauls Presbyterian – Organized in 1968 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, only a fond described as Congregation (1968-1988)

PC 011Melbourne (Richmond County) – St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1925 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths – Only one fond described as Congregation (1962-1994)

PC 012Flodden (Richmond County) – Knox Presbyterian – Organized in 1893 – Initially established as the Free Church of Brompton-Gore – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials – Only one fond described as Communion rolls (1893-1909)

PC 013St. GeorgeKennebec Road Marlow (Beauce County) – Jersey Mills Presbyterian – Organized in 1878 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths (1883-1948)

PC 014Richmond (Richmond County) – Chalmers Presbyterian St. Andrew’s Presbyterian – Organized in 1878 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials – Fonds consist of annual reports and historical information.

PC 015Inverness (Megantic County) St. Andrews Presbyterian – Organized in 1838 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1848 only)

PC 016Gould (Compton County) – Chalmers Emmanuel Presbyterian – Organized in 1845 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1931-1946)

PC 017Lemesurier (Megantic County) – Reids Presbyterian – Organized in 1854 – The fonds might also contain Civil registers from Leeds Village Presbyterian & Candlish Presbyterian in Kinnear’s Mills – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1855-1943)

PC 018St. Sylvester (Lotbinière County) – St. Sylvesters Presbyterian – Organized in 1844 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1844 & 1866-1882)

PC 019 Adderley Inverness Township (Mégantic County) – Adderley Presbyterian Church – Also known as St. Andrew’s or South Kirk werte first organized in 1856 – Church building was erected in 1873 – No Registers of baptisms, marriages deaths, only documents described as Congregation (1960-1983)

United Church Archives

UC 001Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Plymouth United Congregational Church – Organized in 1837 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1837-1965)

UC 002Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Trinity UnitedTrinity Methodist – Organized in 1846 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1848-1971)

UC 003Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Sangster Memorial United – Organized in 1946 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1947-1966)

UC 004Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Plymouth Trinity United > Congregational – Unitarian – Organized in 1897 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1965-1987)

UC 005Lennoxville (Sherbrooke County) – Lennoxville United > Methodist – Organized in 1838 – The fonds might also contain Civil registers from Johnville – Capelton – Minton – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1838-1959)

UC 006Magog (Stanstead County) – St. Pauls United > Methodist – Organized in 1884 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1890-1906)

UC 007Beebe (Stanstead County) – Wesley United > Wesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1875 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1942-1966)

UC 008Granby (Shefford County) – Granby UnitedCongregational – First organized in 1830 – Granby United was formed in 1925 with the amalgamation of Trinity United and Drummond Street United – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1879-1999)

UC 009Knowlton (Brome County) – Knowlton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1855 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1994)

UC 010Sawyerville (Compton County) – Sawyerville UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1850 – The fonds might include BMD’s from churches located in Maple Leaf – Randboro – Clifton – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1994)

UC 011Stanstead (Stanstead County) – Stanstead Centenary United > Wesleyan MethodistEpiscopalian – First organized in 1804 – In 1869 it was renamed Stanstead Wesleyan Methodist – The fonds might contain BMD’s from Hatley – Compton – Barnston – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1831-1860)

UC 012Granby (Shefford County) – Drummond Street UnitedMethodist – First organized in 1850 as the Methodist Church of Granby – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1857-1925)

UC 013North Hatley (Stanstead County) – North Hatley United – Organized in 1955 – No Civil registers – see Waterville, see Hatley

UC 014 Hatley (Stanstead County) – Hatley UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1836 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1861-1927)

UC 015 Scotstown (Compton County) – St. Andrews UnitedPresbyterian – First organized in 1876 as St. Andrew’s Presbyterian – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1877-1981)

UC 016 Ayers Cliff (Stanstead County) – Beulah UnitedMethodist Adventist Anglican – First organized in 1879 as the Union Meeting House Church of Ayer’s Flat, the church was also used by the Adventist and Anglican Churches – No Civil registers, see Ayer’s Cliff, see Coaticook, see Way’s Mills

UC 017Birchton (Compton County) – Birchton UnitedMethodistBaptistCongregationalAnglican – Organized in 1879 as the Birchton Union Church Society with the participation of the Methodist, Baptist and Congregationalist Societies – The church was also used by the Anglican Church – No Civil registers at ETRC

UC 018Bury (Compton County) – Bury UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1863 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1868-1902 & 1930s to an undisclosed year)

UC 019 Coaticook (Stanstead County) – Sisco Memorial UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1853 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1962)

UC 020 DanvilleAsbestos (Richmond County) – Trinity UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1832 as the first Congregationalist church in the Eastern Townships – In 1842 the church would unite with the Presbyterians in forming the Federated Church of Danville – In 1860, the church joined the Methodist Church – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1834-after 1950)

UC 021 Waterloo (Shefford County) – St. Pauls UnitedWesleyan MethodistAnglican – Organized 1832 as a Methodist church – Starting in 1862, the church was shared with the Anglican congregation – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1933-1978)

UC 022 Waterville (Compton County) – Waterville UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1862 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1862-1978)

UC 023 United ChurchYamaska Region – St. Francis Region (Richmond – Sherbrooke – Stanstead – Drummond) – Eastern Region (Compton – Megantic – Frontenac – Lotbiniere – Beauce) – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1924-1984)

UC 024 Ayers CliffMagog (Stanstead County) Ayers Cliff Magog Pastoral Charge – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1968-1979) of churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville

UC 025 Eaton (Compton County) – Eaton UnitedCongregational – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1838-1901)

UC 026 Bulwer (Compton County) – Bulwer UnitedMethodist – No Civil registers at ETRC – Fonds contains Church Boards (1866-1990)

UC 027 Birchton (Compton County) – Birchton Pastoral ChurchWesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1894 by the Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in Birchton – Bulwer – Eaton – No Civil registers at ETRC – Fonds contains Church Boards (1894-1967)

UC 028 East Angus (Compton County) – Emmanuel UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1901 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1901-1978)

UC 029 Abbotsford (Rouville County) – Abbotsford UnitedCongregational & Methodist – Organized in 1835 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1835-1836 & 1865-1879)

UC 030Cookshire (Compton County) – Trinity UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1863 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1871-1957)

UC 031 Cowansville (Missisquoi County) – Emmanuel UnitedCongregational & Methodist – Both organized in 1844 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1856-1960)

UC 032 Georgeville (Stanstead County) – Georgeville UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1859 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1859-1890)

UC 033 Dunham (Missisquoi County) – Dunham United Methodist – Organized in 1806 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1806-1950 & 1960s)

UC 034 Fitch Bay (Stanstead County) – Fitch Bay UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1854 as the North Stanstead Congregational Church – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials  (1854-1888)

UC 035 Lake Megantic (Frontenac County) – Knox UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in 1890 as Knox Presbyterian – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1900-1962)

UC 036 Foster (Shefford County) – Creek UnitedFree Will Baptist – Organized in 1878 – In 1885 the church became South Stukely Methodist – No Civil registers at ETRC – see South Stukely

UC 037 Austin (Brome County) – Austin United New Connexion MethodistOrganized in 1855– Also known as New Connexion Methodist of Bolton Centre – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1855-1963)

UC 038 Island Brook (Compton County) – Island Brook United – Methodist – Organized in 1868 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1878-1916) & church memberships (1884-1969)

UC 039 Rock Island (Stanstead County) – Stanstead South United > Congregational – Organized in 1816 – Also known as Stanstead South Congregational – From 1817 to 1827, the Congregationalists worshipped with the Methodists, Episcopalians and the Baptists in the Union Meeting House in North Plain – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Stanstead

UC 040 Ulverton (Drummond County) – Ulverton United > Congregational & Wesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1837 as Ulverton Congregational and in 1842 as Durham Wesleyan Methodist, the two churches would later be amalgamated into one – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1837-1925 & 1963)

UC 041 Sutton (Brome County) – Calvary UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1799 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1856-2001)

UC 042 Drummondville (Drummond County) – Trinity United – Organized in 1927 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1927-1996)

UC 043 Tomifobia (Stanstead County) – Tomifobia UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1890 – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Georgeville

UC 044 Leeds Village (Megantic County) – Leeds Wesleyan Methodist – Organized in 1830 as part of the New Ireland Circuit, which included churches in Lower Ireland – Upper Ireland – Inverness – St. Sylvester – Leeds – Kinnear’s Mills – Ireland – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1834-1902), the latter might include registers from the above mentioned churches

UC 045 Kinnears Mills (Megantic County) – Candlish UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in 1854 with three preaching points: Leeds Village Presbyterian, Reid’s Presbyterian in Lemesurier, and Kinnear’s Mills’ Candlish Presbyterian – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1854-1935) – This selection might include registers for the above churches

UC 046 Asbestos (Richmond County) – Asbestos UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1925 – No Civil registers at ETRC, fonds include Membership Registers (1927-1972)

UC 047 Ways Mills (Stanstead County) – Ways Mills Union ChurchBaptists Crises Adventists Herald Adventists – Methodists – Organized in 1881 by the Baptists, the Crises Adventists, the Herald Adventists, the Methodists. The Methodists of this Union Church were part of Barnston Methodist Circuit with missions in Hatley, Way’s Mills, Cassville, Ayer’s Cliff, Coaticook – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Barnston, the next item

UC 048 Barnston (Stanstead County) – Barnston Methodist – Organized in 1875 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1875-1915) – see also UC 047

UC 049 Compton (Compton County) – Compton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1861 as part of the Compton Methodist Circuit which included Clifton – Martinville – Ives Hill > No Civil registers at ETRC but a Membership Register (1861-1954)

UC 050 Acton Vale (Bagot County) – Acton Vale CircuitMethodist – Organized in 1898 as a Circuit Ministry which included the preaching points of Acton Vale – Acton – Bethany – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1915-1927)

UC 051 Leeds (Megantic County) – Leeds UnitedPresbyterian  – Organized in 1854 as part of the Leeds Presbyterian which included three preaching points: Leeds Village (Leeds Presbyterian), Lemesurier (Reid’s Presbyterian) and Kinnear’s Mills (Candlish Presbyterian) – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1882-1914 & 1928-1942) – Church Memberships (1882-1944)

UC 052 East Clifton (Compton County) – East Clifton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1860 – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Eaton

UC 053Mansonville (Brome County) – Mansonville UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1873 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1873-2002) Church Memberships (1874-1983)

UC 054 Inverness (Megantic County) – St. Andrews UnitedMethodist Presbyterian – Organized in 1832 as Inverness Methodist which was part of the Inverness Circuit, which included missions in Upper Ireland – Lower Ireland – Leeds – New Ireland – Kinnear’s Mills – Belcher Range – Walsh’s Hamilton Range – Adderly – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1864-1899) Membership Registers (1850s-1893)

UC 055 Randboro (Compton County) – Randboro UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1887 – No Civil registers at ETRC – see Sawyerville

UC 056 Chester (Megantic) – Mission Unie de lÉglise Unie aux Saint Martyrs Canadiens Presbyterian – Organized in 1896 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1895-1975)

UC 057 Maple Leaf (Compton County) – Maple Leaf Methodist – Organized in the 1850s, this church was part of the Sawyerville Methothist Circuit – Maple Leaf Methodist closed its doors in 1929 – No Civil registers at ETRC, see Sawyerville

UC 058 Minton (Stanstead County) – Minton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1894 as part of the Minton Methodist Circuit, which included Minton – Reeds – Belvidere – Albert Mines – Eustis – No Civil registers at ETRC – Membership Registers (1898-1936)

UC 059 Lingwick Gould (Compton County) – Chalmers UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in 1845 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1849-1890)

UC 060 Agnes Lake Megantic (Frontenac County) – Agnes Methodist – Organized in 1883 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1894-1909) Membership Registers (1894-1906)

UC 061 Farnham (Missisquoi County) – Grace United Methodist – Organized in 1856 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1856-1968) Membership Registers (1860-1975)

UC 062 Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – Église Missionnaire Méthodiste FrançaiseMethodist – Organized in 1875 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1875-1888)

UC 063 Bishopton Bishops Crossing (Wolfe County) –Bishopton UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1860 as part of the Dudswell Methodist Ministry  Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1860-1924 & 1967) – Church Memberships (1919-1976)

UC 064 Farnham’s Corner (Missisquoi County) – Farnhams Corner UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1843 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1963-1968)

UC 065 West Brome (Brome County) – West Brome United > Methodist – Organized in 1856 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1888-1925) Membership Registers (1884-1921)

UC 066 Thetford Mines (Megantic County) – Thetford Mines UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1905 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1905-1946)

UC 067 Boyntown (Stanstead County) – Boynton UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1892 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Committees (1892-1907 & 1916-1932) – see Stanstead

UC 068Lawrenceville (Shefford County) – Lawrenceville Methodist – Organized in 1871 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Membership Registers (1871-1905)

UC 069 East Roxton (Shefford County) – Église Méthodiste Française de Roxton – Organized in 1856 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1877-1915)

UC 070 East Farnham (Missisquoi County) – East Farnham UnitedCongregationalist New Connexion Methodist Baptist Anglican – Organized in 1843 as East Farnham Union Church. It was used by Free Will Baptists – Wesleyan New Connexion Methodists – Anglicans – Baptists – Congregationalists – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1889-1992 & 1897-1927 & 1955-1983)

UC 071 Erie (Wolfe County) – Erie UnitedMethodist – Organized 1890 as part of the Methodist Missions of Erie – Marbleton – Bishop’s Crossing (Bishopton) – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1896-1959)

UC 072 Warden (Shefford County) – Warden UnitedMethodist – Organized in 1861 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1897-1971)

UC 073 Windsor (Richmond County) – St. Andrews UnitedPresbyterian & Methodist – Organized in 1859 as the Presbyterian Free Kirk in Lower Windsor – In 1867 the Presbyterian Church and Methodist Church were organized in Windsor Mills – In 1925, all became St. Andrew’s United – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1876-1981) Membership Registers (1867-1942) Board Members (1867-1984)

UC 074 Richmond Melbourne (Richmond County) – Richmond & Melbourne UnitedPresbyterian – Methodist – Organized in 1836 and in 1939 with the amalgamation of Richmond Methodist – Melbourne Methodist – Chalmers Presbyterian of Melbourne the congregation became Richmond & Melbourne United – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1836-1994) – Membership Registers (1942-1970) – Board Members (1887-1972 & 1901-2000)

UC 075 Melbourne Ridge (Bagot County) – Melbourne Ridge United – Organized in 1837 – No Civil registers at ETRC – Membership Registers (1880s-1957)

UC 076 Abercorn (Brome County) – Abercorn UnitedMethodist – Presbyterian – Congregationalist – Baptist – Organized in 1870, the Methodists belonged to the Union Church Society of Abercorn with the Methodists-New Connexion, the Congregationalists, the Presbyterians and the Baptists – No Civil registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1901-1955)

UC 077Danville (Richmond County) – Congregational Church of Danville – Organized in 1832, this fond contain the personal documents of Rev. Ammi J. Parker, the leader of the Congregationalist movement in the Eastern Townships in the early 1830’s. It deals with the various missions and churches established by Rev. Parker – No Civil registers at ETRC – Missionary Work (1820s-1870s)

UC 078 Heathton South Barnston (Stanstead County) Heathton UnitedMethodist – Established in 1898 – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1898-1953 & 1971)

UC 079Brigham (Brome County) – Brigham UnitedCongregational – Organized in 1873 by Congregational ministers from Cowansville – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1888-1983) – Church Boards (1867-1997)

UC 080Kingsbury (Richmond County) – St. Andrew’s UnitedPresbyterian – Organized in the 1850s – In 1885 it was part of the Melbourne Charge along with Knox Church in Brompton-Gore (also known as Flodden) – In 1879 St. Andrew’s Kingsbury and Knox Brompton-Gore were united into one charge – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1880-1956) – Church Memberships (1930s-1970s)

UC 081Trenholm (Drummond County) – Trenholm United – Methodist – Organized in 1845 – No Civil Registers at ETRC – see Melbourne – Board Members (1845-1902 & 1898-1922)

UC 082Cowansville-Dunham (Missisquoi County) – Cowansville-Dunham Pastoral Charge – Organized in 1950 – No Civil Registers at ETRC – Church Boards (1956-1971)

UC 083Cowansville – (Missisquoi County) – Cowansville Area Pastoral Charge – Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials (1968-1993) – Membership Registers (1972-1978)

Guide to fonds in alphabetical sequence

 Abbotsford (Rouville County) – #UC-029 – Congregational – Methodist (United)

Abercorn (Brome County) – #UC-076 – Union Church – Methodist – Congregational – Presbyterian – Baptist

Acton (Bagot County) – #UC-050 – see Acton Vale Circuit Methodist

Acton Vale (Bagot County)- #UC-050 – Methodist Circuit Ministry with preaching point in Acton, Bethany

Adderley – Inverness Township(Megantic County) – #UC-054 – Inverness Methodist Circuit

Adderley – Inverness Township (Megantic County) – #PC-019 – Presbyterian Church

Agnes (Lake Megantic) – (Frontenac County) – #UC-060 – Methodist

Albert Mine (Stanstead County) – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Asbestos (Richmond County) – #UC-046 – Methodist (United)

Asbestos Danville (Richmond County) – #PC-007– Presbyterian

Asbestos Danville (Richmond County) – #UC-020 Congregational (Federated Church)

Austin (Brome County) – #UC-037 – Methodist (United)

Ayers Cliff (Stanstead County) – #UC-016 – Union Church – Methodist – Adventist – Anglican – United

Ayers Cliff (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 & #UC-047– Ayer’s Cliff & Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Ayers Flat (Stanstead County) – #UC-016 – Union Church – United

Barnston (Stanstead County) – #UC-011 & #UC-047 & #UC-048 – Methodist – Episcopalian – United

Beauce County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery -Eastern Region

Beebe (Stanstead County) – #UC-007 – Methodist

Belcher Range (Megantic County) – #UC-054 – Inverness Methodist Circuit

Belvidere (Belvedere) – Stanstead County – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Bethany (Bagot County) – #UC-050 – see Acton Vale Circuit Methodist

Birchton (Compton County) – #UC-017 & #UC-027 – Union Church – Methodist – Baptist – Congregational – Anglican – United

Bishopton (Bishops Crossing) (Wolfe County) – #UC-063 – Dudswell Methodist Circuit

Bolton Centre (Brome County) – #UC-037 – Methodist – United

Boynton (Stanstead County) – #UC-067 – Congregational

Bulwer (Compton County) – #UC-026 & #UC-027– Methodist

Bury (Compton County) – #UC-018 Methodist – United

Capelton (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-005 Methodist – United

Cassville (Stanstead County) – see Way’s Mills #UC-047

Chester (Megantic County) – #UC-056 – Presbyterian

Clifton (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-049 – Methodist

Coaticook (Stanstead County) – #UC-019 & #UC-047 – Methodist – United

Coaticook (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 – Ayer’s Cliff & Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Compton (Compton County) – #UC-011 & #UC-049– Methodist – Episcopalian (United) & Compton Methodist Circuit Ministry with preaching points in Clfton, Martinville, Ives Hill

Compton County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Cookshire (Compton County) – #UC-030 – Methodist – United

Cowansville (Missisquoi County) – #UC-031 – Congregational – Methodist – United

Danville Asbestos (Richmond County) – #PC-007– Presbyterian

Danville Asbestos (Richmond County) – #UC-020 & #UC-077 Congregational – Federated Church

Drummond County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery St. Francis District

Drummondville (Drummond County) – #UC-042 – United

Dudswell (Wolfe County) – #UC-063 – Methodist

Dunham (Missisquoi County) – #UC-033 – Methodist – United

Durham (Drummond County) – #UC-040 – Methodist – United

East Angus (Compton County) – #UC-028 – Methodist – United

East Clifton (Compton County) – #UC-052 Methodist

East Farnham (Missisquoi County) – #UC-070 – Union Church – Methodist – Free Will Baptist – Baptist – Anglican – Congregational

Eaton (Compton County) – #UC-025– Congregational

Eaton (Compton County) – #UC-027– Methodist

Erie (Wolfe County) – #UC-071 – Methodist

Eustis (Stanstead County) – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Farnham (Missisquoi County) – #UC-061 – Methodist

Farnhams Corner (Missisquoi County) – #UC-064 – Methodist

Fitch Bay (Stanstead County) – #UC-034 – Congregational – Methodist

Flodden (Richmond County) – #PC-012 – Presbyterian – Free Church

Foster (Shefford County) – #UC-036 – Baptist – United

Frontenac County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Georgeville (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 – Ayer’s Cliff – Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Georgeville (Stanstead County) – #UC-032 – Methodist – United

Gould (Compton County) – #PC-016 & #UC-059– Presbyterian

 Granby (Shefford County) – #UC-008 – Congregational – United

Granby (Shefford County) – #UC-012 – Methodist – United

Hampden (Compton County) – #PC-005 Presbyterian

Hatley (Stanstead County) – #UC-011 & #UC-014 & #UC-047 – Methodist – Episcopalian – United

Heathton (Stanstead County) – #UC-078- Methodist

Inverness (Megantic County) – #PC-015 – Presbyterian

Inverness (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit Ministry with preaching points in Upper Ireland – Lower Ireland – Leeds – New Ireland – Kinnear’s Mills – Belcher Range – Walsh’s Hamilton Range – Adderly.

Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 – Methodist

Island Brook (Compton County) – #UC-038 – Methodist (United)

Ives Hill (Compton County) – #UC-049 – Compton Methodist Circuit Ministry

Jersey Mills (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

Johnville (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-005 Methodist – United

Kennebec Road (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

Kinnears Mills (Megantic County) – #PC-017 & #UC-045 & #UC-051 – Presbyterian & Leeds Presbyterian Circuit Ministry

Kinnears Mills (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Knowlton (Brome County) – #UC-009 – Methodist

Lake Megantic (Agnes) (Frontenac County) – #PC-003 & #UC-035 & #UC-060– Presbyterian – Methodist (United)

Lawrenceville (Shefford County) – #UC-068 – Methodist

Leeds Village (Megantic County) – #PC-017 & #UC-045 & #UC-051– Presbyterian & Leeds Presbyterian Circuit Ministry with preaching points in Leeds Village, Lemesurier, Kinnear’s Mills

Leeds Village (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054– Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Lemesurier (Megantic County) – #PC-017 & #UC-045 & #UC-051 – Presbyterian & Leeds Presbyterian Circuit Ministry

Lennoxville (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-005 – Methodist – United

Lingwick (Compton County) – #UC-059 – Presbyterian

 Lotbinière County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Lower Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Magog (Stanstead County) – #UC006 Methodist

Magog (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 Ayer’s Cliff – Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Flatt – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Mansonville (Brome County) – #UC-053 – Methodist – United

Maple Leaf (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-057 – Methodist & Sawyerville Methodist Circuit

Marlow (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

Marsboro (Frontenac County) – #PC-002 Presbyterian

Martinville (Compton County) – #UC-049 – Compton Methodist Circuit Ministry

Melbourne (Richmond County) – #PC-010 & #PC-011 – Presbyterian

Megantic County – #UC-023 Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Eastern Region

Melbourne (Richmond County) – #UC-074 – Presbyterian & Methodist

Melbourne Ridge (Bagot County) – #UC-075 – United

Milan (Frontenac County) – #PC-006 – Presbyterian

Minton (Stanstead County) – #UC-005 & #UC-058 – Methodist (United) & Minton Methodist Circuit with preaching points in Minton – Reeds – Belvidere (Belvedere) – Albert Mines – Eustis

New Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & #UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

 North Hatley (Stanstead County) – #UC-013 – United

North Plain (Stanstead County) – #UC-039 – Union Church – Congregational – Methodist – Episcopalian – Baptist – United

North Stanstead (Stanstead County) – #UC-034 – Congregational – United

Plymouth (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-001 & #UC-004 Congregational

Plymouth (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-004 – Unitarian

Randboro (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-055 – Methodist

Reeds (Stanstead County) – #UC-058 – Minton Methodist Circuit

Richmond (Richmond County) – #PC-014 & #UC-074 – Presbyterian & Methodist

Richmond County#UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery St. Francis District

Rock Island (Stanstead County) – #UC-039 – Congregational – United

Roxton (Shefford County) – #UC-069 – Methodist

Sawyerville (Compton County) – #PC-009 – Quebec Presbytery

Sawyerville (Compton County) – #UC-010 & #UC-057 – Methodist & Sawyerville Methodist Circuit

 Scotstown (Compton County) – #PC-001 & #UC-015- Presbyterian (United)

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #PC-008 & #UC-062 – Presbyterian

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-001 & #UC-002 & UC-004– Congregational

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-003 – Sangster – United

Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke County) – #UC-004 Unitarian

Sherbrooke County – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery – St. Francis District

South Barnston (Stanstead County) – #UC-078 – Methodist

South Stukely (Shefford County) – #UC-036 – Methodist – United

Stanstead (Stanstead County) – #UC-011 – Methodist – Episcopalian – United

Stanstead County #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery St. Francis District

Stanstead South (Stanstead County) – #UC-039 – Congregational – United

St. Francis District – #UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery for the Region of St. Francis – Saint-Francois

St. George (Beauce County) – #PC-013 – Presbyterian

St. Sylvestre (Sylvester) (Lotbinière County) – #PC-018 – Presbyterian

St. Sylvestre (Sylvester) (Lotbinière County) – #UC-044 – Methodist

Sutton (Brome County) – #UC-041 – Methodist – United

Thetford Mines (Megantic County) – #UC-066 – Methodist

Tomifobia (Stanstead County) – #UC-043 – Methodist – United

Ulverton (Drummond County) – #UC-040 – Congregational – Methodist – United

Upper Ireland (Megantic County) – #UC-044 & UC-054 – Methodist & Inverness Methodist Circuit

Walshs Hamilton Range (Megantic County) – #UC-054 Inverness Methodist Circuit Ministry

Warden (Shefford County) – #UC-072 – Methodist

Waterloo (Shefford County) – #UC-021– Methodist – Anglican – United

Waterville (Compton County) – #UC-022 – Congregational – United

Ways Mills (Stanstead County) – #UC-024 – Ayer’s Cliff – Magog Pastoral Charge (Churches located in Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook – Way’s Mills – Magog – Georgeville)

Ways Mills (Stanstead County) – #UC-047 – Union Church – Baptist – Crises Adventist – Herald Adventist – Methodist (The Methodist churches were part of Barnston Methodist Circuit with preaching points in Hatley – Way’s Mills – Casscille – Ayer’s Cliff – Coaticook)

West Brome (Brome County) – #UC-065 – Methodist

Windsor (Richmond County) – #UC-073 Presbyterian

Windsor Mills (Richmond County) – #UC-073 – Presbyterian & Methodist

Winslow (Compton County) – #PC-004 – Presbyterian

Yamaska County#UC-023 – Quebec & Sherbrooke Presbytery Yamaska Region

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Finding your Ancestors in the Thetford Mines region of Quebec

If some of your family members worked in Quebec’s asbestos mining industry, they may have lived in the towns of Thetford Mines, Asbestos or Black Lake in south-central Quebec. Thetford Mines was established in 1876 after large deposits of asbestos (amiante in French) were discovered in the area.

Catholic records from this region are included in the Drouin Collection, found on the website Quebec Records ( and on

However, if your ancestor was an early settler in the area, you may have to broaden your search. Prior to the appointment of permanent Catholic priests in this region, acts of baptisms, marriages and deaths were included in the records of the Catholic Missionary Districts of Trois-Rivières, Nicolet, Drummondville and Sherbrooke. In the Thetford Mines region, this applies to villages located within the surrounding counties of Wolfe, Arthabaska, Nicolet, Frontenac, Drummond and Richmond. In each of the above districts, the records of baptisms, marriages and deaths performed by the missionary priests were integrated with those of local families who attended the regional cathedral.

One such Catholic Missionary Circuit was Les Missions des Cantons de l’Est, which was staffed by Irish Catholic Missionaries from Ireland who settled in the Chateauguay, Huntingdon, Beauharnois and Napierville Counties of Quebec. They were the Catholic version of the Protestant saddlebag preachers, or circuit riders. For more detail on these missions, see pages 65 and 75 of the section on Eastern Townships Catholic Missions, (Missions des Cantons de l’Est), 1826-1846, in the Genealogy Ensemble research guide entitled The Irish Catholics of Lower Canada and Quebec – Their Churches, There may be other information relevant to your search elsewhere in this document.

Prior to the opening of a parish, you should always look at the church records from older villages nearby. If both actions fail (Catholic Missionary Districts and church records from nearby villages), your family members may have been Protestants, or simply non-believers.

Before the establishment of Civil Registers in Quebec in 1926, records for non-believers are a problem, and you should look at notarial records. These will be addressed later this year with series of short articles in regard to the 10 repositories of the Archives nationales du Québec and the Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal.

Your best hope of finding Anglican, Methodist or Presbyterian ancestors from the Thetford Mines area is to contact La société de généalogie et d’histoire de la région de Thetford Mines and the Société Historique de l’Amiante. They have published a binder of birth, marriage and death records from the area’s Protestant churches that you will not find elsewhere. This binder, researched by local genealogists, is available from the society for $60. Here is the contact information for the society and the list of area churches included:

La Société de généalogie et d’histoire de la région de Thetford Mines

Société Historique de l’Amiante

671, boulevard Frontenac Ouest, Thetford Mines QC G6G 1N1

Stéphane Hamann – Archivist

418-338-8591 ext: 306

Item #4 – The Anglo Protestants of Megantic County – Indexes of births, marriages, burials 1826-1991 – ISBN 2921320029 – Compiled by Robert Boutin & Paul Vachon – $60. CDN + 20% shipping – USA destinations in US Dollars.

The Churches: Adderley Anglican (1948) – Black Lake Anglican (1926-1952) – Inverness Anglican (1859-1970) – Inverness Church of England & Anglican (1848-1954 & 1981-1991) – Inverness Methodist (1853-1925) – Inverness Presbyterian (1856-1979) – Inverness Standard Church in Millfield (1927-1928) – Inverness United (1926-1956) – Inverness Congregational (1848-1849 & 1882-1884) – Inverness St. Andrew’s United (1957-1991) – Inverness Holy Trinity Episcopal (1921-1922) – Inverness Baptist Church (1871-1872) – Ireland Anglican in Maple Grove (1926-1972) – Ireland Church of England (1840-1934) – Ireland Holy Trinity Episcopal & Anglican (1915-1944 & 1981-1991) – Ireland Holiness Movement (1901-1913) – Ireland Methodist (1837-1878) – Kinnear’s Mills Church of England & Anglican (1903-1954 & 1981-1991) – Kinnear’s Mills Presbyterian (1876-1939) – Kinnear’s Mills United (1926-1956) – Kinnear’s Mills- Leeds Church of England (1830-1952) – Leeds Holy Trinity Episcopal (1915-1917 & 1921-1924) – Leeds Methodist (1877-1909) – Leeds Presbyterian in St-Sylvestre (1832-1912) – Leeds St. James Church (1925-1926) – Leeds Anglican (1840-1851 & 1981-1991) – Lemesurier-Thetford Mines Anglican (1947-1948) – Leeds United (1928-1945) – Lemesurier Anglican (1947-1948) – Lower Inverness Protestant Mission (1855) – Maple Grove Anglican (1981-1991) – Nelson Protestant Mission (1855) – Rectory Hill Holy Trinity Episcopal & Anglican (1917 & 1948 & 1981-1991) – St. Sylvestre Protestant Chapel Military Base (1955-1964) – Thetford Mines Anglican (1947-1948 & 1954-1955 & 1981-1991) – Thetford Mines Church of England (1907-1920) – Thetford Mines St. John the Divine (1917-1980) – Thetford Mines Methodist (1911-1927) – Thetford Mines United (1928-1945 & 1957-1991)

The following books are available at the Cégep de Thetford Mines – Département de généalogie

Contact: Stéphane Hamann –Archivist – see above for details.

Leeds 200 Years of History 1802-2002 (971-4575)
St. Jacques de LeedsKinnear’s MillsEast LeedsWest BroughtonCrawfordville (13th & 14th Ranges) – Goff’s Hill
Harvey’s Hill – Kinnear’s MillsLambie’s MillsLeeds Village (Municipality & Parish St. Jacques de Leeds) – LemesurierLipsey’s HillManse Hill (rue des Fondateurs) – Osgood River
Palmer RiverSunday RiverWilsons’s Mills
From 1809, Origins, Municipal Life, Religious Life, Economic Life, Schools, Social Life (including war heroes, sports) Health, Families & Organisations

The pioneers of Lower Ireland 1818-1980, Marlita Lamontagne-Ouellette

St-Jean-De-Brebeuf 1930-1980, Marlita Lamontagne-Ouellette

 Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds 1829-1990 Births, Marriages & Deaths (929-371-4575)
Denise Dion-Ouellette & Daniel Vachon

The Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County 1826-1991 (929-371-4575 R425)

Leeds & St. Sylvester Historical Sketches (971.4575 C9556), Ethel Reid Cruikshank

Kinnear’s Mills 1855-1980, Souvenir Pamphlet

 Strolling up and down Kinnear’s Mills (917.14575), Pedestrian Tour

Kinnear’s Mills, James Kinnear

Pioneer families of Leeds Townships, J.G. Kinnear

Megantic County Schools (371-00971457 S M496m)
Megantic Historial Society

Annals of Megantic County (971.4575)
Dugald McKenzie McKillop

Marriages 1815-1879 of St. Francis District (929.37146)
Volume 1 – A – L
Volume 2 K – Z

Births 1815-1879 of St. Francis District (929.37146)
Volumes 1 and 2

Deaths 1815-1879 of St. Francis District (929.37146)
Volume 1 – A – L
Volume 2 K – Z

The pioneers of Inverness Township1800-1978 (971.4575)
Gwen Rawlings

Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton – 1855-1996 (929-371471 P622b)
Thérèse Bolduc-Boulanger & Denise Dion-Ouellette

Maple Grove1918-1988 (971.432 M297)

A history of Megantic County (971.4575 B279h), Gwen Rawlings Barry

Inverness County (971-4575 I62)
Jean-Raymond Goyer

Kinnear’s Mills (720.9714575 G882k)
Ex. A and Ex. B (two books)

Leeds Township in 1802 and Saint-Jacques in 1902 (971-4575 L4841 V.1.)

1892- 1992 – 100 Years Courrier Frontenac
Souvenir Issue Thetford Mines Articles 1910 +

Finally, if you plan to visit the area, the Musée Minéralogique et Minier de Thetford Mines ( might be of interest. The museum’s permanent exhibit features local history and minerals from around the world, and the organization sells French-language books about the area’s history and the asbestos industry; see

See also, “The Presbyterian Churches: Quebec City to Sherbrooke”,,